Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ka Fay Sua Da - Vietnamese Coffee

Phew phew .. i'm glad to call myself a coffee connoisseur .. I cannot recalled when is the last time i had a cup of Nescafe ( perhaps 6 months ago )

All I'm into now is no longer instant coffee... I'm totally into the real coffee brewed from coffee bean using a French press !

So far I've tested Arabica , Liberica , Robusta , Sumatran , Sulawesi .. walao eh , so much d ..

By far my favourite is still the Sumatran French Roast - dark , intense , smoky and full-bodied...

It's coffee description , i know it sounds like a woman's body's flavour but who cares ?! Woman and coffee both are the same to me , they make me excited !!

Anyway , can anyone tell me where can i find a perfect cup in Malaysia ?

* I mean coffee cup , not BRA CUP .. hehehehe .. ( fukin hiao pekpek )

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