Thursday, 12 April 2007

Yay !!

Kinda boring day.. The post title is just to cheer up myself !

Grab myself some food i market this morning.. Went home.. did come chemistry exercise...

Three words.. BORED BORED BORED !!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

First post !!

Yay !! Just started this site today... Still under construction, but i think it would be better for me to put on a post. So, "Hello World !!"

I was a little obsessed with blogging. I blogged about gadgets, I blogged about health care and recently I made a good blog about Garfield too !! Yipee !!

And so... I decided to blog about myself... With one simple aim : to discover myself AGAIN . Cause i once found myself.. but too sad, i got lost again. Of a few factors that made me got lost is school, love, sex, greed and over-confident. So, world... wish me luck in finding back myself !! =)