Saturday, 30 June 2007

30 June 2007 - At last ..

After 3 days of isolation from the digital world... Finally... I'm back ..

As my hand reach out for the modem .. My heart is pounding hard .. My nervousness increases.. As I pushed the "ON" button on my modem... The PWR light lights up immediately... as the LAN and DSL light blinks in an uneven manner... Soon.. All lights are up, with frequent ACT light blinking ... I let go a sigh of relieve...

Then , as my hand reach for the mouse and aim my cursor to the "Streamyx" icon on my desktops... my heart beat is increasing again... I couldn't bear this mixed feeling of anxiousness.. nervousness... excitement and boredom of no internet connectivity anymore !! Immediately .. I pushed the connect button...

In a split of a second ... YAHOO !! I'm connected back to the internet world !!!

This is the damn thing that'll happen to me once in a while.. Forget to pay the broadband bill and my connectivity got suspended .. FUCK !! I Don't Want To Be Suspended Anymore !!

So , i take a vow to ensure that i pay my bill every month !!

"By the name of my self installed-AMD 64-powered-PC.. I vow to pay my RM 88 and not value for money internet bill every month !!!"
-Gila Babi-

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

27 June 2007 - Late afternoon

Yeah ! For the first time of my life time, I join the St. John activity of my school !! ( St. John Dewasa to be exact ) ..

Well.. All i can say is it's pretty nice.. a bit boring.. all student organized and no teacher involved !! Which makes the best part of the whole activity !! We can chat ( provided it's not too loud ) , sms.. , laugh .. and take part in the activity !! The marvelous multi-tasking thing teenagers love most !!

E.g. .. I broke my high score on the SNAKE game in my Nokia 3100 !! LOL ~

The seniors are all nice and wonderful people !! Some of them are serious yet fun to mix with.. some of them damn shy .. some very sarcastic .. some loves to disturb people and get the opposite sex's attention .. LOL ~ Whatever .. They reminds me of what teenagers should be like.. Vibrant, cheerful, energetic, fun-loving, TALKATIVE, SMS, Bluetoothing and naughty ( like how we ordered the seniors to do Ninja Turtle JUMP !! ) ..

Haha .. Whatever.. I love this club !!

But here comes the bad thing .. shit !

On the morning assembly, Mr Hoh walked to me and murmured to me : " Get ready a speech tomorrow and talk at the front ..... "

My heartbeat stopped for 5 seconds.. The word WTF appears in my mind.. aldosterone level rocketed and I'm dazzled ..

Damn it !! Why must I be the first public speaker all the time ?! When I'm in form 4 .. When I'm in CB class in NS .. and now lower 6 !! WTF ?!!?!?!

P/S : I heard about some funny but not that funny thingy in 6RS2 .. Lazy to blog about it here..

Monday, 25 June 2007

25 June 2007 - Evening

Yahoo !! What's bothering me for the pass two weeks is finally over !!

Sigh, too bad, one relieve leads to another panic moment : The Physic Exam ...

Grrrll ! Pn Teoh is going to give us an exam soon !! WTF ?! Sigh .. Time to take Hippocrates off my brain and fix in Newton ~ Damn !

Sorry about the friends status post .. I had damn no idea to post !! All due to some reason :

  • I'm not the pat gua type..
  • I'm not always updated..
  • I prefer to blog bullshits ...
  • I'm busy .. (literally!!)
  • And I have a new idea ~
Well... You see.. Blogger allows multiple bloggers to handle a single blog.. So, I'm trying to gather a team of our friends that's interested in HTML, pat gua type de, always updated one to help me out on a multiple administrator blog ! ( JJ the Alien may know what the piece of shit I'm talking )

About the blog's name and templates, we'll discuss it after we have at least gathered a 5 people team.. :)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Gangsters On the Run ~

Anyone of you ever tried out the "Chau Long Kau" restaurant ?? The one opposite the old Looking Good Supermarket .. Which is very very famous for their fish porridge .. Night and day ~ Good place, good food, good people ... except !! for the group of gangster which I came across today !!

They may win me in terms of their fuckingly disturbing behavior ~ But I am the king in terms of Cyber stealthiness and Cyber publicity !! Yeah !! IT rokxs !!

First of all , the first group of these gangster came to the kopitiam in a BMW 530i .. Fuck them , dunno sell pornography or what, can drive BMW 530 !! One man in his mid-age entered along with 3 more of his "running dog" .. The mid-age fellow entered the shop yelling " I want fish porridge !! Hoi ! Fish porridge !! Add fish one !! " N his "run dog" only sits near him as guard ..

Then, the second and third group arrived ... Both in Merz .. Fuck ~ Open brothel and sell drugs also can earn so much huh ?! Same situation as the 1st group, a few mid-year men with more young men entered.. one of them went to the fish porridge stall and raised his shirt to his nipple level and shouted to the porridge hawker : " Hei !! Give me 3 porridge !! Big one !! Add fish fillets !! And make it now !! I'm hungry !!!!!!!!!!! " .. and walk to his group of friends and had a rendezvous with them...

And the real show begin ! With about 5 mid-age men and 10 more youngsters.. the mid-year men chat their fucking way !! With vulgar words and sex and porns and woman's body as their main subject !! Fuck ~ Imagine eating the delicious fish porridge but with all those fucking words flying all over your ears ~ some of them laughed loud and bang the table ~ Some smile in a terrible manner ! Fuck them !!

I curse them to loose their Lanciao tonight ! And cannot feel the warmth of a woman's body in future !! Damn them !! *who asked them to discuss about those stuff in public, simply a disgrace to woman*

Friday, 22 June 2007

When you want to slap someone.. Think Twice !!

Erm .. Mr Pay told me that he wants to slap someone lately, but i advised him not to slap, as slapping someone actually resulted in being slapped back by that particular person effortless !!

According to Newton's Third Law of Motion ,

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
-by Sir Isaac Newton-
LOL ~ That's the phrase used when you played Civilization 4 and your nation finished the physic research. !!

Bullshits ! Back to topic !!

So when you exert a force on someone's face, that fellow actually exerted back an equal amount of force back on your palm !! And It's done without even a single joule of energy !!

Erm.. wait, i think that fellow did as his neurones need some ATPs to produce energy to transmit the neuron signals back to the mind ~

Hm.. So, the next time when you wanna slap someone , THINK TWICE , babe !!

p/s : Girls, just slap your boy friend and don't think twice. It's a pleasure to get slapped by SC for me ( although i never tried that ) ..

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

"MCA" Man ... In the public library ...

Today, I went to the public library for a group study sessions with a bunch of friends ( CZQ, Pong, Baling Man, SH and Gtmy . As we were excited debating over some Physical Chemistry principals and laws, our voice is .. Well.. You know.. a bit "too loud", and I'm sure many others in that room are disturbed by us.

Then at that very moment, came this neatly dressed Chinese man a.k.a. "MCA Man" ( cause he wears like a MCA fellow ) and told us in Mandarin, " This is a library, don't discuss too loud as you will disturb the other peoples... " and he left us with mixed feelings inside of me.. Sigh ..

First, I felt like I'm a fucking fellow making disturbing noise and disturbed the other people in the library... A bit indistinguishable from those fucking Malays I hate ..

Then, I'm very very very amazed that in Malaysia , extremely civic-minded man like "MCA Man" still exists !! I was like .. " WOW !! WTFish ?! " ..

But then again ... So what ... they are only the very creamy part of the society of Malaysia .. Which is a pot of soup as clear and tasteless as clear water .. It'll take a life-time extracting cream out of clear water ... Sigh~ ... Why am i saying so... cause I'm fuckingly disappointed with this country .. and I hate it.. !!

That's all for the story of "MCA Man" today.. Post whichever comment as you please ..

Monday, 18 June 2007

18 June 2007 - Evening

Phew ~ Feeling better today .. :) , but i think I've passed the disease to my fellow classmate .. *woops* !!

The profit of this blog has just outreached USD 10 dollars... Pretty slow huh .. Haha .. patience is the key to success, dude !!

Damn ~ Form 6 life is getting more and more fuckingly stressful..

Today Mr.K has just informed us to start looking for infos for our chemistry assignments and also folios... Fuck ~ So fast .. I'm still having troubles understanding physics.. Damn it !! If I'm a girl .. I would have 5 menstrual hit per month ~~ Luckily I'm not .. Phew ~

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sick .. but recovering well... !!

Fuck ~ Another fucking piece of day ..

Yeah ~ I'm sick .. And my MC is over so I have to attend school !

Luckily .. this fucking flu doesn't break out and the fever didn't become an obstacle for me..

But the problem is ... I've missed Physic class for a day and I'm like a dumb ass when following Pn Teoh's class ... sigh ~

What to do ... Nothing else but to go home and revise it .. but , FUCK ~~ I can't concentrate .. I ate those medicine and i was like a sloth ... ZZzz.... Down and down to dreamy world ..

When i wake up .. I know i must get rid of this fucking disease ..

You guys know what i did ??

PT 10 !!!

Yeah ~ I know it sounds funny .. But after 10 rounds of jumping and clapping .. I'm sweating like hell and off the disease and as fresh as i ever did ... :)

P/S : PT 10 is Physical Training 10 .. To those who had went for National Service .. I'm very sure that you know what is this fucking piece of exercise.. I'm also glad that something I've learn in National Service has benefited me !! Yahoo !!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sick .. Fuckingly Sick

Damn it ~ I'm sick ...

I hate to be sick !!! Damn it !! Look what happened ... I've missed 2 periods of Physics !!!

Sigh ... Sick Sick Sick ~

Friday, 15 June 2007

How Americans Die ...

Yeah .. I know the title sound awkward... But as I was studying today .. I flipped through one of my Nat. Geo. magazine and found this interesting statistic ~


1 out of 5 = heart disease
1 out of 7 = cancer
1 out of 24 = stroke
1 out of 84 = motor vehicle accident
1 out of 119 = suicide
1 out of 218 = falling
1 out of 314 = firearm assault
1 out of 626 = pedestrian accident
1 out of 1008 = drowning
1 out of 1020 = Motorcycle accident

. & and many many more ... *pardon me for my laziness to type* .. haha

Interesting statistic isn't it .. haha ~

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Friends Status - 14 June 2007

Sorry for the late update ~ I was pretty busy for the past few days ...

Here we go again :

Yoon Seng :
.... Go to SMK Ibrahim with Puboh Chok and kacau people in school.. then drive to roundabout and round 10 rounds ... then go to SMJK Sin Min and kacau people some more ..

Song Lin :
Duh ~ I miss this fella ... Always online , but his hostel's internet sucks.. send message there also dunno it really reached there or not..

Zhi Quan :
................... Still stealing people's undies.. haha .. Ok lar .. he's back to normal d.. perhaps the cure is within the school or near to him .. :P

Samuel :
Still attending form 6 class.. but planning to leave form 6 next week wor... dunno real or not real de..

Mingshi :
Returned to Melaka already .. I think tonight he's going to sing in Chok FM !!

Aik Jin :
Secretly took girl's photo in Kopitiam at CS ... Teruk la .. LOL ~~

Yi Qing :
Now in Matrics .. But often online especially during weekend ..

Pong :
Came back to form 6 to further her studies .. apparently .. she miss us all .. haha ~ That's why she come back .. :P

Yin Hui :
Went to KL to meet Ong Ka Ting .. But came back two or three days ago d .. I think her hairstyle is new , quite nice .. haha

Miao Pin :
big kakak is the class monitor for 6RS2 !!

Sin Yong :
Confirmed in TARC now... Dunno he got his TESL or not ...

Grace :
Hehehe .. ehem ehem ... hehehe .... ehem ehem ...

Man Shin :
Currently in TARC ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
She's busy with her matrics moral stuff lately..

Jun Pin :
Grll .. I know where did the washing machine come from liao .. She used coins to pay for her laundry service .. Ish .. Rich man's daughter .. LOL ~ just joking ..

Yap :
Panda Man is back !! wakakak !!

Wen Feng :
He's currently lost in whether to take up major in advertising or animation ..

Ke Tee :
Erm... nothing special la... she's like that lor... you know ?? Like that la !!

Yan Chuan :
Er.. she too ... you know ? like that !! liek that lor.. like a normal form 6 bio class girl la !!

Fei Fan :
Enjoying her 3 month summer break .. and i think she grew taller..

Sin Hui :
Wakaka !! Driving test coming soon !! LOL ~ *nightmare*

Ai Vern :
Got JPA to study social science i think ... not very sure..

Yong Yi :
JPA appeal success !!! Congrates !!

Jiing Jiunn :
He went back to Singapore liao .. His room is in a mess as his stupid roommate from India messed it all ... swt .. =="

Sze Chee :
Currently preparing for her second sem.. Although on a holiday .. But always need to go college for class.. Sigh ... Less time for dating d... Honey .. Muaks !

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Yahoo !! SMK Ibrahim Choir No...... 2 !!! LOL ~~

Yahoo !! At least we got number two lar ... Only two weeks of practice only you know .. wakakaka !

We tried our best .. We improved a lot compared to previous year .. BUT people improved faster than we did... Especially Sin Min .. Damn wonderful !! I can hardly find any mistakes... only minors like their running bass run tempo a bit ... and that's all !!! That's all their mistakes ...

:P .... So ... No more choir practice already !! HO HO HO !!

At least i get my time to fully attend to my studies now... And best of all !! I've serve my part in a conditional offer with Puan Leong a.k.a. Smiling Angel ... haha !!

At first I want to show off my trophy here , but teacher took it away from me as she said there'll be price giving stuff on Monday ...

P/S : Shit that Pengetua !! He made us attend the weekly assembly on Monday !! FCUK !!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A Family Portrait Engraved with the Essence of Time

I know it's kinda "rou ma" for me to tell you people about this .. But I loved SC damn much .. and of course .. She's my choice of girl to be my life partner ..

And if I ever succeeded in marrying her .. I'll do something very special .. Some inspiration from a man named Diego Goldberg :

Take a Look Here

Wow .. amazing .. right ?? It'll surely take a great effort and commitment to finish off this project !! LOL ~~ Wish me luck ....

Erm... as of which day I'll take the photos annually ... Erm.. Perhaps during the wedding dinner between me and SC I'll announce it .. :P

12 June 2007 - Evening

Grrll... Stupid me .. just made myself all wet when I was washing car .. FUCK !!

At first it went off nice.. all the car scrubbing process went well.. But then when i wanna rinse off the soaps .. The pipe i was holding burst ... and

Hallelujah !! Hallelujah !!

It's so motherfucking romantic.. I'm all soaked up .. All thanks to the motherfucking pipe fountain..

Monday, 11 June 2007

11 June 2007 - Late Night

Sorry for the late update ~ ><''

I was fuckingly busy and aroused by the physic notes and some stuff tat teacher taught in school while i was involved with the damn stupid choir practice ..

LOL ~~ Samuel... Your writings can fight with CZQ d .. LOL ~~ I can hardly understand your notes and your notes has lot's of mistakes .. :P

My wife went to Penang today .. sigh .. thought of going for a date .. but since she's busy then I'll study today and date another day lor ..

Recently some stupid idea of buying a hand phone popped up in my mind .. I'm aiming for Nokia 5700 ... Not sure of the twisting keypads' endurance yet .. still doing some research ... LOL !! And I'm using the income from this blog's ad to support the spendings of buying a 5700 !! >< !!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Macaroni Italiano !! 10 June 2007

Today , Chef Mad Dog takes on another culinary art challenge !!

" How to blend Chinese ingredient
into Italian macaroni ? "

The Result

Pork and Abalone Mushroom Macaroni with Worcestershire Sauce !!

LOL ~ So far it's the tastiest I've ever made...
Sister said it's good !! Can ask her to prove that it really is good !!

Women And Money And Beauty

One day John and Douglas went to shopping with their wives.. While their wives went off to shop for their shining clothings and accessories ... John and Douglas went to the nearest cafe and have some chit chats ..

John : I still don't get it why woman spend a fortune on clothings and make up stuff ... I'd rather used them to polish up my car !

Douglas : Yeah ~ Me too .. Never get the idea even though I've been Deborah's husband for 10 years ..

John : Sigh ~ Do you know the age old saying ?? " Women spend a fortune on clothings and stuffs just to impress their man .. And to gain attention from their man .. but .. What men really want to see is when women are totally nude !! " LOL ~~

10 June 2007 - Back From School ..

Yay !! Can finally rest at home after a stupid day in school !!

Half a day spent in class with two "confusing" teacher .. LOL ~ Pn. Nurul and my stupiak maths teacher ...

First , PA class, feel like being drag around like a bull by Pn Nurul .. Especially when drawing the table .. At first she'll say A .. Then she'll moved on to B .. SHIT ~

Then ... The idiotic maths class.. Feel like attending a History class .. Spend one and a half hours learning stuff taught back in Form 3 ... *pui* !!

After recess .. I have choir practise .. Yay ! At last !! The Ibrahim Choir has been awakened !! Yahoo !! Time for it to reclaim it's magnificent pass glory !!! Yahoo !! Just pretty afraid that other schools has improved too .. sigh.. Or perhaps 22 June 2005 is just going to repeat anyway ..

Haiyo !! Whatever la !! Fuck !! Biar pi !! I'm in the choir just for the luscious offer by Pn Leong .. ( tenors referred her as smiling angel ... ) ... LOL !!

Welcome back for Pong and Grace for joining us back in form 6 ... :) first i thought of shooting my fucking headmaster Mr. Ramli .. but never mind .. I'll spare him for another day ... (acting as if I'm an emperor with power to execute people ) ... LOL ~~

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Cooking Maestro !! 9 June 2007

Wakakaka !!
One of my favourite hobby is to COOK !!
Time to show off some masterpiece of an amateur cook !!

Green Sprouts and Sausage Stir-fry with Orange Slices & Cinnamon Roll

Latte ( with latte art )

Actually I'm still not satisfied with my latte art .. Still very bad .. More practise needed.. It's made using Nescafe Classic and Dutch Lady Fresh Milk ..

9 June 2007 - Noon

Just come back from choir practise in school ..

Guess the school choir is almost at the end of its life time .. alm0st dead ..

Discipline is terrible .. Damn terrible !! All the tenors are talking about online games like Maple or what 80 levels in 2 days .. WTF ??! They should be talking harmony .. intonations.. pronunciation and church voice !!!

Sigh .. anyway .. I've lost my hopes on them .. It's been dead for a while .. I'm in the choir just to get my cocuri marks .. and also just to add up more points together with my NS certs ..

Walao .. Chemistry homework still bundled up like a hill .. and so does PA .. !! FUCK !!

Gai liao .. later wanna dating summor .. better stop writing .. bye bye everyone .. at night only I'll send in another post .. :)

Friday, 8 June 2007

8 June 2007 - Morning

Not feeling sad .. Not feeling happy at all ..

Just feel like having a hangover from a heavy night of beer drinking ..

Cure .... I need a cure ..

But where can I find this cure ...

From something ??

From somewhere ??

From someone ??

As I'm writing this ... I don't know what the piece of shit am i writing ... While listening to nocturnes composed by Chopin .. With a cup of hot cappuccino with me ...

Oh God ... What am I doing ...................


Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Friends Status 6 June 2007

Yoon Seng :
Lucky Fella... got JPA Scholarship to Indonesia for medicine ... haha .. now enjoying himself in matrics... referred as professor by his roommate..

Song Lin :
This dude is still in Nilai.. Doink... hope his friends from China didn't toxicate his mind with porns... XD

Zhi Quan :
Duh... everyday steal a girl's clothes.. always race around in school with his Honda City ... Gai lor... Dun be like this la... haha ~

Samuel :
Just bought a N73 .. Always got fooled when he's in his car.. Set a cute little " Bear Papa Bear Mama " song from Korean Drama "Full House" as his phone's ring tone.. HAHA ~

Mingshi :
On h0liday now.. Relaxing in home.. Loves my blog ( thank you ) .. and taught me lately that physic is like sex... haha ... Its really like sex .. :P ..

Aik Jin :
Aik Jin is now at home... waiting to enter UCSI to start his scholarship year... Will be going on 1st of July ..

Yi Qing :
Lives in the same block as Yee Huan.. haha .. Hope she won't get bullied there ... ( considering she's one year younger ) .. haha ... but she'll online quite frequent there..

Pong :
In Matrics Perak too... Lives in the same block as Jun Pin if I'm not mistaken ..

Yin Hui :
Our future architect is also waiting for her JPA studies to begin...

Miao Pin :
Relaxing at home... Now form 6 holiday ...

Sin Yong :
Confirmed in TARC now... Dunno he got his TESL or not ...

Grace :
Changed to form 6 liao ... Due to "emergency break" ... It's a wise choice anyhow .. good luck ..

Man Shin :
Currently in TARC ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
In Matrics Perak .. always ask me maths from her college .. haha ..

Jun Pin :
Forgot to write about her last week , in Perak Matrics too ... Dunno where the hell she founds a washing machine to wash her clothes... while others in the same college wash with hands.. Heard they said she use coins to pay the washing machine.. LOL ~

Yap :
Always sick lately... hope he'll be fit soon... Our Panda Man will always be the best !!

Wen Feng :
Our SP Spielberg is now in The One Academy ... Just moved to a new house.. that's why he can't online lately... as his new house has no Streamyx ..

Ke Tee :
In form 6 .. Biology Class... almost burst off in fury during Chemistry tuition due to some noisy girls from some school...

Yan Chuan :
Form 6 too... Biology class ... and will stays in Biology class... after got shocked reading my physic notes.. haha

Fei Fan :
Going to China for intensive training ... Wow ... The maestro is becoming a goddess..

Sin Hui :
Failed her first driving test... during 3 point turn... friends... let's pray hard she'll pass the next time .. :)

Ai Vern :
Got JPA to study social science i think ... not very sure..

Yong Yi :
JPA appeal success !!! Congrates !!

Jiing Jiunn :
Dude... I hope i spelled your name correctly... Even i've been in the same school with you for the past 11 years ... >< ... now in SP.. a short break from ACJC... My beloved

Sze Chee : Just finished her first semester... now holiday in Genting Highland.. Hope she enjoyed her trip ... love you , darling .. I love you .. Mrs Wan .. MUAKS !!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

5 June 2007 - Midnight

Writing a post at midnight.. haha ~

Actually i wanna focus on what've happens today ...

First.. At morning.. i forgot that i have physic class... Damn ~ Forgot to do homework.. ~~

And then ... going home... that Puboh CZQ turn the school compound into a race track with Samuel !!! Waliao... can die one sit his car .. XD .. but very " lao pui " .. HAHA ... cause he wanna drift but can't ... LOL ~ Today we also said that he stole one of our friend's pant... haha ... Girl lai de ... You ppl slowly guess who la... haha ... Legend has it that if CZQ stole and wear her clothes... He'll become very lucky for that day ... XD ... Just Kidding , Dude ... =.=''

Then .. After reach home... i only find out that i left my house key in CZQ's car !!! WTF ?! ... Gotta go to his house just to pick up my key .... ( sob sob... there goes my petrol ) ...

After that ... Palani tuition !! Yay !! I love his class !!

Then damn... only 45 minutes break.. then i'll move on to Pure Maths tuition ... 3 hours.. wtf ?!

Luckily ... I managed to understand what Mr Toh explained ... but it was quite hard... Imagine he used some 1 and half hours just to explain two complex number question ... Sigh ... They almost killed me..

Back at home ... Tired... Exhausted ... Drained off ... FCUK ..

5 June 2007 - Morning

waliao... such an early morning..

Honestly i've nothing to blog about.. I'm now enjoying my Danish Sponge Cake ( RM 2 each ) bought from Just Bread and also my morning cup of extra pin of milk caffee-au-laite ... wakakaka ...

Anyway ..


Monday, 4 June 2007

4 June 2007 - Morning

It's going to be a lonely week for me....

Honey went to genting for a holiday with her family... Dad's in Sarawak doing his volleyball stuff ...

I missed a post yesterday ... >< ... reason : too tired after coming home from dating ~ LOL ~

Today I eat snake a bit ... Mom asked me to go pay the Kancil's installment ... :p guess that's a good way to skip choir practise ... XD

For the remaining time I guess I'll just sit around... Enjoy my physic like sex ( as said by Mingshi ) .... Have a cup of latte ... toppled up with never ending flow of Jazz music ... How's that to you ? HaHa ... To me , that's heaven !

Saturday, 2 June 2007

How To Memorise The 20 Amino Acid's Name ??

Alright ... It's been something bothering to me about these 20 amino acid group found in Chapter 1 , protein part ..

So I've ask around and some people in Cari shared this good technique with me !! Yay !!

First , the 20 amino acids are classified into 4 groups :
  1. The Polar Group
  2. The Non-polar Group
  3. The Acidic Group
  4. The Basic Group
The Polar group's name can be memorised in such a way :

Sir glu sister to tree , Sir tired of asparagus .

  • Sir = serine ( Ser )
  • glu = glutamine ( Glu )
  • sister = cysteine ( Cys )
  • to has no meaning here.
  • tree = threonine ( Thr )
  • tired = tyrosine ( Tyr )
  • of has no meaning here.
  • asparagus = asparagine ( Asn )
The Basic Group amino acids can be memorised with :

His Li-ar.

  • His = histidine ( His )
  • Li = lysine ( Lys )
  • ar = arginine ( Arg )
The Acidic Group Amino Acids can be memorised with :

Glue it's Ass.

  • Glue = Glutamic Acid ( Glu )
  • it's has no meaning here .
  • Ass = Aspartic Acids ( Asp )
The remaining are the Non-Polar Group Amino Acids...Which i still can't find a way to remember. ( Will be found very soon ... I'm working hard on it. )

Friday, 1 June 2007

Cogrates .. Yoon Seng : )

Good news for our fella here .. Yoon Seng got JPA scholarship to study medicine in Indonesia !!

Work hard there , Dr. Lee ... ;)