Friday, 25 November 2011

Googlewave dead starting January

Ok. Google has annouced that Google Wave's going dead starting 2012. Poor dude... I surely appreciate that service just hoping that they will improve their sync responsiveness.Anyway.. I believe i'll just leave my google+ to stay there and lie dormant. Not going to use it. In fact I'm getting sick of Google's copycat approach lately. From the Nexus phone to the Android to Google+ ! Sheer copycat culture and that's for losers. Winners innovate, not copy.

Meanwhile, a week ago I was damn stress so I chowed down another steak !! Woops !!

The meat is pink. Not bloody anymore this time. Though I would appreciate some sizzling plate or hotplate to keep the meat warm, as when i hit the nice fatty part, it's dead cold. Pity that.

Steak photo shot using Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Exam First Blood..

Woke up at 5 to get a quick revision of the paper.. and the sky and sun took my attention instead.

Shot it with my iPhone and the Camera+ app which allows me to adjust exposure and focus accordingly. And I'm very pleased with the outcome.

After the exam, head was flying around. Feel stress, go eat steak at Astons :

Had it cooked medium, feels good factor go up 100 times, oh yeah I'm ready for the next paper !

Go home, rest. Wake up and prepare to go Aunt's house. Has a list of inventories to bring. End up like a hauling cow. I'm cool :

Last note : the weather nowadays are like shit ! Can't stand much of it. Seriously !

Saturday, 5 November 2011

136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat 香港街魚頭爐 (South Bridge Rd)

Hallelujah awesome fish noodle !

Was having a long long week so I've decided to give myself a treat, FISH SOUP BEE HOON !

I gotta say their food is awesome. Especially the Fish Soup Bee Hoon !

I got addicted to this dish ever since I came to SIngapore. Well I truly appreciate how Singaporean

love fish on their hawker fares ! It's something I can hardly find in Sungai Petani... err... wait well ok, assam laksa is made of fish too. Right ? ROFL.

BAck to the Bee Hoon !


Night clowdy yellowish broth with fish fillets pan seared to perfection with lot's of black woks !

Awesome sweetness of the fish and the smoothness of the bee hoon seriously melt my heart and i wanna die eating this !

Next time you drop by Singapore ! EAT THIS !! I SAAAYYYYY EAT THIIIISSSSS !!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Exam firstblood

Firstblood in 15 days... This time cannot fail already. Must chiong !

Took this picture after lesson today. Will miss this view very soon.