Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pig Nation ...

I am feeling so glad to live in this beloved country !!

Yohoo !!

Cause we have graduates who rape people !!

i don't play ccb


Did they rape people ??

No No ...

They play SM with their victim !!

LOL ~~

They missed their experiment in university soo damn much ..

Until they began to take out brinjals and cucumbers and started inserting them into a 8 years old girl......

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Busy ... Busy .. Busy !!


Today I won't be updating much ..

As you see .. All men need a break !

So do pigs !

Come on !!

Gimme a damn break will ya ?!

pot-belly-pig wanna rest


Gimme a break !!

And let me fly in the sky !!


Friday, 28 September 2007

New Templates .. New Ventures .. New Hope !!

Muahaha ~

I'm tired of that damn green template alredi !

Hmmmppphhh !!!!

Time to change !!

And now ..

Black rulez ...

More Pigs..

More readers..

And the quests to save human souls using piggy jokes is about to complete !!

Long Live The Pig !!

Piglet with gun

Oh Ya..

Gimme Your Comments !!

They are very helpful to GilaBabi !!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Agricultural Exhibition...

Alright .. Ever wonder what do farmers over the West and more developed country lived ?

They are rich , they are happy .. And their life is good !!

They breed their best product, and they compete in exhibitions !!!

Muahahahahahahhahahah !!!

Are you ready ?

You sure ??

Betul boh.....

Ok ??

It's coming ....





You guys may be wondering how are they going to slaughter these pigs for their pork since they are so damn beautiful ?!


No need to wonder liao...

Cause these pigs are going to have lots and lots of concubines...(isteri muda)

Muahahaha !!!

And all it need to do is just mate ... mate .. and MATE !!!

Of course.. have babies after that .. :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

In Our Malaysia .... =="

Oh Dear...

See this clip first .. Titled, "Darling, In Our United States" ..

It's from a 1953 movie "Give A Girl A Break".. That man dancing is Bob Fesse ..

In our United States, LOL ~ So romantic huh ?

I was wondering, if i can dance and sing this whole piece of musical with Snow White, wouldn't it be good ?

LOL ~ However.. If i replace "in our United States" with "in our Malaysia" .... =="

Suddenly I felt a cold and disgusting chill in my blood...

And all i can imagine is i was dancing with Snow White too....











She was wearing tudung and baju kebaya.... =.="

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

This girl looked familiar ...


I remember seeing this girl somewhere...

I think...

I think...

And i think ~

Yes... I saw her on JJ's MSN display picture before !!

Well.. I found her picture on a random while surfing through the net...

And ....








"She" is .................................................... A BOY !! WTF ?!

A Japanese boy !!!!!

ARGH !!!!!!!

What happened to all the boys ?!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Mama !! People are showing me the finger on the road !!

Nowadays .. There are many many tulan people on the roads..

Some are some rich Ah Yi...

Some are some rich Ah So..

Many are stupid "racers" ..

Many are some bastards "dreamers"..

Many don't even know how to hold a steering...

I'm a more unique type..


Everytime I drive..

I know someone back me is pointing "the finger" at me..

When they over take me..

They show me that finger again..

I would say..

Come On la... You tulan kia..
I'm trying to save this world from Global Warming by conserving fuel.. OK ?!

Yes... I only drive 40km/h usually..

One reason is I wanna save some money to date my girl..

And also save some more to buy a N-series and also a MacBook one day..

However.. I don't horn them..

Cause I scare
those Mat Rempits

vietnam-pig copy

So everytime you see me driving ....

Please remember this road sign :

p17s_pig_crossing copy

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Unhappy ~

Tulan Pig

Friday, 21 September 2007

My First 18th Birthday Present

Snow White , I love you ! Aku cinta padamu !! Aishiteru !! WoAiNi !!

Snow White came back to SP and asked me out for breakfast today at LauYou kopitiam.

I saw her lovely white face and silky long hair.. And so I walked towards her .. :)

She was so excited to see me today , which spiced up my mood, of course..

And she says " come come come !! " ..

And so i go, and from the floor .. She hugs up a packet of items :


I looked and was already very surprised to see her giving me a gift !!

Then my eye sensed something familiar.. And they zoomed towards the packet :



Arr !!! At first , I was sop happy.. then my face turned so red !! Probably because I'm so damn touched that my girlfriend gave me something like that !!

I wanted to hug her at first .. However .. many of our friends are there and it was a huge public place and she won't like it either... So i kept it to myself and hug her inside my baby heart..

Adui... So manja .. !!!

ok... So we ate .. Chit chat.. and went home.. She was busy though .. so we didn't stay there dating for a long time.

I reached home and by night , i checked out her gift..

Inside there.. There was a coffee press :


then a packet of Antigua coffee beans !!


Yahoo !!

I love you , Snow White !! MUAKS MUAKS !!

So i have these now !! :


The coffees were packed like this :


Look :


Beautiful colours... texture is nice.. Aroma is marvellous !!

I started to prepare my first bean brewed coffee !!!


And here they are :


100000000000000000000000 times better than Nescafe Classic !!

Thanks a lot .. Snow White..

I love you very very very much .. :)

21/09/07 - Muahahaa !!

Wakakaka !!

I'm damn happy today !!

I received my 1st birthday present ever from my girl friend !!

Yohoo !!

Heaven ... I'm in heaven .. I'm in one nice big heaven ... !!!

*will blog about the gift perhaps tonight ! Keep reading GreenLatte !! :)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

No black bras in funeral please....

Ok , today was my aunt's final day of funeral...

I'm not very happy about a few particulars..

Which, I'm going to write all of those pieces of dungs here...

In a Chinese funerals.. Usually people would be wearing white T-shirts .. to show a sign of grieve..

However, SOME girls and womans and Ah Yi and Ah So..

Please la .............

Can't you people wear a plain coloured bra ?!


Why must you people so daring enough to pose happily with your black bras and you white shirts in front of the dead !?

Oh dear...

You are here to pay respect to the dead !!

Not offering HamSapLou and the perverts your small paus.. !!

Shit la...

To all my female friends.. Please , for the dead's sake , wear a plain coloured bra when you go to a funeral or wear another singlet..

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Meteorite Blasts in Peru !

A Peruvian village reported that a meteor has landed near their homes..


Many villagers , cows and animals were sick since that batu falled .. Due to a mysterious gas ..

I was wondering could it be possible that an alien was living in the meteorite ..


And that fellow farted ...


And these animals and peoples inhaled it ..

And they turned sick !!

How's that ? Possible isn't it ?


Maybe Bush will son asks his NASA guys to go over there...

Crime Investigator

Make it a la-scene-de-crime..

crime scene

Start extracting that fellow's farted gases..

And used it in Iraq .. =="

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A must watch to laugh you mouth wide open !!

LOL ~ Stupid and funny ads !!

We'll discuss it in the comment section to see what's it about ~

Ever wonder what does a pig eats when he's sick ?

Ok .. Whenever we are sick.. Whenever we wake up as a sick man..

We'll say .. What the **** ...

Then .. We move around like a zombie ~

Dear oh dear ~ What a day wasted !

Alright , here's my mom's formula for me when I'm sick ...

First , wake up early and drink down a cup of greenish stuff like this :


Then, go back to sleep more...

Then, eat some chicken porridge ...


Drink some tea ... ( tea caffeine boosts metabolism and increase the effectiveness of your immune system .. )


Eat a BioACE ... ( it's a vitamin A, C , E supplement .. )


And no coffee..... ( hehe.. first time show off my Nescafe Espresso and BonCafe Brazillian edition .. )


No Tiramisu !!


As for the rest of the day ... water .. water .. water ........

Monday, 17 September 2007

Life is full of colours....


They are all related to the psychological and mental status of our mind..

Today, I'll share with you all about all the colors I've met in my life...

On the day I was born... I met white...
Some of you may consider white as not a colour .. But to me.. White is the combination of all the colours in the world..

And... White is my favourite colour..

At the moment i was born.. I was innocent.. uninformed.. and started to embark on a journey called life...

During my childhood... I met blue and all his tones.. from light blue and dark blue..
Light blue reminds me of the Buddhism education that I've received during my childhood..
And Dark Blue reminds me of the high discipline standard set by my dad.. Which I am glad that he did today ...

Soon... I entered primary school.. And met green and yellow...
Green brought me into a world... so peaceful... surrounded by childhood friends as well as my life during the first 3 years of primary school..

Yellow.. is the culprit that formed me today .. Whom I met in standard 4 , when i entered class 4M..
It introduced me to the interest on the opposite sex's physical aspects..
And all sorts of "exciting" things which seems great , but feels hollow...

When i entered form 1.. Purple came in..
He surrounds me in a puberty-age of my mental state..
Always in a confused state , I strive hard to keep my mind from exploding..

And in form 2.. I met Red, whom introduced me to my first love..
Red stayed with me all the way untill now.. While he blossomed from Pink slowly into a more darker and vibrant state of Red..
During form 2 , Red stays only on the Pink side, ....sweet and mild....
During form 3, Red was forced to mature a bit.. Into a orange-red textured Red, ...joyful, happy and lovely..
During form 4, Red turned a little wild and take up the form of normal Red, sending and alert to me to be ready for action ...
During middle form 5, Red blossomed into a strikingly vibrant Red , sending the signal to me.. "Be Brave and Passionate ... "

And yesterday... At last... Before i turned 18 into an adult, BLACK has arrived... So hollow, so sad, so painful... and stirs my feelings like a cup of unsweetened Kopi-O... But , has shaped my perspective on life...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

16/09/07 - A family member passed away...

She ( my GuGu ) is gone..

She has been battling cancer for 2 years ..

Goodbye ~

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Anti-Rape Condom

I was reading Timothy Tiah's blog and stumbled upon this weird and bizzare creation : An anti-Rape Condom

Look at it ..



Scary isn't it ?

The company who developed it, RAPEX, said that it is to be placed inside a woman's vagina. When an attacker strike, it will bind to the rapist's cock !!

What the... And it is only removable be surgery !! Wow... That is one niece piece of hell !!

Having something like a monster's mouth stuck down there... Ouch !!

I'm curious .. So i checked on Wikipedia ..

It seems that this "weapon" is developed from a myth called "Vagina Dentata" , which means toothed vagina .. OMG ~

In North America, the Red Indians are very popular with the tale of Vagina Dentata , where a beautiful witch would attract men, have sex, and eat them using her v***** !!

Holy shit !!

Then in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War , woman who are working with the communists are implanted with glasses in their vagina. Justs to injure American soldiers !!

OMG.. Malaysian girls.. Don't be so cruel la..

Just buy yourself a parang ..


Or a handy Victorinox knife...



And go learn WuShu , karate, or whatever kitchen-chopping-self-defense from your mom..

Soon, you'll be able to do a nice clean cut on that part of man.. haha !!

And that saves doctor lot's of time to remove those anti-rape condom too !!

And men , even boys will be so desperate untill they ....


.... Barbi doll sale is going to shoot !!

Haha !!

*This Rape-Condom has one weakness compared to my anti-rape strategy... It doesn't work on virgin. Once a virgin wears it, their hymen will break, and Malaysia don't have Virgin anymore !!!!!!!!*

Friday, 14 September 2007

14/09/2007 - Tiramisu ...

I want to eat tiramisu lar...


Sob Sob ~

Wanna do a quick update today .. Cause later on a technician will come over to my house and do some check up on my house's electric circuit ~

OK .. Now .. Since I'm craving for tiramisu ..
I'm gonna write about the history of tiramisu here !!

Individual Tiramisu

WAkakaka ~~

On the17th century - A dessert similar to tiramisu was was created in Siena, in the northwestern Italian province of Tuscany. The occasion was a visit by Grand Duke Cosimo de' Medici III (1642-1723), in whose honor the concoction was dubbed zuppa del duca (the "duke's soup"). He brought the recipe back with him to Florence. In the 19th century, tiramisu became extremely popular among the English intellectuals and artists who lived in Florence. The dessert made its way to England, where its popularity grew.

Zuppa del Duca .. What the hell ! Duca del Gila Babi la !!!

Then ~

1970s - The present day version of tiramisu was said to have been created in a restaurant in Treviso, located northwest of Venice on Italy's northern Adriatic coast, called Le Beccherie. Today, Today the town of Treviso is best know for its canals, frescoes, and tiramisu.

Huh ?! Then where the fark is it about the Italian women who made the cake for their LaoKung who's going to war ?!

Taiwanese .. Only knows how to make their own stupid imaginative romantic stories !

Now.. How come Tiramisu is so popular worldwide ...


In the1990s - In America, its popularity began in San Francisco, and today, Tiramisu can be found in restaurants throughout the United States.

Ok, got it ? It's all cause of the Yankees.. They made it so damn popular ! And thanks !! WAkakaka !!


Anyway .. I love Mascarpone cheese.. I love coffee .. I love creams.. So, I love tiramisu !!!

Pick-Me-Up !!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Of Neslo.. Nasi Lemak.. Computer and Blogger..

I had to admit when I'm blogging now, I'm totally freaked out in the globalised world.

I had Malaysian nasi lemak ..
Malaysian Neslo ( Milo + Nescafe ) ...
American computer ( well , Americans invented them right ? ) ..
Blogger ( a blogging service providing company in America ) ..
Hm.. Ya , Japanese pop songs.. ( although i don't know what the hell are they singing ~ )

I'm a sophisticates .. I have to admit that..

That's why , the song i listen too , must be a bit of hybrid ~ I love to interpret the mood of the song.. Sometimes, I'll take a happy themed song and interpret them as "lonely" ? A sad song I'll interpret them as "cruel" ? Up to me ..

But most of the time.. when you listen to a damn song with a lyric tat you understand , this sort of indie-interpretation style becomes impossible..

Tat's why i liked Japs .. cause i don't understand what are they singing , what does it mean but at the same time , i get high quality music , high quality sound !!

Enough craps... time to continue eating nasi lemak !

Hmm.. wait.. about the epicenter of yesterday's earthquake :

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Smallpox - 1

As I was reading through my National Geographic magazine this evening.. I came across this terrible looking disease..


I was very curious about the disease, so i Googled it.. And my hairs are still standing until now ..

If you can withstand the look of the following pictures.. Please continue reading ..

smallpox infected child

Smallpox could have been one of the most disastrous disease in the world..
It has an ancient lineage , the Egyptian has already been infected by it 5700 years ago, evidence ? A pharoah's mummy is infected with it's cause, variola virus..

It has an infectious rate at one infection per second in the past. And Russian doctors has find out that a person only need to inhale few of this virus and it's already lethal ...

Pox virus

God bless the world.. But no worry please , by 1979 , WHO has officially announced that smallpox has been eradicated from the face of EARTH !!

All this thanks to doctors who have been tirelessly treating every patient left in Africa by that time... as many developed country has wipe out smallpox .. Americans reported the last case in 1949 ~ Wee !!!

Brr.... All this research about smallpox is stirred by my interest on virus after studying Biodiversity ! ViVa Biodiversity !!

Hmm... I wonder whether a mutated version of smallpox may be occuring somewhere on Earth..

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

11/09/07 - Sien ..

Sigh .. Thursday is a holiday ..

At 1st I thought of going over Penang to meet Snow White ..

Then , suddenly a stupid reminder came up in my mind...

Thursday morning got Maths additional tuition ............................................

My heart lost one damn beat ..


I miss you , dear ....

Monday, 10 September 2007

10 September 2007 - Stress...

I'm feeling stressed...

So damn stressed ...

I like it , anyway ..

And stress is good for boosting my productivity too !!



If you are a girl.. I'll definitely make you my mistress ~


Friday, 7 September 2007

Japan's little prince..

Japan's Prince Hisashito has just turned 1 year old !!


Time passed by so damn fast !
I still remember the joy of the Japanese people last year when the little prince is born..
Even my mom's boss as well as her other Japanese superiors put up a gathering in Park Avenue's Hatsuhana Restaurant and sing their National Anthem to celebrate his birth !!

His father is also one kind of big sausage !
Try to notice his hair style..


Prince Akishino
Considered a "catfish specialist" ..
He has done plenty of research on catfish as well as doing ventures in catfish cultivation ..

Alright .. That's enough Japanese ..
Now we travel to the West and see how those AngMo royals are doing..
Let's pick the infamous Prince Harry !!


I won't do much writing here..
I'll let the photos do the talking now..



Faham tak faham ?