Saturday, 25 June 2011

Johnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Old Malt Blend

Dear Johnie Walker,

I know this day would come again. So I bought a Green Label and stash it up in a hidden location, so that I can have a small sip of it, to calm myself down and to prevent me from killing myself. It is more expensive than the Black Label I admit, but the difference is stupendous.

Thanks for saving my life again. I found peace in it, to face the coming days.

Keep Walking.

Keeping quiet


I shall keep my mouth shut.

No complains.

Let the world look down at me again.

Like She(the world) always do...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rain drops on a blade...

Hate this kind of early morning quietness. Makes me nervous of what's coming in this busy Monday.

It's like rain drops... dripping on a soldier's blade.. before the start of a war.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

i will continue to stand...

I will keep on standing..

I will stay alive..

For what you are doing to me now is all my karma..

I will pay back all my sins.. Since i got nothing else in this world to hold on to.

It's not that everytime i blog, i blog about sadness in this relationship. But my Freundin, it's because i got no one else in this world to talk to. I don't have friends, nor I have someone else to talk to cool down these feelings down. This blog has been around since our relationship started. She is the only one whom i can talk to when i'm really down. I've got 2 more friends : beer and whisky. But i know i shouldn't rely so much on them, else i will live shorter and have lesz time to be with you, or if i can't be with you, have less time to look at you while standing in shadows.

I know you don't need me. I knew it since long time ago. You've got nothing to loose if you ditch me again. But it's ok. It's all ok...

This week, my happiness lasts only 10 minutes, when you tell me that you found someone whom will help you advance your carrier in pastry... I've been always blaming myself whenever i remember how i encouraged you to study pastry only to see that you felt insecured with a life without a university degree. I'm sorry for that. But at least now there's hope. And you have brighter years ahead than me... I wish you love.