Monday, 30 January 2012

BlogPress Testing

Interesting app here. Got it for $2.99 but damn I'm going to earn this back in one week through the ads. Thanks Nuffnang for all the generous payout and ads campaign! Seems pretty seamless. And best thing is I am getting my iPad and iPhone to push me some photos and keep the money rolling! Yes this is awesome !

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bike crash

It was dusk and I was happily riding home. There's a dark path under the bridge which my SGD35 little LED lights were unable to provide a proper vision. Soon, it all happened.

A bump about 20cm tall was there and I'm cruising at a moderate speed. I went into the air and the next thing I know, I'm on the ground. My bicycle got thrown away for a few metre and luckily minimal damage is sustained.


I went rolling on the ground filled with sands and dirts. Thankfully, my pully packed Deuter stopped the rolling and I was stunned.


I stand up feeling no pain at all but I knew I was bleeding hard. Immediately my past experience tells me to rush home and stay calm to lower my blood pressure so that I don't bleed that much !

Went home and I began my self healing process. Got a cupful of hot boiling water and half a cup of cold clean water. Two capful of Dettol Germicide and lot's of cottons and I began the excruciating painful process of slowly removing all the dirts and sands from my wound.


Best of all, I am not afraid. It seems as if I am born to not feel fear at all. Funny huh ? Perhaps I've grown stronger and more independent than what I thought I am. Remembering how I broke my leg and flew back to Penang alone and I didn't drop a tear ! And how I had neck injury and went to the doctor alone. How I had another fall like this a year ago and still managed to take a good care of myself. The instinct of survivalism grows really deep in me, so much so that I know when I fall, there's no use crying. I should just stand up and heal myself and keep fighting.

Fight on my friends. Never give up.

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year for You and Me

It's a new year. Babe and I fought over something pretty trivial but I guess she wants me to not take it as a trivial matter hence the fight. Oh well... Yes babe, I'm going to fix it. Since you are sleeping like a pig now I think this is the perfect opportunity to fix it.

It's a new year. I just want to keep the goods things we are enjoying now and dump the bad things. I'm working really really hard on it and hopefully, things get well forever for you and me ! :)

This year what both of us must really do is slim down ! Darling we are both so fat and unhealthy and I really want to change that fact ! Hopefully before Chinese New Year we can trim 4kgs off our bossums LOL.

Happy new year and may all be good for you and me and everyone else.