Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ka Fay Sua Da - Vietnamese Coffee

Phew phew .. i'm glad to call myself a coffee connoisseur .. I cannot recalled when is the last time i had a cup of Nescafe ( perhaps 6 months ago )

All I'm into now is no longer instant coffee... I'm totally into the real coffee brewed from coffee bean using a French press !

So far I've tested Arabica , Liberica , Robusta , Sumatran , Sulawesi .. walao eh , so much d ..

By far my favourite is still the Sumatran French Roast - dark , intense , smoky and full-bodied...

It's coffee description , i know it sounds like a woman's body's flavour but who cares ?! Woman and coffee both are the same to me , they make me excited !!

Anyway , can anyone tell me where can i find a perfect cup in Malaysia ?

* I mean coffee cup , not BRA CUP .. hehehehe .. ( fukin hiao pekpek )

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Catechin - Ultimate Antioxidant , Possible cure for cancer

Well... One of my greatest ambition ( you can say the most 伟大 one )is to get involved in research regarding cancer tumors and it's prevention or cure.

Well... among the substances that caught my attention is Epigallocatechin Gallate.


Strictly saying , I cannot interpret the chemical structural formula and tell you their functions ( i know biotechnologist can , so i'll leave it to Samuel to deal with it :) )

However , according to wikipedia , this dude here can neutralize cancerous cells and stop them from dividing further to form new cancer cells !

Amazingly , you can add some adequate amount of catechins into your diet by having 3 to 5 cups of Japanese Green Tea a day ..

Ya Ya ... I know all of you says " Hey I'm still bloody hell young, why should I care ?"

Sad to say to you ... Those who are most prone to cancer are those who says these words when they are in your age. *woops!!*

So dude , if you have no Green Tea at home , oolong tea or English teas makes good substitution. Happy cancer fighting :)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Today I feel great !! is so great !!

I'm efficient , I'm good , I'm happy !

Must make things better by tommorow ! :)

Beyond God-like !!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Let the war begin ..... ; )

Now that Japan ask me to try , I will try ;)

Nippon !!


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Why Physic ? It all started with a wild dream...

Why i want to study Physic in STPM ?

Because of da Vinci ~

Yes ... Robotic surgery ... I wish to become a doctor that can perform surgery using a da Vinci Surgical system !


This is da Vinci !

and this is how you use it !


And this is how you work it :

da Vinci image

With superb precision ... less surgical mistakes can be done ...

But of course .. to use it one must be trained with basic Physic knowledge ...

Yes , what we learn in form 6 is only the basics ... you can call what you learn back in form 5 as non-sense !

The da Vinci Surgical system enters your body like this :


Every holes where the "arms" enter is only 4 cm in diameter .. a very big change from conventional surgery !

Sigh ....

Da Vinci ... i must make you my arms in future !!



Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Mahai my Chemistry !

Diu lor... dunno why although I know how to do the questions , pass up liao still feeling so mahai !

Diu lar.... tommorow Maths paper one pula .. killer paper !!

Diu lih ... next week pula lagi teruk lar !! Physic and biology combo attack me !! Double kill !!!!!!

As a conclusion : DIU !!
*note i purposely use pink hoping that my pink colour will bring me luck !

Friday, 9 May 2008

MUET blues..

Sigh .. Tomorrow I'll be facing my MUET exam again .. Dang it !

I must achieve a good result this time... Or else I'll be a real joke in everyone's mouth !

"See that cocky fellow ? Got Band 5 so LanSi go take again wanna get Band 6 wor ... "

"Ya la.. So damn LanSi ... Like to show off meh ... as if Band 5 is a very lousy grade..."

I can predict things pretty well.. but trust me .. from my experience i know i must resit for the exam ... because i don't want to have any feeling of regrets in future ..

At least 5 or 10 years from now I would have said I've tried my best and I'm not a coward although I cannot achieve a Band 6 ...

To me ... the advantage to resit MUET outweighs the bad ones... wish me luck @.@

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Grant me strength and determination !!




Saturday, 3 May 2008

Finally .. The essay is finished !!!

Nanotechnology huh ? Mahai ... such a good topic ...

Anyway .. Pray to god that Mr.K won't give a shit about my penmanship ... i write terrible writings , duh !

Tommolo breakfast will be potato wedges, just bought a frozen packet from Giant XD

Anyway , i would like to warn everyone to check your rice container now !

Do you know that in Sungai Petani , where there's 3 big gigantic hyperstore , we are having rice shortage !!!!

Ya ... so damn diu , Giant is almost empty now ! Only 30 packs of 10 kg rice left !

Econsave got about 25 packs ... i believe they shud be empty by the time i write this blog ..

God Bless Us .. My dad and I so scare no rice eat so we bought 20 kg of rice - enough for more than 3 months d :)

I'm a big rice maniac , duh ~~

Anyway , i wanna clap clap to crowking for his 100th post too !


crowking ar... i wanna post you Kaede Matsuhima or Riko Tachibana's picture de , but doing so will make me got banned from ads ... LOL ~

So i guess it's better not to treat your pervertness for my pocketness's sake :P