Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Selective extension of LRT lines

Selective extension of LRT lines

Malaysia fail.

Taxed the "rakyat" so much, with so much natural resources in the country, the public transport system couldn't even match a tiny flat resourceless island down south, or should I said "the tiny island or the 17th state that was deserted by it's federal government many years ago".

Those useless dudes in Kuala Lumpur that are governing my parents' tax money, think with your brain in your ass where did the money go ! Is it to the trip that supported your whole family's holiday to London ? Or is it used to build you new bungalow on some nice mountain in KL ?

Seriously... poor performing government leading a destined to doomed nation. I'm predicting it's doom-day in 50 years. Hope I can get all my family members out of that piece of land by then.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tumor necrosis factor-alpha

Went to Prof Swami's lab with just 4 hours of sleep. Hear him blah blah blah for 20 minutes explaining to me what is my project. Of all.. I only remember TNFa, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, an anti-tumoral protein. Looks "chim" at first... kinda scared when he tells me everything about the project and the protein.

But things changed when he showed me 7 copies of DNA analysis of cancer patient, of which 6 are children.

Immediately I stopped him and asked "Children ?" He replied solemnly, "Yes, children."

I was stunned... and there's immediately a fire burning in my heart telling me "YES YOU CAN AND YOU MUST DO IT !!!"


p/s : It feels great to be given the chance to save children's lives even though the ambition of being a paediatric fails.

Monday, 29 March 2010

X-ray Crystallography ...

Seriously .. I kinda wonder why I choose this topic for my UROPS (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme in Science). This topic sounds pretty fun when you think about it. For a life science students, a chance to use instruments that you will never have the chance to even touch it. It's really an honour.

But .. sadly the difficulty of the theories kinda demoralises me. Reading through all the books that I've managed to find through the NUS Library Portal, I'm happy that NUS stocks a huge collection of books on proteins and X-ray crystallography. They even have an electronic copy of it ! Love it..

Was talking to another senior, Stephen about UROPS and apparently as a life science student we really must be ready to face the unprepared. He's working on a couple of phenotypes on C.elegans worms and apparently after 10 months his works doesn't show up any nice progress. Only in the last few weeks that those worms start showing some essential signs...

This kind of experimental disaster is what worries me most. To perform X-ray crystallography, you would need to purify a protein up to a purity beyond the expectancy of even the most well trained biochemist. To biochemist, it's good enough that if you can get a protein solution that can show some significant enzymatic activities. BUT .. for a crystallographer, it's a different kind of game.

For every 100g of protein that you purified, 1mg is used to grow the protein crystal. Of the 1mg, only 1 microgram will become a crystal. Of 100 crystal that you managed to grow, only 5 to 10 shows acceptable electron density map after being bombarded with X-ray.

Looks tedious. Yes. It is. In fact, it should. After all, how many light bulbs has Thomas Edison build to come up with one that can last 1200 hours ? How many kilogrammes of pitchblende has Madame Curie purified that ultimately lead to her death, in search of radioactivity mechanism ? Science exploration is always a test of endurance, motivation and determination.


Singapore National Day Theme Song 2008. Very nice. Very inspiring :)

After listening it makes tears drop ... especially when you think of how a split state from your own nation is now such a powerful, successful and caring society.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Olivia Ong : You and Me


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hates life...

I just hate it when things get too complex... too confusing ... too much things to think about to the extend that it fucking interfere with my academic life ! FaCK

Friday, 26 March 2010

Of Good Beer and Great Friends !!

This was a terrible week ... bad things happened and terrible studying schedules that are slowly turning me into a mad little monster.

Too bad... God can't bring me down to my knees !! Not only that the exam went smoothly except fot stating the wrong hormone for juxtaglomerular complex and wrong location of it, other things went well for the chilly exam in that bastard exam hall that made me failed my QET and made me ended taking ES1301 ! Fuck MPSH 1 !!

Anyway ... thank god that he left some mercy in Singapore for me... with a handful of awesome friends from Ibrahim... friends for life !!

Me, PBling, Illidan and Ping Pong went to Clarke Quay for good nice beer and some awesome Japanese Curry too :)

Brewerkz, is a bar that brews her own beer. So far there are 12 varities on the menu. Ah Ling has the Dunkelweizen, I had the Hopback Ale, Pong sipped a few Fiery Dragon while ZQ had his noobish but extremely nice Golden Ale of Brewerkz, its best seller !

On overall, well, price is slightly above normal but its worth it I suppose... the pizza was heavenly nice !! Never thought that such good pizza can be found in Asia ! :)

If we go on happy hours I suppose that we can drink up 4 pint of more ?! LOL

Cheah Zhi Quan I am fucking waiting for you to order your epic 4 towers of beer !!

1 tower = 4 litres
4 tower = 16 freaking litres !! I'll be dead in the Singapore river by then LOL !!

Here are some snippets of it :


Ah Tiong ZQ trying to act cool wearing Zebra stripes...


Another Ah Tiong Beng trying to act noobish but failed....




Variety of beer and their medals won at the Australian International Beer World Cup !!



Epic beer... clockwise from top : Dunkelweizen, Fiery Dragon, Hopback Ale, Golden Pale Ale.


Got ppl stoning after trying to answer ZQ's noobish econs and rationality research question.

ZQ, remember to state in your paper that these monsters are under the command of great beer and great company !!


Love Friends, Love Beer, Love SINGAPORE !!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Epic 3 hours sleep day...

Today is the first time in my life... My liver is begging all the best he can from me.. Begging to stop torturing him like that... Ahaha.. power.

I don't know what's keeping me awake now, maybe adrenaline ? Cause stress produced lot's of adrenaline and it actually boost metabolism rate and also helps maintain essential functions of the body, even though the system is pushed to the maximum limit !

Today after 5 cups of coffee and I'm still kicking ! Amazing me. And I'm uber-productive too !!! YAHOO !!

BTW .. this Thursday I'm sending off one of my best buddy a toast off party :) Puboh Ling has finally finished his practical and is ready for his working life ! FYI, he'll be the one with the highest income among all IbrahimKakis now ! Power Ling !

This Thursday night Brewerkz !! I wanna drink to my liver's explosion !!!!! For the sake of getting rid of all the terrible things that happened lately and all the terrible stress !!

Ok .. I shall create another epic thing tonight ! I shall go jogging !! LOL

Monday, 22 March 2010

Left to rot in hell...

For all the bad things I've done. Now I'm left in this place called hell to rot and die.

For all the determination and courage I can gather, it seems that life is no paradise any more.

Life is meant to make me dead.

Shine my dear. Shine in all the ways you can.

Today kena diao ...

TODAY ... i kena diao to the core max... fucked ... fich ... diu ... diao ... whatever you called it.

It sucks man ... sucks to the max...

The Great Gods of Beer : Hoegaarden, Erdinger, Budweiser ~

Tell me what should I do ... seriously !

Tell me what should I do now ~~

Maybe it's time to worship that nice brain-drilling old pal ?

That red coloured bull ?

maybe .. maybe not...

Feeling damn emo in the afternoon ... went to Clementi alone in the afternoon and spent SGD 20+ eating a piece of nice New Zealand Ribeyes from The Botak Jones... mouth watering. Love the pink medium well texture !

With anatomy test coming in 4 days time... It's really a desperate time ... NUS year 1 Sem 2.. I shall never forget this colourful semester. Colourful enough to draw out almost every drop of humanity left in me. Colourful enough to turn me from a coffee geek to an alcoholic beast. Monstrous. However, amazingly all my test and mid-terms turn out much much better than semester 1.

Maybe it's the path of the beast that i should take and not the path of the gentleman coffee dude ? Let's just see how it turns out after the final examination results are out ok ? I'm sure the great beers won't turn me down. Or maybe I should be somewhere in between. maybe just something like jakyll and hyde. Maybe it's really an intermediate between being a coffee connoisseur and a beer snob ? I don't give a shit ! For all i care now is the One in my heart comes back to me !! :(

Good. It's good to end my post here tonight. Shall start finishing all the notes tonight !! Let my neighbours wake me up for breakfast tomorrow with those idiot turtlish alarm.