Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sugar Apple

Any of you seen this fruit before ??


HaHa .. I know ..

In your mouth you are saying : Lim Kim !!

Muahaha !!

Yes .. They are Lim Kim !

But how are you going to describe it to a Caucasian ?!

Are you going to say : " Er.. Do you know that kind of fruit with an alligator's skin ?"

Caucasian : " What the hell !! Alligator skin ?! .. Oh my .. Malaysian sucks ! They are too addicted to animal skin until they plant alligator skin on fruits ?! "

Damn you all who failed our Visit Malaysia 2007 !!

Actually it is called a sugar apple !!

It is a native of the Carribean !

Unebelieveable !!

Carribean to Malaysia !!

Wohoo !!

Why humans in Malaysia have NEP ..

but fruits don't have NFP ?

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Nice Chair..

Buy one for your house in future ..

I think it is designed and made in China ~

Monday, 29 October 2007

Pig Nation

Once upon a time...

Long before human ruled the Earth ...

A powerful species is controlling all the organisms on Eath ~

They are the PIG ~

They live loyally under the rule of His Highness Babilord MahMud a.k.a. MaH Hai Hai Shah a.k.a. Babi Stalin ~

communists pig

Or know as Piggy Butoh ~

And formed a powerful feudal nation ...

Guarded by the Kotek Pig Army !

However ... Humans invented a powerful technique ~

Hunting ~

And then begun to wipe out the Pig Nation's power ~

The pigs did put up a powerful fight ~

Under the command of Hang Babi ..


However human proves too strong...

Even Babi Tuah was hunted down ..

Monster Pig

Babi Jebat was shot and hang up high ...


Babi Kasturi was turned into roast pork when fighting ..


Babi Tun Perak was turned into a semi-human female pig ~

Just some lousy jokes for you guys to laugh ..

Nothing sensitive, ok ?

HaHaHa ~~

Long live the Babis !

Sunday, 28 October 2007

My childhood memory with Lasy ..

Has any of you played this toy before ?

I mean Lasy ..

A toy that looks like Lego.. But has more room for you to express your creativity !

I believe some of you all may think that I'm just a home boy boy ..

Never play .. Never joke..

everyday just sit at home and sucks milk ..

Panda Milking

When i was a kid .. I used to be a very naughty boy !

One day my mom was cooking at the back..

I took out the Lasy toy and started making some sort of bird that look like this Lasy model :


Then i arrange the ducklings on the staircase ..

row by row i arrange them ..

Haha.. Then i show off my duck parade to my mom !

LOL ~ My mom was like "fainted" !

Haha !

She says : " Ah boy ar !! Go do your 'gong ke' la !! Stop playing with ducks here !! "


LOL ~ art piece not appreciated .. haha ~

Friday, 26 October 2007

My boring chat with some unknown in

Gila Babi: damn boring ~
26 Oct 07, 07:02 PM
Gila Babi: yup..
26 Oct 07, 07:02 PM
Gila Babi: sigh ...
26 Oct 07, 07:02 PM
Illarius: Damn, stil boring.
26 Oct 07, 07:02 PM
Illarius: Haha!
26 Oct 07, 07:02 PM
Gila Babi: ... you win !
26 Oct 07, 07:01 PM
Gila Babi: (boring) x 10^9999999999999
26 Oct 07, 07:01 PM
Illarius: Boringus Infinitium.
26 Oct 07, 07:01 PM
Gila Babi: BORINGx10^99999999999999999
26 Oct 07, 07:01 PM
Illarius: Teraboring.
26 Oct 07, 07:01 PM
Gila Babi: gigaboring
26 Oct 07, 07:00 PM
Illarius: Super boring.
26 Oct 07, 06:59 PM
Gila Babi: boring ~~

Starbucks : America's Biggest Drug Dealer (PART 2)

Sorry for the long delay for Part 2 ...

Starbucks is really a drug selling company !

Their coffees are some sort of damn drug !!

They had corrupted the mind of Playboy's Boss Hugh Hefner !!!

So much that he ordered the filming of a movie titled : Women Of Starbucks..

Ok ...
I know due to my damn stupid talking behaviour where most of my topic is about sex...
I know some of you must be thinking that I've watch this movie before !
Which in fact... I don't ! And I've no interest for AngMoh !!

Ok ... I'm revealing the pics .. Censored to ensure that this Blog is still clean and healthy !


Ok ..
Basically from the synopsis .. It's just a movie where you get lot's of female barista stripping their Starbucks apron for you ..

Just found it out from Wikipedia : Women model who worked for Starbucks get a monthly pay of USD 25,000 and also a brand new sport car painted in pink !

No wonder girls love to work for Playboy ~

Monday, 22 October 2007

I miss all of them !!!

Argh !!

I just challenge myself to stick my ass to the chair in my study room for 1 hour !

Yes !! I did it !!

No toilet !

No refilling my Chinese tea !!

Not even half an inch away from the sitting board of my chair !!

HaHa !!

I did it !

1 hour !! Yahoo !!!

Next target is 1.30 hours..

MuaHaHaHa !!

Suddenly i'm missing some special stuff from my friends in form 5...

I'm missing PuBoh Ling's Tiramisu ~

I'm missing Samuel Law @ WTF's cold jokes as well as his preference for OL ~

I'm missing JJ's unpredictable behaviour ~

I'm missing Dr Lee's self laughing moment ~

I'm missing Ah Chok's water gun guerilla war fare experience a.k.a. " peeing in school compund but ! not the toilet !!"


Look at the right hand side kid's pose..

So "yao yeng" !!


Sunday, 21 October 2007

Appreciating this blog..

Green Latte has already reached it's 140th post !!

Yay !!

At April 11 2007 .. I started this blog with my first post : First Post !!

And since then... by now it has been viewed by 7657 visitors !!


And I'm going to keep on blogging no matter what the hell is going on !



I wanna thanks Google and Blogger for providing me huge traffic and free blogging experience !!


Every Body !!

Move your hands and stick your ass on your chairs and start studying !!


Friday, 19 October 2007

I'm a minishorts ?!

I took's test about what type of Malaysian Blogger am i ..

The result :

Congratulations Gila Babi, you are...

minishorts of

You are outgoing, direct, smart, pretty, and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Shopping For Clothes With Your Girl Friend ...


I know many of you guys are still single..

Many of you guys have girl friend but never went shopping for clothes with them..

HaHa.. I'm going to share my experience with you dudes and nerds today .. MuaHaHa !!

Ok , at Thursday .. I went for my dinner with Snow White and Snow White's mommy ... ( I'm going to give her a nickname soon.. wanna discuss with Snow White 1st .. )

Then her mommy gave me a task : Escort the pretty Snow White to Centre Square ~

Sweat... Panic liao ... But never mind.. I keep cool and take up the task ..

HaHa.. So she drop us at the shopping mall and there we go...

Babi : Hm... skirts ar.. Go BeBe la.. quite nice ~

Snow White : =.=" ... BeBe expensive one.. dun wan lar ..

Babi : O...

Snow White : we walk around and see see first lar ...

Babi : Ok Ok...

So we walked pass a shop and Snow White just rush in ...

Babi : ==" , the stock here not suitable lar..

Snow White : See see first lar..

Then come a lao yi ...

Lao Yi : Hello girl .. what are you looking for ??

Snow White : Er... I'm looking for .. &^%$(+_)+_(*^%$#^$#@$%&)(_ .....

That lao yi took out some really "Lao Yi" pattern de stuff...

Babi : =.="

Snow White : O ... O... O...

Babi : Er .. Aunty ar.. We go survey other shop 1st har.. *pulled Snow White's hand and walked out*

Then we walk walk walk ... see see see... test test test test test ...

Finally we reached one shop where she tried a few ..

MuaHaha ... Finally the reward come..

I get to see my pretty Snow WHite in a good range of clothes... MuaHaHa ..

Never know she can be so pretty !!

HaHa !!

Although a bit tired ... but then again .. getting the chance to see your girl friend becoming a fashion model is a great experience !!

Moreover .. going out for outings like this also helps me to understand Snow White's preference as well as the suitable size of clothings !


- Experience
- Understand her taste
- Know her clothes size ..

Best of all.. You'll learn to appreciate her more as well ~

Er... dunno how to express much on this .. go experience it yourself !

The closest illustration i can give you is .... You'll feel like falling in love with your girl friend .. again ~

Hm... quite abstract too ~

* Sin Hui said I'm elligible to win The Best Boy Friend in SMK Ibrahim award ..

Dear ... do you think i'm suitable for that prize ar ??
HaHa .. I'm so be pai se ~ =.="

Thursday, 18 October 2007

18/10/07 - Boring.. And worried..

Sigh ... Such a fine boring day ..

In fact 100% boring..

The only thing that cheered me up is the morning Mathematics tuition ~

Sigh ..

Exam coming so soon... kinda .. No , in fact , it's very very very worried ~

I don't want to fail my Physics again !!!!! No more fail !!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Problem Regarding Village Mall of Sungai Petani

Do you people know why is it delayed for opening after so many days and weeks ?

Well, i just received a news... "not sure about it's authenticity"

Apparently , the local council of Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani wants a sweetes coffee from the developer..

With a cup of sweet coffee and some sweet tea.. They will provide them with an O.C.

What the hell la...

Quickly get it opened so that i can have a good place to kill my time when i feel like going for a date !!

- the Malacca trip's continuation part has to be delayed... As I've ran out of bandwidth in Flickr !
- Snow White is back in town ... time to go for a happy date again !! yay !! Love you, Snow White !!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Trip To Melaka - Part 1

Hello everybody !!

I'm just back from Malacca ! Sorry for the state of negligence regarding this blog ~

Anyway, I'm going to blog about my trip to Malacca recently .. And I'm going to divide it into a few parts since there are too many things to blog about !!

Ok ..

On the day we departed .. I'm damn worried about the traffic congestions on the PLUS highway and also the weather !

LOL ~ I know some of you might not believe it, but I've drive from Bidor to Sungai Buloh on the way to Malacca !!

Yes !! And I've drive untill 110 km/h !!

LOL ~ Dun believe me ar ? I show you pictures :

Muahaha !!

As for lunch, we drop by at Bidor ..

A small town in southern Perak .

Man, they have the best WanTan Noodles in Malaysia !!!

Yes !! They do !!

And their WanTan is simply marvelous !!

Imagine having 2 huge prawns in your wantan... Both unchopped.. Both still in perfect shape !!

And best of all ... one plate of noodle.. lot's of char siew... lot's of ChoiSam.. And a bowl of wantan with 3 wantan in it ..

............................................ they costs only RM 2.50 !!

Yet, they are still the best WanTan Mee in Malaysia !!

LOL ~~ So happy !

Then we continued our journey to Malacca and stopped by at Sungai Buloh rest station ..

That place ar..... didn't really impress me...

Although they have Burger King...

Picture 010

Dunkin Doughnuts...

Picture 012

Baskin Robins...

Picture 013

KFC ...

Picture 009


Picture 011

and some old photos and good interior design..

Picture 002

Picture 016

They still lack the kick that I get from eating Bidor's WanTan mee... !!


Then .. we continued our journey.. However, dad's driving now..

However.. we are low on fuel..

So we stop by at a small town called Rembau ..

Picture 019

Look at the huge amount of ppl waiting for refueling....

Picture 018

and finally .......

Malacca !!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Damn Bitch or Monster who stole my girl friend's phone ...


So damn shocked when i suddenly receive a message from Snow White telling me that her phone was stolen !!

Damn Malay who wanna balik kampung ~

Go back take duit raya ok liao la !!

No need to take handphone raya !!

I curse you this damn monster or bitch ..

To die on your way home from raya ~

best of all you head got smashed up by a bus..

Your gut is littered all over..

Your wife got raped by people ..

Your son got butchered by some upper class monster !

You lost your penis !!

You lost your breast !!

And best of all !!



11/10/07 - Rainy day ...

Global warming is really hitting us !

Yesterday was the eve of "KaoOngYiah" or the "9 Emperors Festival" ..

For the past few years ... I've noticed that on the eve of this festival, it would be a damn rainy day !

However .. for this year, the rain starts on the morning of the first day of the festival !!

OMG ~ One day late ... it's (global warming) really coming liao !!

But whatever it is .. I went to the wet market of UTC today.

I whack some fatty meat for Snow White, then bought some really beautiful tomatoes from Wen Feng's dad's stall ..

Man, he really sells tomatoes of the best quality only , and they are damn cheap !! 6 round and firm and red tomatoes for only 1.50 ringgit !!

Then i shop for some soya milk , taufufa and also hokkien mee !

So for today's breakfast, it's hokkien mee and Neslo ( fusion of Milo and Nescafe ) !!

breakfast 11 october 2007

Man, all thanks to my Sony camera you guys get to see some pics on this blog ... If you guys want more pics , then do as i told you guys !! LOL ~

10 - 10 - 07 = happy !!

Hahah !!

Today is such a happy day !!

Experiment at school is a success.. although i was so dizzy after 1 and a half hours of staring at the microscope !

Then , not much homework is given , cool !!

Pn Liew left our school d.. well , i'm not happy nor unhappy about this ~
People come and people go...
It's a natural law !

Then at afternoon we went to centre square !
I ordered a damn small cup of Old Town coffee .. like cocktail only ~

( Yap , we shud have took photo of the damn coffee )

Then we go on playing some unknown sports on the top floor !

Cool !! I never hang out in that kind of place .. !! ( I'm good boy mah )

Then we went to watch cellphones .. and then went straight home !

HUahuahua !!

It's been a long time since i had such a care-free lepak day ..

I love it .. and it's definitely refreshing !

BTW, our ANGKASAWAN is floating in space now..
Pretty emotional when the Soyuz space-craft took flight..
But it also shows our Boleh Semangat by sacrificing a man to space as an offering for Ti Kong ( god of sky in hokkien ) !

Whatever it is .. life goes on and exam is coming soom.

Honey is taking her As exam tommorow .. very nervous for her..
Feel like taking that exam for her ..
Goodluck, honey !! Gambatte !!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

9/10/2007 - Not a happy day..

World !!

Today is a bad day for me..

Questions sent... No answers..

Taken a good thought of it... No answers..

Thinking of doing crazy things... but dare not do it..

Wanted to drink latte.. but ran out of milk ...

Wanted to ponteng school... but felt that i'll be a phaggot if i do..

Wanted to talk .. but was ignored since the beginning of the day...




Any help coming ??

Monday, 8 October 2007

I'm short ... but ...

but ... So What ?!

I admit .. I admit I'm short , but SO WHAT ?!

I just slightly more than 164 cm .. yes , I'm just that "tall" ..
but then again... SO WHAT ?!

I'm neither tall, attractive, nor handsome ... but then again... SO WHAT ?!

Short men all over the world shared one same common factor .. No mate !

Yeah .. Somehow , female's fondness of the male's physical aspect as shifted from big-ass to tall height or $ ~

To all the short men in the world, i would like to share my mom's advise to me every time i ask her why am i so short back in primary school :

"Son, the other boys are tall.. But then, so what ?! Are you worried of can't getting a girlfriend ? Or are you feeling insulted ? Don't be sad ... Because , even if their tall, SO WHAT ?! Many of them just ended up as mechanics or cashiers in supermarket or even just a normal guy .. "

"Son, a man's value is not judged by his height... It is judged by the number of things that he had done that had taken people's breath... You know ? Those great things done by great people all over the world ...every then and now.. "

"Every time a person insulted your height .. talk to yourself, SO WHAT ? "

Mom is a wonderful person, although she only has a diploma, she's so wise to be able to talk me into things like this ...


Damn it ... SO DAMN WHAT ?!!??!?!?!!!!!!!!




YES !! I DON'T !!



However , my relationship with her might end if i don't reach at least 170cm...

Short men all over the world... sorry..

cause this time... i can't say "SO DAMN WHAT?!" anymore..

She's far too important to me...

Any suggestions for me ??....

Hormones ? Steroids ? Drugs ? Operation ?

Anything that can bring me to that height will do...

Just make sure that it won't cut short my life for more than 10 years...



Because .......



Because .......


Saturday, 6 October 2007

Desperate Bitches...

I came across this news report yesterday.. It was about the damn a**hole American sit-com : Desperate Housewife.


In the new season's premiere on Sunday, Susan went for a medical check-up. She was shocked to know that the doctor suggested her that she may be going through a menopause.

"Listen, Susan, I know the word "menopause" has negative connotations.. Bla Bla Bla..." the gynae tells Susan.

"OK, before we go any further, can i check these diplomas? Just to make sure that they don't come from some med schools in the Philippines ? " Susan fires back at the gynae.

What the hell la.. You DungHeaded Americans...
All you dudes know is just firing people..

Give it up, especially you these block-headed American Housewife..

America's basketball team is no longer dream team.. !!

Yankee troops are being blown up like tofu in Iraq !!

And American porn movies sucks !!
Japanese watermelons are much more better !!

* look, i'm just being sarcastic, I've already quit porn !!!*

Philippians doctors are some of the best oncologists in the world ( cancer specialists lar .. ) !

They are as capable as you Yankee dudes !!

Dung-headed yankees.. consider the sitcom as :

desperate-housewives copy

Sorry ... Insulting the medical profession is a TABOO in a pig's world..

Friday, 5 October 2007

Bloggers who publish ads ...

Bloggers who publish ads are not unprofessional blogger..

Bloggers who publish ads are poor people ..

Bloggers who publish ads wants to earn some decent income from their baby blog..

Bloggers who publish ads are human too...

GilaBabi is also one of the poor bloggers...

GilaBabi hopes to earn some extra money so that it can dine in T.G.I. Fridays..


GilaBabi hopes to earn some money so that it can drink Starbucks Coffee...

*I'm the minimalist?!*

GilaBabi hopes to earn more so that it can buy itself a K550i ~

SE K550i

I am now an affiliates of Google Adsense , Nuffnang and Adverlets !!

Yes !!

And i write eveyday to give you all, my beloved readers something to kill your boredome ~
I love money , baby !!

Oh yes i do !! i do !!

Look, imagine one day..

You opened up your mailbox ..

And you see ... THESE :


text link ads reviewme corsarius cheque check


Bloody hell !!

LOL ~ What a relieve to see these cents accumulate everyday..

And they have finally arrive at your pocket !!

Wohoo !!

You understand what am i writing ??

I just want to tell the world..
Bloggers who publish ads are just as professional as those who don't..
Our blog content is highly competitive ..
And best of all, we are always working hard to boosts our blog's popularity !!

ViVa para blogger !!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mad Pig's Guide to Motel Success !!


I'm talking as if I'm an expert this this field !

Haha ~

On my previous post, I talked about how Malaysian loves sex.. And how much are they enjoying it !!


Now.. If you think of money making, motel is the thing !!

1st : Get yourself a building !!

Yup, every motel need a building ma ... Dude, don't ever ever ask your client to sleep on the street !!

Well... When it comes to building, make sure you get one that's not too luxurious !

Never pick one like this :


People come here to jolok , not to see your damn stupid chandeliers lar !!!

Ok, then you gotta paint your building like TunesHotel ..


Kuala Lumpur's budget hotel..

2nd : Put Proper Stuff Will Do !!!

Ok, remember ..

People come here just to jolok !!
Not to have coffee or watch TV !!
Not to swim too !!

They Just Want a Damn Place to JOLOK !!

All you need is a room like this :


3rd : Get a Good Maid Will Do !!

LOL ~ Look, the maid's job is just to clean up the Scene-of-Crime !!

OK ?

No point hiring maids like this (USD 50 per Day ) :

Sexy French Maid

Nor this ( 10000 yen per day) :


All you need is Kakak Mariah ( 100 rupiah a day !! ) :


Got it , dude ?

Oh ya..

4th Step ... : Put on a Condom Machine !

Get a condom machine in your motel, dude..


Support safe sex.. Curb AIDS..

Together, we can make this world a better place..
-a community service message from GreenLatte-

That's all you ever need for your damn motel !!

You earn your money, your client has place to jolok ~

We got a win-win situation here !!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Malaysian .. has happy sex !!

Maybe I'm a little slow to report this on my blog ..

But some of you may not know..

Malaysians are having happy sex !!


Survey: 62% lead exciting sex lives

KUALA LUMPUR: Four in five Malaysians have sex on a weekly basis, and 35% actually “do it” three times or more.

With those figures, Malaysia is already head and shoulders above the rest of the world when it comes to frequency, as globally, only 67% make love every week while a measly 10% actually “do it” three times a week or more.

Wow... 3 times and more.

Very hebat meh ?

I mean three times... Well, perhaps those who take parts in the survey are in their 40s..

as many as 31% still felt uncomfortable telling their partners what they want.


That's pretty sad huh ?!

Have hubby or wifey but no happy sex..

What a pity ~

Don't worry !!

Our childrens are of the new breed type.. Super Hiao :


and we've got good news here !!

Malaysia Expected To Achieve Millennium Development Goals On HIV/AIDS

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Malaysia is expected to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on HIV/Aids after the government's programmes to reduce the spread of the disease have begun to yield positive results, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Monday.

The deputy prime minister said that the long-term effects of the methadone replacement therapy, exchange of syringes and anti-rectroviral treatment programmes were expected be seen by 2010.

"If this is achieved, Malaysia is expected to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in three target areas, namely reducing child and maternal mortality and the spread of HIV," he told reporters after chairing a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Aids here.

Of the 5,800 new cases detected last year, 32 per cent contracted the disease through sex.
This is good as soon, it'll be rare for us to spot any AIDS patient..

If we do, cabinet.. Please send them to :

Jail copy

Well, cause by having less AIDS patient, a new boom to the local entrepreneurs is coming !


Yes, condoms... brothels... prostitution...

And to those who wanna invest,

I suggest you dude open up a motel..

it's gonna be great !

*coming soon*
The Pig's Guide for Opening Up a Motel