Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hell Night in National University of Singapore

ok ... before i posted anything exciting about my hall life in Kent Ridge Hall ... i would like to share with you all a hellish night in NUH..

it's a sunny day and i joined my block mate to Sentosa's Palawan Beach to play ... seriously... a beach made of imported sands really rocks ... !! the sand is soft and fine !! feels great walking on them ...

ok .. we played Frisbee and some station games there and i'm topless....

since many people of my hall-mate said i'm kinda too fair in terms of complexity i decided to put a few sun lotion .... ok ... then the terror strikes...

we played from 9.30am to 1.30pm ...

topless with the blazing sun on top ... i think i got my back and my shoulder burnt till chao da ...

so when i got back into my room about 4.30pm ... i got a serious fever ... 39*C ... killer temp ..

then i got the whole red patches on my shoulder and my back and it feels like burning !!!

I thought i can just sleep and drink lots of water and everything will be fine.... BUT ... by the time the clock hits 7.30pm ... i gave up ... i took the shuttle bus to NUH and the hell night begins...

NUH is a freaking cold hospital ... when i walk in and they scanned my temp ... suddenly 4 nurse in those space suits run towards me and put on a mask on me... felt like getting gang-banged .. lol

they are pretty rough though... then i'm led into a small tiny room ... very small... i think only 3m X 3m ...

i'm being locked in there for 1 hour but the nurse are very nice... they bring me blankets and some hot milo ... though they gang-banged me just now ... i truly appreciate their care...

one hour is like 1 year... it's very cold ... and my temp hit 39.2*C ... scary sia ...

then a young doctor come .. i think he's only 27 or so ... he just graduated from NUS and he used to stay in Kent Ridge hall too !! lol ...

what he said was :" ok kid... dun act hero next time ... your sun burn is terrible..." lol ...

then i'm given a few paracetamol ... and i'm fine !!

i'm not suspected H1N1 !! lol ...

doctor said i dun have flu ... cough is very normal ... and my breathing is fine !!

I was sooooo happy that tears came out of my eyes !! lol ..

so i paid the bill SGD 100 but dun worry .. i can claim this from the university :)

this is the best thing about studying in one of the best uni in the world with one of the best hospital in the world :)

to all of those from NUH who saved me yesterday ... THANK YOU :)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

End of my feasting era...

Today ... me and my sister went for "shopping" .. shopping for everyday necessity like pails and hooks...

Suddenly... i realise that my cash are not bottomless now .. swt ..

4 weeks ago.. whenever i go shopping .. e.g. for that 2 Levi's jeans ... i will tell myself... "cheh.. this is just a 2 day pay..."

NOW ? OMG ... every cents count because i'm not working and i'm a bloody poor pity student !!

even when going to Daiso in IMM i will be like wondering "does paying $2 for this worth the price ?"

bless me.... i'm really doomed... now the main thing to do is settle down in Kent Ridge Hall with minimum expenses and find a tutoring job ASAP !!

Also ... understand what does those ah beng ah lian are studying in Singapore for their A-level !!

Of course... i got one buddy from SP where i can dig his mind off and excavate slowly ... lol .. i mean you Metro-Cashier .. haha !!

Anyway i gotta get a black "batu-eh" .. saw a good deal from Hush Puppy :) cost less than 50 dollars... go for it !!! makes my cash fly !!!!


Friday, 17 July 2009

Scared even before the war begin...

yesterday's QET gave me a rough idea... OF HOW WILL I STRUGGLE IN THESE 4 YEARS !!!

first of all... the QET's standard is not low.. IT'S HIGH !!

Every incoming freshmen with Singapore GCE A-level qualification who passed their G.Paper are exempted from taking the test... and even MUET Band 6 students must take the test !

I mean ... can you understand where is our standard ? If this system is set in this format .. meaning even Malaysia's top student may be just an under dog here !!

Worse of all... i'm already considered an under dog in Malaysia... oh dear... life's gonna get tough ..

One thing's for sure... i don't expect myself to excel in the first exam , due to :
  • adjusting to hall life..
  • lots lots lots of orientation stuff..
  • grabbing back what's running away from my mind since holiday started..
  • coping with a new dating style... (she's in melbourne now and things might change..)
wish i can survive the first 6 months first :)

Must work hard !!

p/s : Seeing other's photos in Facebook where they get the chance to study in Europe makes me even more motivated to secure myself a god damn place for SEP ! ANGRY !!!!!!!!!!!! BURN !!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

301st post - Show you all what my hall is doing :)

HI everyone... this is hiao hiao babi live from Singapore !

Today i just took my QET and i was pretty "stone stone" after the test .. one things is for sure.. my brainstorming skill is dying !

Will write a couple of essays before school starts.. or else i will be in big big big troubles soon.. lol

ok.. here's a peek at what kent ridge hall did last year... i'll join them on the 21st :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Laptop.... Let the fight begin !!

I just bought a Dell Studio 1555 from a retail Dell shop in Gurney Plaza !!

Just for this stupid little machine i spent 6 months working like a dog in Singapore's Kedai Kue Kue... diu ~~

No matter what ... I'm glad that 6 months of stupid work end up with a new laptop.. it's simply rewarding... reminding me that efforts do bring results !

RM 3299 is just SGD 1348... lol .. no worries... planty left in the piggy bank !! Yahoo !! I would seriously like to thank Ringgit Malaysia to free fall during the period i returned from Singapore !!

Will check in into Kent Ridge on 19th or 20th July.. not sure though... havent email them... still many many many things left to do !! AARRGGHH !!

Now the main thing is to get all the pre-admission things all done... then... study hard.... !!

1st year will be focusing 90% of my time on pure studying ... !! Can't let Robert Kuok's big fortune slipped out of my hand !!

2nd year only i'll be focusing on my CCA and also admission into UROPS and SEP !!

Can't miss out SEP too.... somebody's going to be very very very sad if i miss out SEP !

p/s : never regret buying a 15 inch laptop ! Typing this blog post feels greater than typing it on my desktop !