Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Bug-Hunting Instinct ~

As a half-breed biology student.. I have to create a folio on bugs in which I have to collect up to 25 species of bugs ..

So.. it's bug hunting season for me in this shitty holiday..

And now it's all over... bug hunting has ended and my bugs have been presented beautifully in a frame..

And here comes the side effect : I've developed an beastly instinct for bugs .... =="

Every time i sees a butterfly like this !! :


I'll clinch my fists... My ass-hole tightens .. my "brother" stands up ... my eye sharpen......

Usually butterflies become my target due to their stupidness as well as their beauty .. ( do i sound sexist ?? )

And my cerebrum reminds me that it's over ~ Yes, PIG !! Bug-hunting is over !!



During bug-hunting season.. i would usually say to myself :"Go Babi GO !!!"

But now... sigh ...

Whatever the hell is it ..

It's time to stick my ass to the class-room and start studying ...

Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Sixth Daughter of The Jade Emperor

.... S-h-i-t !

I have to write about this damn dream here. It had haunted me for one whole day..

Straight to the point. Last night i had a freaking dream.

I dunno what hidden meaning it has.. But the dream is about my beloved Snow White.

In the dream.... She's the reborn form of the 6th daughter of the Jade Emperor !!!

JADE Eeeeemmmmpppeeeerrrrooorrrrr ?!


And all i can ever think of is :


OMG... Dang !!

She's a fairy girl in a mortal body !!

in that dream... things get worst when during an exam of The International Feng Shui Association , candidates are asked about :

"Who is the current 6th daughter of the Jade Emperor ??"

Answer : "XXX XXX XXXX from Malaysia"

OMG ~~ Things turn to this terrible extent when you read about Dalai Lama and you head to bed...

I fraked up and looked for information for the 6th daughter of the Jade Emperor all over the internet... They never showed up...

But !

The 6th daughter of the Jade Emperor is recorded all over the world !
According to record : The Emperor has 3 prince and 7 princess !!!

OMG ~~

And the 7th daughter is actually 織女 in the romantic story of 牛郎織女 ....

Gosh.... Snow White..

Save me from this silly illusion !!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Chicago ! - The Broadway Classic

Last night there was a very good movie being played in TV2 around from 10 - 12 night..

A very good show it is..

Starring some of the hottest babe in Hollywood : Catherine Zeta-Jones , Renee Zellweger, Lucy Liu..

Of course some evergreen handsome man too : Richard Gere ..

This movie is a classic from Broadway , it's a musical movie tough . .. you get's a nice story depicted through lot's of dancing and singing...

It's about Roxie Hart, a blonde who had sex with another man ( though being married ) and killed that man as he lied to her ...

And so... the stories about Roxie's attempt to being strip off her "murderer" status begin...

A murderer become an innocent woman ? Yes, she did it... with the best lawyer for woman in Chicago , Billy Flynn , played by Richard Gere...

Of course when in the jail, Roxie faced a rivalry from Velma Kelly "Catherine Zeta-Jones" .. Another murderer who wants to be "innocent" ... and also a client of Flynn..

In the end.. Flynn helped both of them to be "innocent" and they both started their quest to be the best singer in Chicago...

Well... at first they didn't succeed... often got kicked out of the interview room..

Then they teamed up together and sealed the title as the Hot Honey of Chicago ..

Here's their movie ending performance , "The Hot Honey Rag" :

Well... If you love women kicking legs.. women wearing little clothes dancing on stage ( no sex scene though ) ... And if you love jazz.. This is the show for you, dude ..

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Baby Breakfast !

Home cooked .. and damn yummy !

I haven't name this shit yet , but it taste marvelous !!


Basically it's just potato and barbecued pork .. which are thinly sliced before they are bbq-ed !

Feel free to ask me to cook this baby for you ... ( you pay for the ingredients though ! )

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas !!!

Wow.... It's Christmas today !!

Freaking hell , huh ?!

but sad news for me and my beloved Snow White ...

Apparently her new BBQ shop isn't set to be opened by Christmas and .... well.... business just can't get started ~

Sigh ... Never mind.. we still got Chinese New Year !! Huh ?!

Whatever.... Lot's of things to get the business kicking has yet been started...

Drinks menu are currently being planned.. Shop's are getting renovated... and, well... just let the news about "the BBQ shop" flows among the people in Sungai Petani ~~

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Holiday in Langkawi ...

Well... Here I am, blogging some shits while sending a huge email to my sis..

Damn.... Why is her "Sastera Cina" file so damn huge ~~

I almost freak out liao.....
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?! @@

WTfish ?!

Whatever.... I just came back from Penang island after got stuck there for 1 hour ... apparently some freako's car was broken on the bridge ~~~

Whatever is it my friends and Girlfriend ~

I'll be taking home some chocs for you ~~

Wish me a happy holiday ... :)

Monday, 17 December 2007

What they have said so far ~~~

Fletcher: Scare lih?XD
Ramli: swt~ok ok,forget what I said..
Fletcher: Fire me?You havent try my super cane yet!Wanna hav a taste of it??Want?!
Ramli: Talk somemore I will fire u all!!
Ramli: All shut up ok??
Pn See: Aiyo Mr fletcher, i never know u know how to use 'pai seh' one leh.......geng...wan kopi? sedap o~
Pn. Teoh: Nvm... at least i didn't do any Physics mistakes here.... HEheheeh ~~~
落叶: Impossible teacher will write here la, dun nid check grammar mistake oso know la Fletcher: Teacher cant do mistake is it?Paiseh,that time typed too fast XD
Anizat: Hoi budak!Nak kena potong rambut lagi kah? XD
Hoh: I wan u to TRY!!!!!!!!!
Pn. Teoh: Haiyo... Let the students speak their own right la !
Kathirasan: Dono XD
Fletcher: WTF are this blog for?

I want more money !!!

Recently I'm finding myself more and more stingy..

For what reason I'm so damn stingy ? I also dunno...most probably I've started to understand the hardship of earning money..

Examples of my "kiam-ku" ( an excerpt from our two famous Miss Lim ) behaviour ...

  1. I make my own burger meat. By using the burger meat i made+burger bun+tomato slices+cabbage .. I'm capable of feeding myself ( up to a very full extent ) with only RM2.50 !
  2. I'll only buy milk from Econsave, which is only +/- RM 3.70 per box !! As compared to RM 4.40 in Tesco and Giant... SHIT ~
  3. I quit drinking Milo ... ( honestly it's an expensive drink compared to coffee )
  4. I bathed only twice a day ... ( only during windy weathers !! )
  5. I picked a spot in my house where I don't need to switch on the light to study ..
  6. I plant my own peanuts as snacks .. ( damn those peanuts... they growed damn slow !!! )
So.... I'm pretty stingy huh ??

You rate it !

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Busy and tired ...

Sorry guys..

Recently i got a lot's of things to do ...

Let me list a few :

  1. Make home-made burger .. ( they taste better than Big Mac )
  2. Make fish fingers ..
  3. Make cappuccino ..
  4. Keep up with study schedule ... ( yet I'm still lagging behind !! )
  5. Working out things for my biology project ~~
  6. Played badminton !!
Walao eh...

Tired , very very tired ..

I remember CrowKing asked me to teach him how to organize a time table...
Well, Crowking ... apparently I'm also being engulfed by my own time... How should i teach you ??

Anyway ... a busy person is a happy person , I had to admit that...

Being busy made me feel occupied... I felt as if this life is very meaningful to me .. buahahaha ...

As if I'm a philosopher .... Shit ~

Ok.. It's bed-time dude ... gotta go ~~

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Maglev Wind Turbine

As usual, I wake up... I bath... I had Indonesian coffee and I browse the net...

Then one thing struck my mind...

If Global Warming continues : I won't be able to enjoy Java coffee anymore ~~

Since Indonesian coffees are made of Arabica bean : Bean grown on high altitude ..

If global warming continues, temperature on those hilly mountains will continue to rise ..

And my Kopi will be gone !!!!?!?!!!!!!


No, i won't let that happen ..

Now there's only 2 ways left ..

1st : Promote anti-global warming ..
2nd : Beg Samuel Law to breed genetically modified Arabica coffee plants so that they can be grown at my garden ...

....... Looks like 1st choice is more practical , as what my friend Samuel will do is clone some office lady to accompany him ... :P

( Sorry Samuel , I really feel like saying it now !! Buahahaha !! )

So, i surfed the net and found this giant :


Buahaha ~~ It's called Maglev wind turbine.. drawn at full scale.

Compare it with conventional wind turbine which is located at the right , it looks kinda weird though ...

( Looks like a shit bucket with ventilation system to spread the odor throughout the city ... enuf crapz , babi .. continue )

Ok.. A small intro for this wind turbine :

It reduce operating cost to only 50% of conventional wind turbine ( the type that looked like a kipas )

It has 20% more generating capacity ...

It has already been planned in US and China ... ( hope Samuel get to see it in US and forget about OL ) ..

It has an estimated life-time of.......... 500 years (wtf ?! ==" my cucu's cucu's cucu still can enjoy Kopi )

It operates well even with wind capacity of only
1.5 m/s to 40 m/s ...

Gonna love this wind turbine !!

It's going to bring me more Java coffee !!

Yipeeee !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

New Header ... Hope you readers enjoy it ..


After hunting for a while.... ( and i wanna ease my Christmas frenzy ) ..

I've decided to go Christmas frenzy..

Pardon me for my poor photoediting style...

Here's the original photos :


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Pig Lord is BACK !!!

Before I start, i would like to apologize to all my readers who has been wondering where the hell is this MAD PIG !

Well, apparently.. Some block-head has stolen my telephone cable last month ...

and, i lost internet connection ... :(

I lost internet traffic... I lost revenue... and i lost precious time to promote this damn blog !!!

Damn that blog head !!

And most of all .... DAMN YOU !! TM-NET !!!

I lost my cable connection and you guys came only after one damn long month !!!!


Seriously , I'm thinking of changing over to Celcom 3G Broadband plan...

Reason : Copper price shoot up high recently .. Cable stealing has never been an easier way to earn some illegal income ...

Anyway... I've receive complain about the heading of this blog... The human-pig ..

Well, don't worry and stay tuned.. I'm now pirating hunting for some new graphics and stay TUNED !!!!!