Sunday, 9 May 2010

RM650 Medical Bill for mother's day.

None of you will ever feel the pain of being such a fail-son.

I made my mom paid RM650 worth of medical bill today, because I was chasing a bus to get to Vivocity's Mark and Spencer to buy some nice cookies for my mom.


I am really a failure.

Fail in everything.

Fack my leg,

Fack my life,

Fack my future,

Fack everything.

How I wish I can grab some beer and get tipsy now so that I don't have to much brain-power to think about all these things in life.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Botak Jones Steak - Nice at a reasonable price.

Kinda stress one month ago and life was super facked up. I can't take it anymore that time and I went to this 'economical' western food chain in a kopitiam. It's the infamous Botak Jones.

Tried their steak. FANTASTIC. Better than the one I had in Sydney months ago.

Gravy is great and everything else is perfect ! Had it medium and it rocks !!

Definitely will go again. Outing anybody ??