Friday, 9 November 2007

Which advertising company to join ??

Well, i see that many of my friends had already started doing advertising stuff on their blogs ..

Here i would like to publish a small and comprehensive guide for you all on which advertising agent is the best :

My top recommendation will be the internet giant,

Google Adsense ..

How it works :

1 . CPC Ads... Basically it's like they will require you to install ads code on your blog's template. Then they'll scan through your blog's content for any keywords.. Which will be used to pair suitable ads to your blog ! When someone clicks on these ads, you'll get paid !!

How they pay :

By cheque : You'll only get paid when your earnings exceeds US $ 100 .. They'll send you a cheque by mail and you need to go to a bank to withdraw the money. *WARNING* Banks will charge you some fees to withdraw those money ..

How good do they pay :

Well.... in overall ... They pay is positive. After all... They pay in US dollar...
Our Malaysian economy will not progress any further in my opinion, and we'll still "enjoy" the 1 dollar = +/- RM 3.50 rate ...

Second recommendation :

Nuffnang !!

How they work :

Basically it's kinda complicated here ... I would suggest you all to go to their site and read the FAQ.

How they pay :

Similar to Adsense , by cheque... But they pay in RM.. and the banks will charge you around 1 or 2 ringgit only..

How good do they pay :

Hmm.... Depending on how popular your site is...
My blog for example, enjoys 50-90 unique visitors per day..
Using their campaign ads, where no one needs to click it for you to earn money ,
I can earn roughly RM 3.50 per week !!
A very very good site income for this blog to complement with Adsense ...
And they are paying more and more recently !!

Click here to go to Nuffnang !!!

Third recommendation :


How they work :

Hmm.... Also like Adsense : CPC Ads... ( Cost-Per-Click )
Your blog will be served with ads that have higher pay if your blog is popular !

How do they pay :

By cheque also... But the good thing as compared to Adsense is they pay you when your earnings reached USD 10 minimum !!

A very very good advantage over Adsense ...

They well do they pay :

For those who have only 20+ unique visitors a day ... The pay is like USD 0.02 per click..
For those who have only 50+ unique visitors a day ( like me , hehe... ) The pay is around USD 0.10 per click ...
And the rate keep on increasing untill USD 1.00 per click ... ( No lies here... )

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Parasitic toungue...


Look at this dead fish...

At its tongue..

This is a special parasitic-hosts relationship ..

The parasite attach to the fish first..

Then it sucks on the fish's tongue's blood...

Soon, the tongue lost all the nutrition and eventually dies out...

But the parasite continues to grow..

Finally... the parasite mimic the fish's tongue..

It attaches itself to the mouth muscle and the fish can control it as a tongue. !!!

Amazing !!

Malaysian Men ... they sucks...

Malaysia men really sucks...

Yes i mean it...

First , they like to kiss their kris... or sword they call...

But hey ! Where are their sexual instinct ?!
Sudah tak boleh tegak ar your kotek ?
Untill you go kiss your kiss ?!

Look at this lady.... We can know how sexually advanced are the Caucasians...

Then let's look at our youth ...

First , they like to remp-it on their lousy motors..


Then .. they got bored and whack some orangutan on it...

WTF ?!

Then let's look at smokers in Malaysia ...

...... pathetic...

They smoke and smoke ..

And their chili lost their stiffness by 40s...

LOL ~ Pathetic !!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Sigh ...

Physic oh physic...

How to tackle you effectively ...

I hentam you with many exercise..

You still didn't fall in love with me...

I memorized your formulae ..

You say that I'm too baby face...

Damn you la...

Next strategy .. : " I'm going to rape you this holiday until you lost your sexual instinct !!! "


For my 5 As !

I'll rape you !!!!

Rape you like a fucking bitch until you kneel before me and surrender !!!