Sunday, 29 June 2008

Hm... Passion Fruit

Today .. i had a marvelous ice blended drink.

I call that drink - Tropical Storm.

Tropical storm is a drink i had when i was in Melbourne 3 years back.

It's basically a fruit juice made of banana, mango, orange, passion fruit, yoghurt and some milk.

Marvellous i would say about it's taste. You'll feel like in heaven !

BUT ... after 1 hour... You'll rush to the toilet XD

The detox effect of Tropical Storm is BEYOND GOD-LIKE !!!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

I wanna beyond God-like... !!!

Gr... STPM .. if I don't die.. You die !!

If you don't die , I die !!

But since I have yet married, 50% of joy in life i have yet tasted.

So .. I've decided : You MUST die , I MUST live !

With trial exam more or less 70 days to come.. And STPM 138 days to come.. My only wish is to pierce my spear of wisdom through your chest.. ending your haunt on me these 2 years.

Mid-year exam you missed my spear.. with only 3 A- , 1 B and 1 C .. you escaped from my hand of death.

But on September... I'll turn the table around , you idiot ! I'll kill you !! FUCKER STPM !!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Such a "shittish" life...

Today is so ... ehem .. well .. very very ehem ~

Well .. actually "ehem" means ehem ? Well.. you figure it out yourself.

First of all , my dear "fat aunty who sells the best rice" is back on business !!

Tasted some of her delicious meal today .. though my "some" is just a ring of sotong. :P

Anyway , what sucks today is everyone has their dark secret in SMK Ibrahim.

I'm very very shock to know and see what happened... and i don't feel proud about SMK Ibrahim at all !!

All i can do is sing my song :"Ji mo nai nai ~~~~ Ji mo nai nai ~~~~~" :P

Life goes on !!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Lame Lame Lame.... damn trigo !

Grl... i wish to cut out CZQ's brain by 30% and fix it into mine then replaced his share with my 30%.

Hopefully that way my maths can improve and I can "yellowfied" his brain more ~

Trigonometri is really blasting my mind into chunks of proteins ~

And finally i know what killed me in my biology paper 2. "Mass Flow Hypothesis" ---- i need to work hard on my essays.

And i've become semi-night stalker. Sleeping at 2 every night ... gggrrr.....

140 days more to D-day = STPMers ! Can we blast through the iron gate of U.M. that's heavily guarded by a legion of Matrics students ??

Yes i believe we can... Believing is always the seed to success..

All we need is 300% of our efforts now and 300% more of our determination and only 10% of our current entertainment !

By the time we reach that rank... if i can reach that rank... my only wish is to enter U.M. and teach those Matrics students never underestimate STPMers cause we shall be their greatest nightmare !!

STPMers !! For this 140 days , WE DINE IN HELL !!!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Go Go Go !!!

Ya Ya .... damn my E-cup ass..

Doing Trigonometry questions at 12 am .. listening to my damn J-pop songs ...

Best of all... i'm not feeling tired !!

Aza Aza Fighting !!

( i know it's weird for me to say this phrase but it just pop out of my head ok ? wtf )

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Again ... Obsessed with cash.

I've been doing my own budgeting accounts lately just to find that I'm very very low on cash.

With plans of flying over to Sydney to meet my sweet heart next year I'm even thinking of finding a part-time job in Singapore.

Ya i know it's hard but to me it's no worry since I got a big family in Singapore, help will always be there for me.

Thinking about it, it's amazing to see my family's size and distribution. Almost every major city in Malaysia I can get some help !

And also in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, USA woohooohoo !!

Man i love my family and family friends !!

But before that .. better crunch those numbers and plan a money saving project now.

Phew ~

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sob Sob...

Buah... I wanna cry liao ~~~ wtf

My hand phone cannot detect sim card la wtf ?!

Mama !!!


Sob sob... and my dear Snow White is leaving for Australia next week.. and my coffer is bled dry ..

Sob sob... why must human be so dependent on cash ??

Why can't human be more flexible in terms of finance and economy ??

Sob Sob Sob... And today is Father's Day and i got nothing to give my PaPa .. Sob Sob Sob...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeah... Girls always win !!

Just read the puking comics below and you'll know why girl always win ~~~


*NOTE : It's all just for fun, ok ?? Dear feminists ~ don't get upset cause of my Babi-ish post ya ?? LOL ~

"Yet Another Food Blog" - A Recommendation

Yeah honestly I'm a cake enthusiasts. I love tiramisu and brownies in particular. So that leads me to exploring the net for blogs about cakes.

Surprisingly i found one written by a Malaysian girl residing in U.K. called Bee Nee (the one on the left):


Her blog ( Yet Another Food Blog ) may have a funny name .. but her cake baking attitude is no funny thing !

Examples of her cake :


Tiramisu !! OMG !!! I love tiramisu !!!

Anyway , just take a look for yourself at her food blog ... hope you'll love it :)

Monday, 9 June 2008

I am so so so so damn suffering wtf !!!

I wish there is no virus or bacteria in this planet !!

Fuck them all !!

I've change my ambition to become a pathologist because i'm so fucking angry at that virus that is stinging my butt now !!


FUCK their species !!!


Friday, 6 June 2008

Oil is gonna quit soon... who's next ?

Seriously thinking .. Malaysia is actually a very very well blessed country. With her beautiful Government pouring cash into the commodity market, we are indeed enjoying the second lowest rate of oil pricing in SEA ( South East Asia ) .

I understand many will say "Kan Nia Boh la GilaBabi !" .. But i will not fight with you, I'm just expressing my concern. From my opinion , the cash flowed into oil subsidies can be better utilized IF it's poured into research on renewable energies !!


Malaysia is situated on the equator , enjoys full bath of rain all year round , with good amounts of wind on Sabah coast and the East Coast of the Peninsula. We are actually a potential MEGA ENERGY PRODUCER !

Look at those dirty oil... they cost blood and cash - JUST TAKE A LOOK AT IRAQ !

AND look at Germany and Japan .. Nice amount of solar energy though they are situated at a temperate location !

And look at Spain ! Their iron and metals are melted using solar energy !
Solar Field2

Why can't we think twice before shooting at the Government ??

Must we simmer ourselves in OIL ?!

So... My advice is :


Thursday, 5 June 2008

Home Sweet Home...

yippee yai yai yippee yippee yai !!

I'm home at my sweet old SP !! MUAKS !!

My dick is home and I'm free to dick everyone .. WooHoo !

Yippeee ....


Now It's GILA BABI V2.00 !!


Monday, 2 June 2008

Hello From KL !!

Geez ... KL really a paradize for Hiao Pek... All the girls show half boobie de ( i know funk_master love this ).

Anyway .. forget about half bobbies .. if you type in "tits" on google image you'll get full boobies anyway ..

Let's focus on my Japanese Scholarship test.. Overall.. bio , chemistry is good.. English i believe i'm super good. But i suck at my Maths.. Hopefully others won't be any much better than me .. hehe.

Anyway i visited the Popular International Bookfest in KLCC yesterday ... bought two copies of book and they only cost me RM 40 !! Yippee !!

Anyway ... I wanted to buy another book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" .. Shit my dick... it cost RM 36.90 ~

Suck my dick la... anyway .. I'll look for the book in 2nd hand bookstore .. :P

OK .. that's all my update from KL .. BYE !!