Saturday, 31 January 2009


Breakthrough in pasta cooking !

Yes this is a boastful post ... ya... i've found that mixing streaky bacon and chicken thigh makes a marvelous tomato sauce for pasta ..

Notably the spiral pasta ..

LOL .. what i lack is rosemary ! DAMN IT ! Can't afford rosemary ... lol

Rosemary goes best with pork and chicken together with Balsamic Vinegar (again some damn expensive ingredient) ...

One day i must be really very very rich to satisfy my quest as an amateur cook .. lol ... self-trained one.

I had a brilliant (and stupid as well) idea ... lol ... since we live in a tropical country ... meaning we cant grow our own fresh herbs ...

I was thinkin why not i buy a small fridge and add some light bulbs in it to make it a mini temperate greenhouse .. lol ... there i'll grow my basils for my pesto and my rosemary for my pork and some thymes for my fish !

LOL ~ Brilliant yet idiot ... forget about it.

Friday, 30 January 2009

An Off Day ... at last ....

Ever since January 19th , i had not an off day ... holy moly .... and it was a whopping 10 days later ... 10 busy and crazy days .. that i had finally enjoyed my holiday ... just on off day ... on the 5th day of Chinese New Year ...

Yeah i've heard many people and friends complaining about working on Chinese New Years... but at least when you reach home ... you can see your family ... you can talk to someone ....

Me ? No ... my luck was never so good ... for the past 10 days ... when i reach home as a very very tired man ... when i opened the door... it was dark ... silent ... and dead... My relatives have all gone back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year ... i'm the only one who stayed back ...

So how does it feels like being alone in the house ?

I'm a terrifically lucky dude ... my aunt installed cable tv at home ... Haha !! And i watched National Geographic till i fall asleep ... lol !!

Ya ... that's how i spend the past 10 agony days ... i know i wasn't tough enough ... any tough man could have just gone to bed and forget about all his loneliness and boom ... fell asleep...

So the verdict today is ... I need to stay tougher !! YES !!

By the way .... i've discovered that the path of medicine is not my cup of tea... instead ... the art of making medicine seems more and more appealing to me...

Now my hope is to continue my family tradition and my father's legacy as an apprentice in the ultimate art of Chemistry and Biology .... the field of pharmacy ... is perhaps what i really need to look deep into ... will reasearch more on the appropriate university to give me the biggest leap in career ...

Read one book today : Physical Organic Chemistry .... AMAZING ! Now i can really call myself an intermediate level dude who understand the nature of electrophile groups !!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

New target for my 2nd girlfriend ...

LOL .... not be scared ... this 2nd girlfriend is an "it" ... understand ?

ASUS M51 and G70 has always been my dream laptop ... ZZzz.... sadly i can't afford them , duh ~

Now the target shifted to something cheaper ... yet good enough ...

Something recognized as the best dude in its category !

It's the Dell XPS M1330 !!

This dude is cheap ... ( less than RM 3000 ) ... powerful .... light ( less than 2 kg ) ... and beautiful !!

Though there may be new one from Dell to beat it's beauty - the rumored E-family ... but i'm in love with this dude already !!

Hope the price drops , baby !!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thank God .. For teaching man-kind the art of making bak kua !!

I thank God ... for making us knowing how to make bak kua !

As bak kua ... makes me feel proud as a Chinese .... cause they beat European's bacon !!

Long live the Bak Kua !!

long live the pig that contribute their meat for my lovely Bak Kua !!

Long live my baby tongue that makes me capable of tasting them ... !!

Long live my Bak Kua !!!

Bak Kua is the King of all Food !!!

BAK KUA !!! Bak Kua Kawan Ku !!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi !! Happy Happy !!

Alo everyone !!

Da pig is here !!!!! Wishing everyone a Happy "Mu ~ Mu ~" Year !!

Ahaha !! ... first time in my life ... i'm spending my Chinese New Year alone .. :P

People may say me crazy for making this decision ... but to me .. the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is very very true !

My family .. My other half... my friends are what i wish to see now ... definitely i'll treasure them more than ever now as i've felt the sadness for being not around them during this important times :)

Fuh ... i guess the word "teenager" can hardly apply to me already .. rather it should be "adult" ... Ha Ha ~~~

I hope this year will be a marvellous year for everyone ! Hoping the result won't be as bad as a shit ... (woops new year cant say those words !!) wakakaka...

And i also wanna tell my Snow White and my family how much i wish to be at your side now ... wearing new year clothes and chatting with you all ... :)

I Love You all !!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Sigh ... and yeah !

What the hell should i feel now.... buffered between selfishness and patriotism ...

What sucks today is 1 Ringgit is now only $ 0.416 ... Sigh .... I still have 1 whole stack of RM 5000 under my pillow ... Hoping for the rate to boom past $ 0.48 ... though it seems very impossible ...

Singapore government rolled out their budget package yesterday ... what amazed me is their finance minister is not their prime minister ... fuh .. i am sooo sampat ...

What's cool is ... their aim is to stop retrenchment of workers... The goverment will pay $ 300 of every working man's pay .... yeng or not ?

I work in a retail outlet .. everytime i look at the receipts ... i know the one who's earning is the government ... TAX !

Singaporean is soooooo spendthrift ..... ya ... I mean it !

Their cash flow is amazing .... honestly ... this is what Tun. Dr. M. wanted Malaysia to be .... lot's and lot's of cashflow ..... that way ... government earned though Taxing ...

But sadly now ... my own goverment doesn't seems to encourage cashflow .... in fact ... they pump back money into irrelevant sector ....

What is RM 4.1 billion in the stock market ?! What's the point of pumping them into stock market ?! What are the percentage of population of Malaysians involved in stock market ?!

Sigh .... Boleh-land .... always doing wu liao stuff .... now the point is to encourage cash flow .... to prepare ourself a cushion for the "Just-beginning" recession !!

And i also hoped those good-for-nothing politics to stop ... Please ... let's just unite and face this recession ok ?

Sigh ... the higher value the dollars become ... i earn more ringgit ... YET .... my coountry is bleeding ... bleeding seriously .... SIGH ....God Bless My Country ... i pray for the best for Boleh-land ...

p/s : i went to open my bank account today ... and i don't need to fill in any form !! I just sign 2 signature !! That's all !! And it's all done in 10 minutes !!! Even masturbation took a longer time !! Amazing efficiency !!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I will persists !!

What the hell.... worked 11 hours for 2 days ... now , the 3rd day !!

Sales hit all time high ... $ 5900 !!!!!! WTF ?!

Boss was surprised that after i transfered back to great world city sales hit so high ... so he drop by at there yesterday... sitting and walking around looking at us doing our sales... then ... LOL ... the King of all KiamSiap Boss go buy Jolli-Bean soy milk for us !!!

LOL... my manager says i kena lottery ... lol...

Hopefully i get a pay rise ? Nah ... too early .. I'm still a T-R-A-I-N-E-E ~~~~ :P

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Advanced Pay for Chinese New Year...

My boss may be stingy and stupid ... but sometimes he's good too ... He's giving us an advanced pay for Chinese New Year !! YAHOO !!!

At least now i have some cash to shop for some really nice and branded clothes ... buy 1 free 1 ... that's how they are selling Louis' jeans here in Singapore... what the heck ~

Anyway .... I'm thinking of buying my laptop in Malaysia... not in Singapore ... if you use currency converter ... I win if i buy my laptop in Malaysia ....

Singapore's laptop ain't expensive ... it's just that if i convert my cash into Ringgit... Malaysia is cheaper .... :)

Anyway ... I'm going to snatch more sushi from cold storage tonight ... damn cheap ! 3 dollars for some 18 pieces of sushi !! Not timun sushi ! Sushi with unagi , sotong , prawn .... etc !!

LOL .... and i'm thinking of joining the local gym too... i haven't ask about the price .. but it seems pretty fun .... outside the gym it's written "BOYS ONLY" ... lol !!!

And also the library ... in Bugis .. there's a 7-storey Singapore National Library ... i will go join it once i get my pay next week :)

That's all for updates for life in Kiasu-city ....

p/s : Anyone mind asking around for price of ASUS M51 or ASUS G70 in Malaysia ?

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Soooo Cashless now...

Zzzz.... Cash Cash cash !!

I need some fukcing cash !!!!!

Friday, 9 January 2009

9th January 2009 - Bored ....

Ya .. I am so bored now ......

Everyday go work and come back sleep .... BORED ~

I need to get myself a good phone ... But not now .. hehe.. not enought $$ yet ... Maybe by February i will already ... Anyone who can recommend me a good phone with WiFi ?

Now what is sooo damn fun is phone price drops like shit in Singapore.... Thanks to their contract-based system...

You see... if you subscribe 2 years.. they'll give you a phone for free ! And if you want a better phone .. lets sat Nokia E-series ... you can easily get them for $89 plus the 2 years contract....

But i don't think I'm going for the contract.... cause once Snow White go back to Aussie i'll talk to her more on Skype ... Since it's free and the voice are clear too !

here .. any typical contract cost at least $ 30 ... 2 years will cost me $720 ... and it's definitely not enough.. i mean the 30 dollars... people tend to spend more !

But if i use prepaid .. every month i need about $10 ... then 2 years i needed $240 .. LOL ~ See the difference ? I can use the remaining $480 to buy myself some good phone :)

ok la.. bored post ... who cares anyway ~ bye bye ~

Thursday, 8 January 2009

8th January 2009 - Work Permit Approved !

I got my work permit !! YAHOOOOOOO !!!!

Now i can work in Singapore... Stay in Singapore ... And even go in and out of Singapore without using my passport !!

Yahoo !!!!!!!

The Singaporean government is so damn efficient la.... their efficiency really makes me feel that my government is a real dick-head .... An unwashed 51 years old dick-head...

Sigh ... what to do .. I'm from boleh-land ... Besides the food in Malaysia ... nothing else is worth praising of ...

Negaraku ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

6th Jan 2009 - What a nightmare ....

Holy cow ... for the past 12 hours i thought i would be lying on a surgery room already...

You see... i was too anxious to rush those pretty nurse to get my report done ... but i din take my breakfast...

My lunch is my first meal... who knows... eat liao lunch the customers rush in already... what the hell.... I was working like hell that time... then this appendicitis pain sensation kick in ... walao eh... really painful...

I was holding back the pain in my abdomen .. what the hell .. i think period also not so painful .. it feels like your intestines are tied up like a bunch of knots ... LOL ~

Then i go home and sleep ... and i cant sleep .. so i went to toilet ... and i slept on the toilet bowl... LOL ~

Then 3 am woke up and called my dear again ... asking her if i appendicitis ... and i need to go surgery .. i ask for her forgiveness that i cant go back to meet her in Malaysia .. LOL ~ me really siao liao .. as if i'm going forever... LOL ~ TOUCHWOOD !

then i online check the net .. holy cow .. the pain site is where appendix is !

then i go back to bed to sleep... and i pengsan ~ cos too painful !

About 9 am i woke up d... swt... everything was fine already ... my stomach is fine ... and i'm sweating like hell till my fever is cured !

I got soooo many friends studying medicine .. any explanation for this ? Fellow doctors ?

Monday, 5 January 2009

5th Jan 2009

So bored... waiting for those pretty nurse to call back my phone... I've been rushing them to quickly finish up my medical report as i need it to get my work permit card !

Without work permit card, i cant get a bank account lar ....

Yesterday was a bit low-tide on business.... I've been pushing and promoting the cookies like hell yet only 8 boxes are sold ... Sigh...

Although it's Sunday, day-end sales didn't hit 1000 .. roughly 950 only ...

Sob Sob... I want to get the extra 100 dollars la... i got soooooo many many things to buy for my dear ....

Life here is ok... Not tough, not easy...

Yesterday I spend cun cun 10 dollars...

4 dollars for MRT and Bus... 4.9 dollars for buying hot chocolate powder ( shud last me 10 days ) and also 1.1 dollars for "poh long pau" ...

The "poh long pau" here many many times better than what you can eat in Malaysia ... Even the one you can get from "wong kok" at basement level of Gurney Plaza couldn't beat this one ..

One thing i notice is got one bread shop with the name "BreadTalk" ... This shop employs only students ... wth ?!

Ya... and their costumes are like some sort of Japanese school uniform... very very "weird" .. Some looked pretty in it.. Some looked "not pretty" in it...

I'm feeling grateful that boss didnt ask me to wear this kind of clothes....

WTH ? 30 minutes pass by d ... that 3 pretty nurse haven't found my medical report ? Sien nia ...
Go drink Milo first... bye bye everyone..

P/S : i saw people sellling hot dog in Cold Storage ... it's shape is like a DICK !! WTH ?! So bad my phone cant capture the image clearly.... sigh... But it's really a dick sausage even with testis ! And it's sold at a whopping 3 dollars per sausage...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Pay day is tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!

Yippeee !! Tommorrow i'll be getting my long awaited pay + incentives !!

So damn syok :P

So so so so so damn syok syok syok !!

Roughly i needed at least 10 dollars to survive here everyday ... ZZzzz....

That's 33% of my damn pay !!

Money money money come !!!!

Anyway .. life at Bugis Junction is like tsunami ... the people like tsunami ... business also like tsunami...

The time between 2pm to 5pm is the "peak hours" a.k.a. "pig hours" ...

Cos everyone will be damn busy .... the dishes all stacked up like KOMTAR ... the espresso machine keep on running ... and kuih are selling like hot cakes !!

No time to pause and take a long deep breath .... if you have got 10 seconds to stop for a while... its like a god-send ... a gift from God...

Ok la... this post is more like a complaining post than like a joyful post ...

everyday ... need to spend 1 hour on MRT :(

everyday ... need to work ... :(

everyday ... not that much time to sayang and chat to my Snow White.. :(

everyday ... I'm missing my Snow White more and more ~ :(

everyday ... I missed a good cup of coffee.... :(

everyday ... I miss Hokkien mee !!!!!!

everyday ... I miss Laksa !!

P/S : Singapore laksa is actually curry me... to me ... SG laksa is like a lady with A-cup while Malaysia curry mee is like a hot lady with nice body curves .. a pleasant smiling face with C-cup !!

Singapore laksa .. i puih !! Malaysia boleh !!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year !!

Damn stupid New Year eve.... when other food stalls in basement 1 of Bugis Junction are closed 1 hour earlier ~ we are the only stalls left open till 10 pm .... sob sob ~

Everyone went for New Year countdown at Marina bay ~ we ? We sweep floor at Bugis Junction ~

Shit shit shit ~ Even the china boys from opposite stalls laugh at me ... wishing me happy new year as i sweep the floor ~~ Sob Sob Sob ~~~

What ever the heck it is ~ I'm determined to get out of probation period within 3 months ( normal staff is 6 months ) ...

And I'm determined to learn how to make cappuccino using espresso machine this week !! ( though the machine's steam burnt my hand yesterday )

there's something called determination which i believe Singapore will be a great place for me to learn ~

And one more kind of spirit called the "kia-su" spirit ... which i think i have already pick up :P

Ya... i make sure every slice of cake i slice is much perfect than those sliced by other trainees...

I make sure everything i do is perfect ... BECAUSE I KIA-SU !!

LOL ~~ Doesnt sound like the old Gila Babi you all known ?

LOL ~ people changed... and for most of the time ... we change for the good of ourself :)

Anyway ... I'm writing today because i wanna wish my Princess "Happy New Year , Darling :) "

I pray to God that our 3rd year will be a blissful one :) ... and I love You :)