Thursday, 29 September 2011

So tired... but it's a good change.

I've never studied so hard in my NUS life before. Never.. this is my first time... reading up all lecture notes, reading up all the textbooks, doing all the questions in textbooks, doing the questions again, watching the webcast again and again..

Fear contribute a lot to my change. I have to admit. But thankfully there's Mac Commons in NUS, where I get Mac desktop usage for the whole fucking day =)

Anyway, say hi to my delicious dinner, Yong Tau Fu ! Only cost me $3.50 delicious !!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Good things are happening.. I feel like a spoilt kid. :P

Say hello to my new baby....

=)I need to give her a name... no idea yet.. Let's call her number 4 : She's my 4th bicycle in my life =)

Number 4 ain't cheap :P Airflown from USA though made in CHina. Awesome bike =)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Midterm Exxxamzzz

I gotta exam is the one thing that pushed out the best in man.

But then again, there is this saying NUS = no use studying.

Well, i think that only applies to the rest of NUS' 15,000 populace. For me, i'm not that smart so yeah let's study.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Watch my fury..

Hello, loser.. watch as I overtake you and you sit down and cry like a baby. Sorry folks, it's a society where the strong lives and the weak dies.

It's all about survivalism, so work harder, and stop being stupid and useless.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Brother.. Stop criticizing others when you haven't look at your own self. Please listen to what other thinks about you. Sometimes, the one that understands you the most is the enemy. Understand yourself more before the enemy know more than you, for that will make you stealthy and strong.

-Godspeed and good luck.

Ok.. enough ranting about some stupid people. Here are some Singapore views I've shot today, just for fun you know ?


At the national library... look how modern and grand it is ?


Beside the Seating Gallery, empty street on a quiet Saturday morning.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 stars, expensive and luxurious.

Good morning

Woke up and went to her workplace. Sent her to work and its kinda fun :)

But i must admit that the food here in Marina Bay Sands is motherf***ing expensive !! Spent 8 dollars for my cibai breakfast .. If not that i'm not hungry i wouldnt have eaten it !

Anyway saw a couple with a kid. The mother is pregnant. Looks like my future :p

Friday, 16 September 2011

Glad.. That all is fine

I am very happy to see nothing bad happen. It's a good sign that we are getting stronger and the future seems firm. Happy to know that.

Meanwhile i saw the latest news that mean fresh graduate income in singapore is projected at 2.7k for fresh graduates !! Haha !! Good la its good enough for a good life. Supplemented by 2 tuition class in the weekends i should be able to lead a happy life with you darling.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Good Food .. Good Air.. Good Coffee... Bad Day

Good bak kut teh from PGP.. good coffee... The haze from indonesia is clearing up.. But what i'm facing now is real bad.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Re-orientation needed...

Sometimes... i wonder who am i in this megapolis. Where do i stand ? What role will i play ? Is it minor or major ? By the time i'm 50 will i be happy ?

Thoughts about the future have been crippling through my mind ever since RAG Day. I need to find a target, and bang it down hard. And a target i did found, but it's kinda intimidating. Straight aces have never been something a dude like me can do, but i know i'm not gonna last long if i don't do it. It's about survivalism now.

The real mindset that LKY have been trying to instill in his people's mindset. Well... i guess i just have to embrace it as well ? Cause if i don't, where do i stand in a society of elites and champions ?

When you come to kiasu-land, you gotta play it the kiasu-way. Throw away the kampung mindset, it's time for the next level. Aim for the highest, for all you know it's gonna lead you higher than not doing it at all.