Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Super "Sui" Week...

3rd of June :

thinking of being filial. go to Woodlands as i wanted to take my parents for breakfast at Crystal Jade. very very sui.... ppl got down of the bus 950 and all walk into the woodland checkpoint departure hall... BUT i wanna go to arrival hall... no road sign ... nothing.. so i wander alone...

2 police officers saw me... perhaps thinking that i am 'Wan Selamat' ... and caught me into the investigation room.... kanasai.... 19 years in malaysia... never been to police station....

BUT 6 months in Singapore... I'm taken into an investigation room... Si peh Sui ar !!

Spend 20 minutes like that in the investigation room... was searched whole body for booms perhaps... luckily they never touch my private part !! HNG !!

pls lar.... where got terrorist who wears a Levi's jean and Burberry Polo T-shirt to commit suicide mission ?

Afternoon.... sister go to sign up for tuition grant MOE's agreeement... forgot to bring passport... i rush home and back to Nanyang Poly to fetch her her passport... on my way to Nanyang Poly.. i received a call... she told me she dun need the passport...

Shui or not ? The taxi cost me SGD 34.50 ... enough for me to buy my 501 jeans if add with my voucher... sigh !!!!

4th of June :

Work 10 hours... it's ok .. my stamina are good !

BUT ... was a bit tired... received a catering call ... i wrote in the customer's invoice 8.30 am self collection @ T1 outlet...

AND !!! I wrote at central kitchen order's invoice self collection @ T1 @ 8.30 PM !!!

WTF ??

5th of June :

One bastard got sick... MC ... kanasai.... hate part timers ~!! Gotta wake up and rush to work to cover her shift !!!!

Told area manager that i wanted to resign... but he said the interview for a manager to replace my position is on 17th June.... ARGH !!

That's the sad thing when you work as an underpaid outlet assistant manager !!


6th of June :

The disaster .... the customer come and collect her catering stuff... BUT no item cos the kitchen tought it was 8.30 PM !!!!

Luckily i have a good area manager... he bring the product from kitchen and send it to the customer's house... first time in history ... Area Manager do delivering chores.... i so mempersiasuikan !!!!!!

I have to pay for the taxi fees as it was my mistake.... $35.80 ... aarrrgghhhh !!!!

that's enough for me to go to Kuishin-bo in Suntec city and feast on a Hokkaido themed seafood japanese buffet !!!!!!!



hoped nothing even more sui happens....

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Too Bo-liao ... go buy new pants...

Any dudes who knows me will know that i have only 1 pair of jean... ya i know it sounds noob but ya i have only 1 jean...

So i've decided to go for another jean ... probably influenced by the looks of Levi's jeans worn by almost every teenagers here...

Gah.. who cares... just go for one lar !!!!

Here it is ... My first pair of Levi's !!

It's a 604 ...


Gonna love the red little tab !


I'm going for size 31 waist as I really slimmed down ok ?

Honestly i dropped 2 jeans size after working in Singapore...

Another reason is i'm loosing the shape of my nice butt....gonna shrink the size so that they can look big again.. lol ... like that i wont dissapoint my lovely gf when i go see her in AUS ma ... lol


Lovely huh ?

Muahaha !!! But it cost me my 3 day pay ok ?! I must wear this jeans for at least 10 years !!! To revenge for the damn price !


Got a SGD 100 voucher for buying this jeans... going for another jeans soon ... going for the 501 series... those 'unbutton your life' typo .. hehe

So that's all ... bye !

Gonna go for work ... ka-chin !

Looking at NUS after 2 years......

2 years ago.... i come to Singapore .. aiming for one thing... the medical faculty of NUS...

By that time i was still a naive young boy... unknowing that the faculty along has 50% students who scored 9 As in their Singapore A-level ( our equivalent of STPM ) ...

9 As !! OMG .... 5 subs has already killed me... what about 9 subs ?!

Bloody hell.... luckily i still made it into NUS's faculty of Science !! Yippee !!!

So i dropped by NUS yesterday to submit my form P .. it was very quiet at uni yesterday as all the undergraduates are on holiday !!

All i see around me is just a big bunch of post-graduate students... lol... all aunty uncle .. lol


Far view of the university hall.... 4 years later i'll graduate here !!


Close up view ~


Beautiful decor of the hall entrance...


Koi fishes !! So relaxing watching them....


Koi sculpture.....


Uni compound ...


Spinelli ( pronounced SPI-NEIL ) ... !!! They server much better hot drinks than Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf !!

But they loose to Starbucks on their ice blended drinks.... ( however they are much cheaper though )


I had caramel latte... BZENG !!


Science !!!!


Faculty of Science alone has 12 Science building !!! WTF ?!

Wondering will i ever get lost ...


So that's it ... my trip to NUS after 2 years of crazy adventure in STPM ...

Anticipating for 3rd of August !!!!!!

It's gonna be sweet !!! :)