Thursday, 31 January 2008

Super Funny Video for Super Tuesday !

Watch this American-style "negarakuku" that'll make you burst to laughter !

But at the same time.. it makes me wonder what will happen to Malaysia if we are given the equal amount of liberalism ... sigh .. what a mixture of joy and sadness....

God Bless Malaysia !!

Peace, Brother ~

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Best Way to Ward of Pervert From Your Blog by GreenLatte Infinitium Guide

I understand many bloggers especially female ones have a tough time keeping up their blogging habit due to perverts who invade their blog and made them lost their sense of security.

After giving a good thought of how can i actually scare them(perverts) away from my blog .. I've come up with 3 good ways :

First and one of the best way ! :

What do perverts actually look for on the net ? Usually pornography or pictures of beautiful and sexy young girls, right ??

Well... You give them the opposite, they'll go away naturally !
Yes !
They are like magnets !
Just change the poles and they go !

Pictures of fat and disgusting women are of the best ! Put them on the header and you'll keep them running away from your blog !!

Here's some examples ..



I bet this one sure scares them away like hell ! Haha !!

Anyway .. Be careful on the pictures you chose though .. Cause I've found one good example which may either scare them away or attract more of them. This is it !

So then again .. the best way is find pictures of these fat ugly women... show them to your male friends and put these pictures as the header of your blog !

Bet it's gonna work !!

No man's Batang will stand if they see such pictures !

Second Way :

Don't reveal that you are a girl ! If you can ..

I understand many of you wants to be feminist and reveal yourself as a girl ..

Many even posted tonnes and tonnes of cam-whored pics !

And then those damn perverts come and come ...

Your prince on the white horse .. however .. never come !

Hey Kid !! Wake up !! This is the Internet !! INTERNET !!!!!!!


Not some fucked up Disney Cartoon !! Nor "Enchanted" !!

Third Way :

Use vulgar words !

Yes... somehow perverts have the perception that women who are gentle and full of manners are beautiful and good..

Somehow .. the theory simply works that way for a pervert !

Imagine some pretty girls like Nicole Kidman said to you :"Hey you son of the bitch !! Fuck off !! Go chop of your own dick and eat it...!!"

What would you think ??

Will any man stood up their Batang ??

Impossible isn't it ?

So don't follow good mama's advice on the Internet.

Keep those nasty words flying all over your blog !!!!

That's all... Hope they work ! :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Obama wins in South Carolina !!

Holy shit !!

The Black King did it again !!

Yippee !! Even though I don't have the right to vote in America , I'm happy about it for the world !!

Yeah ! Obama is the Man the world needs now !

The big-brother Obama is going to change America into a good nation once again..

After all... The Great Yankee Land has become way too Bushy.. It's time for O!-BaMa! to clean up all those nasty Bushes !!

"Over two weeks ago, we saw the people of Iowa proclaim that our time for change has come. But there were those who doubted this country's desire for something new – who said Iowa was a fluke not to be repeated again," he told a frenzied crowd of about 1,500.
Muahahaah !!

My hope now is Obama wins it and he'll lead America to stick to the Kyoto Protocol.

Reason : one tiny American state produce one of the finest grade of coffee in the world !!

Which state ?


Kona Blend
Kona Dark Roast

Yes ! If global warming continues, my beloved Hawaiian Kona Dark Roast is going to be gone !!

So my fellow American readers !!

Vote Obama = Bounty of Kona Coffee for ya !!

Kiss ass that Hillary !!

She's just gonna make you guys go to war in Iraq again !! ( maybe Iran too ! )


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Who don't love Lexus cars... ?

To be honest .. recently my obsession with practicality and luxury has led me shift my dream cars from BMWs to a Lexus ..

YUP ... but , Lexus ?? Hamik Lai ?? Ina Puring Ge ??

I know .. when i said the word Lexus to people , they'll go :


Yes... Malaysians have problems knowing what's a Lexus anyway ..

Lexus Logo

Ok, Lexus is a luxury vehicles division of Toyota. It's a brand born in 1989 and since it's first debut at the same year it has been known for excellence performance and reliability. In recent years it was voted as the top 5 most reliable car brand in US by Consumer Report.

And their slogan is The Pursuit of Perfection.

BBC motor show Top Gear has always placed Lexus at their top brand .. :)

So, what makes this brand of cars so excellent ??

In 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda ( his name sounds very appropriate for his post, LOL ~ ) summoned a secret meeting with the company's executives. The main topic for that meeting is : "Can we create a luxury vehicle to challenge the world's best like Chrysler, BMW and Mercedez ?"

The outcome of the meeting ?? = The F1 project ( F = flagship , 1 is No.1 )

So finally .. the first Lexus is born ! And the legacy continues .....

In Malaysia , our beloved 1st national car model , the Proton Saga recently revealed their new model , so does Lexus ! Bringing their luxury car line model to a younger and hype generation :

The Lexus ISF :


And if you guys watched the movie Minority Report, have you guys noticed this car :


Yes , it's a Lexus 2054. A car custom made for Steven Spielberg upon Spielberg personal request to Lexus !!

The sad thing is not much people knows about Lexus cars !! All they know is BMW and Merceds Benz !!

To be practical, BMW may rev up your car from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds, whereas a Lexus might take up to 6. BUT !! WHO cares to drive so fast anyway !? We are not Hollywood stun-men nor F1 drivers !!

We are just some poor little stupid Malaysian drivers who paid cash to policeman when summoned !!!

But i believe things will change in future .. :)

Lexus will make the Japanese stand out among the Jerries ..

Monday, 21 January 2008

Blogging Etique - What we need to cultivate in Malaysian blogosphere ~~

I dare to say that Malaysian blogosphere is facing one of it's biggest crisis at the moment .. Bloggers may had grown in number...

BUT !!!!

The quality of blogs never grow even an inch !! NenePOT !!!
( two centimeter got la , 2cm < 1 inch )

Reason ? Despite we have superb blogs like , , timothytiah ??

The rate of emergence of "quality bloggers" are far to low compared to the blogger's rate of increase !

And worst of all... Many new bloggers care only for their "ads" money !!! DAMN !!

I'll give you one damn example :


DIU .... if you want to ask people to do so... tell them privately lar...
no need to be so open one lar...
you can always use msn or whatever piece of shit to ask ppl to click on your ads !! Why are you behaving like an ass-hole and be so open ?!

2nd bad sign of stupid Malaysian bloggers :

The whole page is made up of ads and ads are their sole content !!!

Example Blog

3rd idiotic sign :

cam-whoring ...

incase you guys mistaken me.. i mean excessive camwhoring !!!!!!!

Yes !!!

Have you ever seen a page without a post more than 50 words but with pictures of cam-whored self portraits ??!! Up to more than 50 pics on a single page !!!!!!

OMG ~~ and worst of all.... these people who cam-whored too much actually looked ugly ..

YES dude .. not beautiful !
( i'll not give any examples but to regular blog hoppers they knew what the hell am i talking )

And they exposed themselves to potential rapists who might be stalking them all the time..

Then rape is associated to blogging then the government wants to ban blogging ... Possible scenario ??

Yes.. to me , it's a DEFCON 1 worst case scenario for all of the bloggers in Malaysia !

You may think that I've been too hyperbolic ... yet , it's my authentic personal view.

I write, i reread and i reedit and post my posts .. and forget about it and i don't even give a piece of shit about what I've blogged ... it's my principle anyway it ? read my blog more ..

Hate it ?? Don't give a piece of shitty thought about my blog anymore ..

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pamela Anderson the Ugly Betty ??

Just read this up on CelebrityGossip , and i kinda felt disgusted for these Playboy celebrities..

First of all... this was how she used to look like :


Then following gossips about her divorce with Rick Soloman ... which is actually her 3rd hubby .. guess that's what happens to girls when they become way too sexy and earn the Playmate of the Year title after all... BAD GIRLS ~

Then there was rumors about her pregnancy having Rick's baby ... WTFish ?!

And then she hosted some shitty party in her house , where by .. I'm terribly disgusted by her appearance .... ::



Damn !! Are those boobs fake ?!

What the hell !!!

And is she spending too much on divorcing her husband ?!

She cannot even fork out some bucks to put on some nice hair !!


Playmates = [(Bitches)^2 ] x (don't wear bra)

Lucky for me...

I'd never liked Playboy magazines... I'd only love their clothes :)


Friday, 18 January 2008

Should you give a gift to someone who forgot to ask you to his marriage ??

What will you do if something like that happens to you ??

Diu or no diu ??

To me ... it's diu !!

Not that the person is DIU ! .. We should also DIU that person by giving him a present anyway ..

BUT !!!!

Give the present in a *&^king way ...

Yes !! BABI !! YES !!

Why ?? Cause your friend suffers much too when he realize that you weren't invited... It's gonna be a terrible suffering for him/her to be worried all day long on the BIG DAY !! hahaha


Anyway... I'm gonna suggest you a few PRETTY GOOD ways to give your friend a gift :

1ST !!

Buy him a vibrator !! (only for male friends though ... )


Let him know that it's gonna be a great help since he won't last more than 10 minutes on the war-zone anyway ...

2ND !!

Buy him a family planning guide...

book with writings..

Tell him don't always work too much in the war-zone ..

3RD !!


Not a gift anyway .. More of a surprise !
Go to Jalan Bukit Bintang and hire one prostitute ..
Ask her to go to your friend's house one night when he is having a great fun with his newly-wed wife...

Then ask the prostitute to speak this dialog when she reached his house and ring his door bell and he comes out with his boxer half-worn with his wife following from the back:

"Abang ar... Lu kata mahu naik kuda saya malam ini ... Wa tak boleh tahan liao la... Wa mahu naik kuda sekalang la !!!! "

LOL ~~ This is definitely a great hit for him as he'll be missing a long time of !@#king session with his new wife .. :)

That's all , from Gila Babi today .. :)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Great Leap Forward ....

"every few thousand years.... evolution takes a great leap..." , a phrase as quoted by Charles Darwin.. Father of Modern Biology..

As proposed by him .. are dinos and birds related ??

rex bird

Is that even possible ??

Why does it happens ?

Why will dinosaurs give up their strength ???!


Yes... Everyone must change in order to survive ..

As all form 6 students must...!!!

STPM examination is coming in in less than 11 months time..

Am i suppose to take the great leap in evolution now ??

If i must ... should i sacrifice something ???

Guess I'll leave that for myself to think about ~~

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Green Tea Latte

Coffee... some stupid beverage i picked up when i'm in my NS year...

Life in NS is tough ! .. Not like the Singaporean's NS .. Malaysian NS really toughened someone..

Fatigue and tiredness made me packed up my bag with a full loads of Nescafe 3-in-1 little sachets..

And i know many of you would be shocked if i tell you where i sip my coffee ~~


Actually i sipped them when the Malays are chanting their prayers at night ..

Location where i sipped my coffee ?? LOL ~ Beside the mosque !!!

Haha... Whatever it is.. no one bashed me for doing that and i'm feeling proud of it..

Soon i picked up tea too ~ Especially green tea...

I loved green tea! They are smooth .. they are a bit bitter and they smells good !!

So one day i came across New Straits Time about this cool drink where they mix frothed milk with green tea !!

Cool ?? You decide... I'll only post the picture of that drink later ~~ Not feeling well now ~~

Sorry ... i made a big mistake and messed up the drink ~
You guys might have to wait till tomorrow ~~

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Valentine's Day is just a month away ~~

My nightmare is approaching soon...

My nightmare is giving me nightmare literally !!!

My nightmare is gonna make me work hard to keep my girl HAPPY !!!!!

My nightmare is ... actually a blessing too....

My nightmare+blessing is ...



Yes... to be honest, it can either be a blessing or a nightmare .. haha

Ok... Let's analyse properly :

Blessing :
1. Saves me dinner cost.
2. Saves me petrol cost.
3. Saves me some time.. ( she's gonna kill me if she knows this .. XD )

Nightmare :
1. Gift must be special..
2. Dinner must be special..
3. Price of roses shoot like a rocket !!!
4. My angpau money will be gone... ( she's gonna turn me into a pork chop .. :P )

By the day before Valentine's Day i should be tired like this :

tired kid copy

Whatever it is... a girlfriend is a girlfriend..

I want to pick her up as a girlfriend.. I have to be responsible.

Whether it's financially, mentally, emotionally or physically ( don't be dirty , ok ? ) .. i MUST be prepared..

So so so ...

You guys musts come to this blog more often so that i can EARN MORE MONEY OUT OF THE ADS FOR THE SAKE OF MY HAPPINESS !!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Hillary Clinton the Great !

Have any of you followed the American general election lately ??

This general election is very very very very exciting due to :
1. one highly likely chance the whole world is going to have a black man who is also the world's most powerful man.
2. one highly likely chance the whole world is going to have a woman who is also the world's most powerful woman ! The phrase "i am woman , hear me roar" is going to be literally true !!
3. one highly likely chance the whole world is going to have a priest who is also the world's most powerful priest and man of course !!

I'm extremely delighted to open up the newspaper to see that Hillary Clinton, wife of old Bill Clinton is leading the poll !!

Yippeee ... Gila Babi supports Hillary Clinton !! the nut-cracker ~


and Hillary the OMG ~


and Hillary the "i'm gonna have your head down my feet" !!


and also .. Hillary the hot wife of Old Clinton :)


whoever she is... she's still..

Hillary Clinton the Great !!


ViVa Hillary Clinton !!!!!!

Monday, 7 January 2008

What Happens When You Mix Jazz and R&B ??


If this question come out for a student majoring in music .. LOL ~ it's gonna wake tat student's head to pieces .. haha

well... you can see...

Jazz and R&B share the same common root : America !


Jazz comes from New Orlean .
R&B comes from New York City.

and again... more similarity :

Jazz draws it roots from African slave's traditional drum music.
R&B is dominated by the blacks in America.

And more !!!

Jazz has irregular beats ... Things can go on as they like.
R&B is another impromptu strut .. Things go on as the singer likes !!

Ladies and gentlemen .. May i present you Mihimaru GT from Japan with いつまでも響くこのMelody ...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Ultimate Art of Procrastination

Oh my god ... oh my dog..

I'm doomed !!!

Homework are pilling up like a huge pile of cow dung and I'm still taking naps and blog and watch youtube !?

Argh !!!!!!

In Maths.. calculus is one of my favourite.. BUT , why the homework ?!

ARGH !!!!

When am i going to celebrate my 19 years of manlihood ? I barely have the time !!

Celebrate Manlihood !

Wait .. wait... I celebrate it with a BANG !!

Shit... Worst of all ..

In Zodiac for 2008 :
LIBRA - The Harmonizer
Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible.

Saw anything bad ??


............. Speechless ..

and shitty too...

Cause i just celebrate 5o cm of manlihood and I'm watching this girly shitty Zodiac stuff !!

I'm really a fuck-tard ~~

"fucker + bastard"

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Ways to cool down...

Since I'm so angry..

I had to find ways to cool down my anger ..

1st solution for anger :

This one can really bring an angry pig down !!

I'm ANGRY today !!

Sorry , fellow readers for not updating my blog ..

I'm very very ANGRY today !!

Bye... ANGRY Pig never snore ... They bite..!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Trip To Kilim Geoforest Park

About 10 days ago, I joined my parents over to Langkawi for a short escape from the city .. travelling on a low budget though - that's why you guys must keep on visiting my blog to boost my Nuffnang income :)

Well, among the highlights of the trip to Langkawi is of course a tour in Kilim Geoforest Park :

Kilim Geoforest Park

Yeah.. I know, some of you are thinking of Hollywood or Jurassic Park or a mixture of both..

But this "geoforest park" title is presented by UNESCO !!

No choice.. Had to accept it anyway..

The rocks you guys see are really from the Jurassic period .. They may have surfaced from the sea millions of years ago..

HaHa... Sounds interesting ??

LOL ~ Here's where I boarded the small tour boat that brought me around the park :

Picture 161

Just a small jetty though , but it's built in a beautiful mangrove region !! Imagine view like this :

Picture 159

Then we hoped on our little boat and started touring .. 1st stop : Vampire Cave

Picture 185

Just kidding, budak bodoh !

Vampire bat never exists in Malaysia !

These are just fruit bats !!

Next stop : Mangrove monkeys feeding

Picture 200

Pretty boring about these monkeys though ... You can find bigger one in Penang Island.

Next stop : Fish farms

Picture 214

Before we docked on those fishy farms.. i wanna show you guys some cool spots :

Picture 214

Picture 297

Due to our close border with Thailand... They had to set up radars like this.. ( as if Thaksin are hiding in the mangroves , == )

And here we are in the fish farm !!

Picture 322

What to do here ??

1st : watch fish

Picture 298

2nd : watch sea living creature

Picture 300


Picture 308

Picture 307

Picture 305

Haha !! Those damn stingray has sticky skins !! YUCKS !!

4th : Bully puffer fish !!!

Picture 315

Picture 319

Hm... muka bodoh bodoh ~

last ... watch the bodoh bodoh decrease in size :

Picture 321

Picture 324

Picture 325

and BOOM !! into the water ..
Picture 326


there are some more... but I'm lazy to blog anymore today..

to be continued ~