Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Microsoft Surface

Introducing :


Some cool stuff I'd encountered from my friend's blog ... Microsoft Surface

Friend Status - 30 Mei 2007

This is a weekly report of what our friends in secondary school are doing .. I'll compile anything i know in every Wednesday ..

Yoon Seng :
This guy is now sleeping in Penang matrics college's hostel with 3 other Malay fellow.. The first night he's there, the only things he did is sms Zhi Quan .. LOL !

Song Lin :
This guy has been sleeping in class ... I sms him when I'm in school.. He says he's sleeping in class now... Guess those business stuff are easy peasy for this genius...

Zhi Quan :
This fella is taking 5 subjects in STPM.. currently studying hard like a bull to keep up with the syllabus... To tackle the cocurricullum requirement... he's joining the choir again ! Wakaka ~

Samuel :
This dude is studying in form 6 for the moment while waiting to enrolled into INTEC .. LOL ~ Can't believe he follwed me and Zhi Quan to enter Physic class although he is suppose to study biotechnology ...

Mingshi :
This fella is currently studying in MMU .. But currently on holiday..Dunno so far this " hiao ka " courted any girls liao or not... LOL ~~ Jus kidding... :)

Aik Jin :
Aik Jin is now at home... waiting to enter UCSI to start his scholarship year...

Yi Qing :
Now in matrics Perak ... Hope she didn't get the cultural shock .. LOL ~

Pong :
In Matrics Perak too... her sis said she can still survive there for about 2 months... LOL ~

Yin Hui :
Our future architect is also waiting for her JPA studies to begin...

Miao Pin :
LOL ~ Now in form 6... Also studying hard like a bull ~

Sin Yong :
Not really sure what's happening to him... Ppl said he's in UTAR .. Palani said he's going to TESL ... swt .. Yong Yong ~ Where are you ??!

Grace :
She said she's been rotting at home since holiday started ~ But she's preparing to Disted College by June ...

Man Shin :
Currently in UTAR ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
In Matrics Perak .. Feels like coming back to form 6 but can't ... Anyway... goodluck to her studies...

Yap :
In form 6 ... same class as me ... Physic student.. Still undecided of where to study..

Wen Feng :
Our SP Spielberg is now in The One Academy ...

Ke Tee :
In form 6 .. Biology Class...

Yan Chuan :
Form 6 too... Biology class ... but feels like changing to Physic ..

Fei Fan :
Our piano maestro is back from Manhattan for a break .. Fei Fan, Enjoy your break ~

Sin Hui :
Now in form 6 biology class... still as talkative as she was... :p ... but very hardworking liao... :)

Ai Vern :
Also in Form 6 ... studying like a bull too ... Maths very geng liao... haha

Jiing Juinn :
Dude... I hope i spelled your name correctly... Even i've been in the same school with you for the past 11 years ... >< ... This fella is doing A-levels in Singapore... An ASEAN scholar in Anglo-Chinese Junior College ... Living on a tight budget of S$ 200 a month... LOL ~

My beloved Sze Chee : Now in Disted College ... Doing her internal exam... Honey oi... Gambate !!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

29th May 2007 Morning

Dang !!

What a stupid day.... haha !! Why stupid ??

First... I hurt my tongue when drinking my hot Milo this fucking morning...

Then , get ready to school.... but before that i had to stop by Zhi Quan's house... LOL ~ That fellow is still in his sleeping wears !! I asked him... WTF !? He ask me back... WTF ?! LOL ~~ Anyway... As usual... Our cute Zhi Quan forgot that we have choir practice today...

Thirdly... When I reach school... Pn Leong didn't come today... Damn !! Why did i come over to school !! Fuck... I should have eat snake at home... XD

LOL ~ ... But now in the afternoon its not so bad... XD.. no tuition at Palani's place.. :)
Can eat snake at home.. haha

Today didn't see Samuel ... No idea of what to mempermainkan him... XD

Monday, 28 May 2007

28 Mei 2007 Morning

A tiring morning as it is... That Samuel Law went to medical check up... I think the only comment doctor can give is," OMG !? WTF ?! Your head is square in shape !! " .. ( After looking through his X-ray ) ... wakaka

I'd really felt the stupid heat of taking five subs... Felt like my brain had melted...

To our friends who'd reported themself to Matriculation College... Gambate !! Don't loose to those Malay dogs... Show them the real power of Chinese.. !!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Good & Happy Day

Went to date today.. : ) .. Happy !!

wakaka .. Sorry to Zhi Quan if I spoiled anything ... : P

I got some of our pics taken in the bowling lawn... Perhaps I'll publish them a few days later la... :P

DAMN ! Tomorrow got class tambahan.... @@ ... The homeworks are pretty hard too... Pengsan..

P/S : Those foul words to Pengetua had been deleted.. Due to some advices from Darling.. :) .. Thanks Dear.. I love you... :)

Farewell... My Friends...

Yoon Seng, Yi Qing, Pong and also Jun Pin had got the offers d.. to matrix..

Dude.. only me and zhi quan and a few other left to tackle form 6...

Damn !! I'm going to miss Yoon Seng.. and his humble little blog .. XD ..

Yi Qing and Pong too... cause no more MSN chat room at mid-night... XD ...

WA... What should I do... PENGSAN ~~

Today Zhi Quan's car almost got "saman".. haha... thanks to my stupid tongue that wanna taste the delicious curry rice near "2nd street" ... Luckily for you, Zhi Quan.. wakaka .. Perhaps it's "her" stolen T-shirt that gave you luck .. XD

No Tobacco Day - May 31

Damn !! I missed the big date !!

I know it sounds stupid .. but my ambition is to banned tobacco in Malaysia ( if my sense of patriotism is still there ) ..

Tobacco is the main cause of death in Malaysia... Cancer.. Lung disease.. Heart Attack !!!

When i was in NS ... Smoking and cigs really make me faint... They are smelly.. Disgusting.. What so ever...

So, DON'T EVER EVER SMOKE !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Hey You F***king B****** !!!

Here's another speech to one of my friend... Who had hurt many other friends of mine.. !!

1st.. Fuck you !! Who the fuck you think you are ?? God ?? Agong ?! King ?! .. You are only a piece of human meat with a f***king cock hanging on your groin !! YOU had no right to blame people for being unable to invite others to watch a movie with you !

2nd.. She's not your slave !! I don't care how the fucking shit of how rich you are nor how smart you are !! And if you think that you are smart ! then how can't you scored straight As in SPM ?! See that ?? You are just a simple low class piece of shit !! You don't have the right to order and scold anyone like that !!

3rd.. For heaven's sake !! Change your fucking damn cibai puki lanciao putoh attitude !! Your are totally the opposite of a gentleman !! A complete failure in family education !! Whom had zero social skills.. Zero EQ ..

4th.. Woman are human too !! Treat them like human !! Don't treat them like a piece of brainless human meat with a highly sensitive and retractable hole between their legs to pleased your fucking cock !! Respect them !! Speak to them kind and with care !! They are extremely sensitive on speech... Even simple provoking speech will pierced through their heart like a spear.. Which hurts, and unpleasent too !!

So... The next time you ever opened your mouth trying to speak to a girl !!! Think properly.. Before your disgusting mouth vomitted a single word !!

Thank you.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Thursday 24 Mei 2007

Hard day as it is... Today I returned to my humble little choir club ...

After so long away from singing in a choir... I'm extremely surprised that i can still sing a tenor's part pretty well !!! Kudos to myself..

Today i achieved bits of enlightment ... That's be strong... It's hard for me to talk about it in detail...

Perhaps tomorrow I'll think of something...

Monday, 21 May 2007

The First Class Started

Today, Mr. Karthiresan started his class... At first, he was so excited. Giving all the notes in a rocketing speed... But then.... Things become... "Let's have a bit of chit chat lar.. All this study liao also a bit boring , right ? "... Sigh...

Anyway, I'm happy to have him as my teacher this year. A truly dedicated teacher, he already told us the books he needed for his class before his class started. Nice move... As we students can prepare ourself on what should we bring, right ?

So far, my biggest concern is my Math T teacher. As far as I'm concerned, she's a Malay woman.. which is very very worrisome to me. As my experience tells me, Malay woman teacher are... $%#%$#%... understood ?? Figure it out yourself.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Dawn of War

Tomorrow school will restart..
Today I did some planning with Sin Hui, Xiao Qing, and also Zhi Quan...

I even took a hair-cut.. Old hair style..
I can feel the fear of Form 6 in my friends' eye..
All of them knew form 6 is very hectic and belongs to the pressure-cooking style education.. Thus, it's natural for all of them to be afraid.. Sigh.. as to those who got JPA scholarships.. congrates.. :)