Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hari KoKo SMK Ibrahim 2007 ( Part 2 )

Alright .. Time to continue ..

Part 2 .. *ting ting*

Basically in Hari KoKo ..

You'll get a whole bunch of kids doing business - the kiddy way ..

First ... They load up a whole bunch of stuffs..
Sushies.. Soft drinks.. Macam-macam..


Then they sell stuffs taken away from the students..
( Day Time Robbing la.. )



Then ? ..

Attracting damn huge crowd..


As well as pathetic small crowds..


Besides that... You get people who curi makan too !!

Yeah !! I caught some of them..

Here's one of them..


And he's angry cause i shoot his pic and showed me his middle finger.. =.="


Then we also got 2 hands on the same scene.. ><'' DSC07547
Recognize that fat hand ?

Besides that.. Ice-cream stealer too .. : )


Besides that .. You'll sense some lonely soul ..


Who's he skodeng at ar ? Mind telling me ar ??

Then we also have AIR POLLUTION !!!


As well as disgusting pictures that'll force you to vomit all the stuffs you just chow down ..
And then you felt hungry and go shopping again ...


That's the strategy of keeping SMK Ibrahim a wealthy and corruption stainted school ..

And Mad Pig loves SMK Ibrahim ..

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hari KoKo SMK Ibrahim 2007 ( Part 1 )

Alright , at last I'm blogging them now..

Generally, SMK Ibrahim's Hari KoKo is boring !

Yes, I mean it ... damn fuckingly pathetically boring

First is cause of the rain ..

Second is cause I'm bored of those activities..

Third is I'm bored !! You get it ? Damn fuckingly pathetically boring !!!

Good.. Enough complain ..

The school has been busy enough before Hari KoKo begins..

The ghost houses were like a piece of junk .. with some creativity of course..

Mr Fletcher were shouting and chasing people without proper dress codes..

Others were busy arranging their stalls..


First to come out is the "big sausages" , the Pancaragam team ..


And the other smaller sausages...



Crab walking style sausages..


Then comes the Gigantic Sausages , Kadet Polis ..


And Yap , a former Gigantic sausage is busy taking pics !!
I think he's titanic sausage now..


Then , we have the King of Sausages with his VIP ..


After this , karate chopping sausages..


Then , silat-kicking sausages..


Then ? Sad to tell you .. there were still some aerobic dancing sausages but i didn't take their pics..

Ok , then let's have a look at some sausages who are busy making money ..

First, sausages who's dressed in some funny mascot style..

Leng Lui style..



Gong Kia style..


Kakak style..


Then ?

Kinda lazy to continue.. Perhaps tonight .. :)

Keep updated !! :)

The New Miss Teen USA 2007

Beautiful or not ?

Nah.. I'll leave it to you guys to judge..

And don't be too ham sap please .. :)

But to me.. Personally , I love those damn lovely flowers !!

Wakaka .. A boy who loves flower , huh ?!

That's Mad Pig .. ><

28/08/07 - Wait ..

Everyone.. Please visit this blog as often as you can ..

I'll blog about Hari Koko a while later .. Keep up with us .. :)

Monday, 27 August 2007

Why Mad Pig loves Malaysian Chinese Wedding so much ?

Why i love Chinese wedding so much ?

1. I get to get Ang Pau ( occasionally ) !!

Yes .. !! Money !! Wohoo !!
But the best part is the suspense of rubbing your damn fingers all over the angpau cover.. Let your mind spindle off.. Think of how much is put inside the damn little angpau .. XD

2. There's a 10-course-scrumptious meal !!
Yeah .. Pig loves to eat ..
Especially Chinese food..
And keep myself bloated all night while laughing at the bridegroom for serving me this expensive meal while my parent only give them a RM 2 angpau .. XD

3. Lot's of weird fashion displays !!
Yeah.. You get lot's of young girls.. Who don't realize that their body size just don't fit their clothes.. Yet .. They keep on wearing until their waist fat comes out .. XD

4. Shouting stage performers !
Yup .. Typical Chinese wedding characteristic !
Lot's of girls... Young .. Old.. Middle-aged..
All wearing bimboo dressing and dance as if they were Madonna !

5. You get to hear tonnes of gossip about the couples !
"You know ar ? That girl is the bridegroom's 76764437th girl friend !!"
"Oh my god ?! Really ? "
"Yeah !! That boy is really some big sausage !!"
" Ya Ya Ya !!"
"And you know ar ?! The bride is already pregnant lo !! "
" Holy Sh*t ! "
Huh ?! Why there's AngMo in Malaysian Chinese wedding ?!
Mad Pig says :" Sampat ar !? This is called globalism .. "

Mad Pig loves Chinese Wedding !!

Manhattan !!

The best Manhattan piece I've ever heard !!

Damn , cause the pianist is the legendary late Carmen Cavallaro !!

Boy oh boy.. I'm in a damn mood for holiday !!

27/08/07 - Muahahha !! New inventory in my wish list !!

Wakaka !!

Finally , after listening to Yap's advice on any good phone in the market ..

I'd laid my aim on the K550i !

Wakaka !!

With it's Cyber-Shot features .. Muahaha !! I believe i can snap pics to make this blog a big "sausage" !!

SE K550i

Wish lists date due :
I'm going to give up owning this phone if I can't keep enough bucks by year end ...

Sunday, 26 August 2007

26/08/07 - Boring.. and stupid weekend..

No dating..
Hot weather..
Bad mood ..
Stupid people I've encountered..
Procrastination affected my mood..

That's what sums up my stupid weekend ...

Never mind.. School begun .. And life is getting more and more exciting !!

Year end exam is coming in 2 month's time..

I wanna be like Zhi Quan ..

Scoring at least one 100 % again !!

And make all the hamsap boys of 6RS1 feel proud about it .. :)

Er .. Water Fountain ? Wakakaka !!!!!

btw..I'm still not the champ...

In order to be the 9 person out of 35000 ..

I must excel !!!

Argh !! Wanna type some bad words here but Snow White's gonna kill me if I do so...


Saturday, 25 August 2007

25/08/07 - Here coms more Cafe Au Lait !!

I simply poured it.. And felt that it looks awful.. So, i took a sip .. And look : 

Taken With a Sip

Then .. On one fine morning.. I made a nother one.. And stir it a little using a chopstick..
And Look !! :

Just Kacau a bit ..

Ah HAh !!!

Finally... Something that looked more professional !!

By far.. The best free pour style..

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Friends Blog Kickstarting ( 1 )

alright .. Now , first things first ..

I want to know what's the name proposed for the blog...

2nd, I want to know who has Google's Blogger account ??

Please make this discussion faster , school is reopening soon..


Hope you all liked it .. :)

I would like to have the email address for those who are interested ..

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Starbucks : America's Biggest Drug Dealer (PART 1)

Starbucks !! Starbucks !! Starbucks !!

I still recalled how i get into a Starbucks shop back in 2002. Dad and I was on a trip to KL , to celebrate my grandfather's sister's son's wedding ( er... Any English title for such a relative ? ). Then , after we arrived in KL , both of us hop on one of the LRT and ride to KLCC . We stroll around in Suria and we passed through one corner ...

Daddy , who only drinks Nescafe , smells the damn good aroma of Starbucks coffee ! And he tells me : " Boy ah ! Where does the nice coffee smell come from ah ?! Papa never smell such a nice coffee before lih ! " I look at him , and point towards the all white crowned lady :


And so ... I've become a regular of America's largest drug dealer.


*Coming up next*
  • PlayBoy has released a porn movie with Starbucks theme!

21/08/07 - Why I didn't update my blog...

Ok .. Let's get straight to the point :

  • I'm lazy ...
  • My computer's OS is all jammed up !!
  • Virus threat in my computer !
  • Slagging connection ..
  • Mommy is going to butcher me over my poor result ...
  • I would prefer to sms Snow White ... :P
That's all !! HaHa !!

Perhaps when I'm done resetting my OS , I'll start blogging again !! WooHoo !!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Watch this patiently untill the end... XD

The song sucks.. But who cares.... Just watch untill the very end .. XD ...

You'll be very very happy that you do... XD .. small surprise there..

18/08/07 - 西北爽 !!

Today ... HAHA !!

One phrase describe it all :

西北爽 !!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

11/08/07 - Nothing much ...

Shit ! Today's routine sucks ...

I borrowed Casey's book to copy homework ... How useless i am ... Sigh .. Nvm .. I am what i Am ..

Wake up in the morning .. And i found out that I've run out of milk .. Sigh .. there goes my morning cup of java ...

On overall ! Life is boring ...

BTW, welcome home for fellow matriculation friends from Perak .. :)

Major Update !!

I just saw Sin Yong on the road near Ke Tee's house just now !! I'm not wrong !! Sin Yong is back !! OMG ! And nobody knows this !! WTF ?!

Monday, 6 August 2007

06/08/07 - Study ? ... Study ..

Study ? .. Study ...

Study ? .. Study ...

Study ? .. Study ...

Study ? .. Study ...

Study ? .. Study ...

Study ? .. Study ...

Time to study liao !! Wake up !!
Don't read this blog today !

Go to your desk and start studying instead !!

By the way .. to fellow form 6 biology class students .. If you feel dizzy about today's biology tuition lesson , I got something to help you revise :Click Here Click Here

Sunday, 5 August 2007

05/08/07 - Addicted !!

Shit Pathetic !!

I'm really really addicted to blogging !!

And to hell with it ... I'm having a terrible day today .. All thanks to Mathematics !!

Fuck ~ But lucky me , I had at least understand many new theory in just one day, quite a feat for myself .. :)

By the way , I just confirmed with Khai Hwai, Rapid Penang buses got go from jetty to Gurney ! Hehe .. :)

Saturday, 4 August 2007

04/08/07 - Sien ...

Shit lar.. Life in form 6 is killing me day by day ..

Today i went to Snow White's house..

When i reach there... Man Shin and Ah Ling already outside.. You point me i point you... Soon, they went out d..

Leaving me and Ah Yap in house.. Of course with Snow White and her brother la..

Then ... Yap and i played computer... Play with ah boy ...

Song Lin and Man Shin went out 2 hours only come back !! WTF ?!

Tat's all... Shit ~ I also dunno what am i writing ~

And eventhough I want to give up blogging for 2 weeks.. Apparently i failed... I'm a blog addict !

Thursday, 2 August 2007

02/08/07 - Watch this clip ..

Watch this clip ...

Malaysia University sucks...

Sucks ... Useless... I don't want to be a Malaysian ... ><

Sweat... Malaysia sucks ~

Toyotas.. And woman !!

02/08/07 - Sick ~

Walao eh.. I'm freakingly sick today !!

last night i even went to toilet for 5 times .. WTF ?!

Stomachache... die die die ...