Wednesday, 5 August 2009

FWOC ( Freshmen Welcome Orientation Week ) - My life as a Kent Ridgean :) PART 1

Hi !! Everyone !!

Just to post this blog so that you all know than Mr. Wan Jr. is still alive and bumping like a pig in Singapore !!

My life in Kent Ridge Hall begin with what we called the FWOC - say Fwoc, fuok, Fuck ?!

LOL... and those seniors in-charged of FWOC are called FWOCkers (fuckers) .. lol ...

One of their motto is "who gives a fwoc ?!" .. say it fast and loud .. lol

Anyway .. my FWOCker is Sarah , a JB girl in Kent Ridge :)


She's like a mother to all of us.. wake us up every morning .. call us for dinner and meals ... make sure we are well hydrated ... THANK YOU SARAH !!

Then all freshies will gather up in the sports hall and have a seat ... (the hall has air-cond and its freaking cold)

Try spotting me ?

Then we are allocated into our OGs ... My OG is Lygon with bumper cars as our logo :)

the seniors spent 3 months preparing this short but fun week for us all !!!

here are some photos of the game we played... seeing our laughter i'm sure the seniors are happy with the 3 long months of their holiday spent in Kent Ridge Hall as a FWOCker :)

Catch of the day -Op. Prime

He asked us to do Wondergirl's "nobody" then only he will follow us to the sports hall... lol

Kinda funny .. you can see 6 hairy guys doing "nobody" as contrast to the original long legged beauties...

Push babe push !!
Happy moment in the lounge..
The best team in KR :)

The 3 legged catepillar..
Shaun ...

Basically we have to push each other to the finish line before others overtake us - without touching the ground and your butt has to stick on the chair ! It's all about teamwork :)


落叶 said...

After din see u for 8 months.. u still look so baby face kok.. XD

Anonymous said...

Summor so damn 'white'... choice lar..I'm his gf ma~~LOL

yin_zyiN said...

Anonymous no nit remind us here la.. we still remember lolz~!

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