Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mug Day - 16/09/09

Welcome to my world ... Mugging World !

In Singapore the word "mugging" is sort of like what we called "eat book" back in Sungai Petani.

However, due to the vibrant nature of hall life, hall residents usually have a peculiar stereotype against muggers ! e.g. : non-socialble group of people .... nerd.... P.R.C.(People's Republic of China).... etc

Your friend here is a famous open-door mugger of A-block :)

Open-door mugger however ... is a group of people who study with their room's door open wide ... welcoming any other people from the hall.... ( actually i open my door to improve ventilation cause it's freaking hot to stay in 6th floor !! )

Photos of my tables are attached... too stressed so i did this post for de-stress :)


Laptop ... notes.... books.... coffee :)


more books.... stationary .... piles of shits....


and a love-letter to remind me not to give up and keep on pursuing the sweet life I'll be enjoying once all these are over ... keep on running towards the rainbow behind the thunderstorm..... DON'T STOP !!


p/s : Confirmed I'm going to Melbourne this December with my hard-earned kuih money to reunite with my heart.... !! She took my heart to Melbourne !!!!!!!!!!!

I'm now a walking body without a heart....

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Snow White said...

Spoil my image nia..........XD