Thursday, 11 November 2010

Weird dream...

Just had a weird dream... in that dream i have a personal jet. And i lived like a king. I can wake up and board the jet, no need to check in and etc... and fly.

Fly to many places.. come out .. ate breakfast, meet a few people, then fly back singapore. And i'm doing that everyday. What a dream.

also.. sigh. I think i just wasted this semester with 2 lousy midterms today. Can't help it. :( feel like crying sometimes... but i know it's all my fault anyway, why cry ? Just take it down into ur stomach and stand up and work again. Change of strategy and push yourself past that pole that you never knew you would be able to reach one day.

When you need a break.. when you feel like dying... there's always beer to cheer you up. Beer brings tiredness to sleep and makes you dizzy and make you sleep.. what's so sad ? Just chow down a can of your favourite tiger and voila your doing good babe !

p/s : Pls think again.. already 2 years there. No point coming back. It's a barren land here. Not suitable for you.

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