Friday, 22 July 2011

Prince Coffee House Beef Horfun

This shop's interior is like the good old days. Ate this when I passed by Arab Street to help my folks buy some cloth. The shop is located in Bugis Area. Honestly that area is a gourmet paradise but what you need is lot's of cash and bling blings to get it into your palate.

Prince Coffee House Beef Horfun

The beef is tender and nice. I can tell it's not Indon/Malaysian beef. It could be those air beef from US or Australia. The vegetables are fresh too ! One trick when you eat "cze char" is that some cooks over-cooked the vegetables and they become bland and yellow, which reduce their refreshing property. When you eat a dish with lot's of meat, you occasionally want some refreshment to bring the perks in your palate down so that you can enjoy more from those meat.

Prince Coffee House Beef Horfun

Over the place and food is good. What saddens me is the price. At $6.00 yes I know it's air beef and it taste good but oh well, I'm still a student and I'm dead hungry that day. I don't have much time to look for hawker food so I settled on this. The price brought down my rating for this outlet.

Prince Coffee House Beef Horfun 8.0/10

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