Sunday, 11 September 2011

Re-orientation needed...

Sometimes... i wonder who am i in this megapolis. Where do i stand ? What role will i play ? Is it minor or major ? By the time i'm 50 will i be happy ?

Thoughts about the future have been crippling through my mind ever since RAG Day. I need to find a target, and bang it down hard. And a target i did found, but it's kinda intimidating. Straight aces have never been something a dude like me can do, but i know i'm not gonna last long if i don't do it. It's about survivalism now.

The real mindset that LKY have been trying to instill in his people's mindset. Well... i guess i just have to embrace it as well ? Cause if i don't, where do i stand in a society of elites and champions ?

When you come to kiasu-land, you gotta play it the kiasu-way. Throw away the kampung mindset, it's time for the next level. Aim for the highest, for all you know it's gonna lead you higher than not doing it at all.

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