Friday, 7 October 2011

Why the disappointment with iPhone 4S ? Just my opinions- Part 1

Well yeah, I stayed up the whole night watching the live web update about the iPhone 4S reveal. Well you know what ? I woke up seeing the whole world condemning the iPhone 4S. Well, honestly I don't see why people are so upset about it. Well yeah actually I do, it's because people all agree that Apple Inc is such an industry defining company that the whole world are waiting for them to create wave after wave of technology-normal life harmony. People all love Apple Inc and they certainly do place a high hope on this company, as if they are a God's institution that will rain hopes and heaven on mankind !

Well, reality check, it takes time and patience for real innovation to happen. Technological advances can be accelerated but at a slow pace. Sometimes, resources are being shifted around to create a whole new dimension of new product. You'll never know, what Apple is up to again this time ! 18 months just to upgrade the hardware of iPhone 4 into iPhone 4S doesn't sound like Apple to me. I strongly believe something big is coming real soon. After all, this is the world's 2nd biggest company in terms of cash in the bank!

Well there's certainly a lot of substance in the iPhone 4S. Despite the whole world critisizing it, Apple's online store got jammed up with pre-orders! So why am I so obsessed with iPhone ? Well, like I've said, there are a lot of substance in this phone. I'll write that in the next part of this series.

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adelynyeoh said...

it's mostly because other smartphones are giving the iphone a good run for its money. a lot of people are annoyed because they held out for something revolutionary and what does apple present itself with? siri? two antennas? a better camera?? the ios5??? really now, apple?

in the world of technology, it is about who can produce the best product with the best technology FIRST.

product for product, the iPhone 4S is a disappointment. in fact they shouldn't have launched it in the first place. they should have directly waited to launch iPhone 5.

here's to hoping it picks up the next launch!