Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wild Wild West of Singapore

Many of you think that Singapore is all about buildings and concretes. The stereotype of Singapore having no farm land no agricultural side of it is very wrong. Here are some insights into Singapore's agricultural heartland, the wild wild west of Lim Chu Kang.


Horticulture gardens are everywhere. Breeding plants so exotic and rare such as localised versions of rosemary and thymes that can survive the terrible weather of Singapore. Remember these are all temperate plants !


Localised version of rosemary. Nice herby smell :)


QianHu is the biggest aquarium fish breeder in Singapore. Not forgot to mention that Singapore controlled 33% of global ornamental fish market. Not bad for a tiny weeny island state huh ?

They looked really really fierce.


Achieving BOKEH in this photo. Focused on the cute little one in the middle.


 QianHu's visitor area. Any kind of fish you want, you'll find them here !
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