Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Best entertainment ever

Bersih 3.0 has been a great source of excitement for me. All those accusations, all those finger pointings, all those rumors and baseless claims. Come on folks, where the hell is "perpaduan" and "integrasi". So many folks support those folks with dark blue banners... As much as folks supporting the Rocket, the Twin Crescent and the cute White Ping Pong ball.

I don't care about doing so much drama and stuff. I only know I have a vote to cast, and I'll cast that to folks that can actually provide well planned, well executed nation building plans for Malaysia. But honestly, so far I've only seen childish old men ploughing each other's arses and throwing nonsense over the air when economical worries loom in the horizon and standard of living seems to have zero improvement over the pass 10 years. And what happened to Wawasan 2020 that I've been taught to shout and cried-out-my-heart for when I was a teenager? Is it an empty promise after all?

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