Sunday, 30 December 2012

Going down South for a new adventure.

Finally after years of education, it's time to earn some real bucks. Left my family behind to embark on a new adventure and new change in life. Hope this will be a good one.

Helped kickstarted the 2nd outlet over my holidays. While all kids enjoyed grad trip and holidays overseas. I, for all my wealth, decided to plant more seeds to expand them. As a result, the 2nd outlet boast sales so well and brings happiness to the university students as well. Haha, contributing happiness to the society at a low price while profiting from it? I call that Enterprise. Having taking up photoshop skills I learnt from YouTube i'm slowly taking over the design and layout responsibility of the business too.

Ambitions shouldn't be small. That's what I've told myself since my age is still a single digit number, and I keep telling kids about that. Make your ambition big, think wild and dream on, yet anchor your thoughts on a steady base of reality and practicality. And last but not least, always have Plan B.

Happy New Year, everybody. 2012 have been a year where I pull myself out of the darkness, and it's only the beginning of my return.

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