Sunday, 10 March 2013

Learning more about BAC and BAC Libraries

Using Bacterial Artificial Chromosome and constructing a BAC library. A great paper I would say, it allows the rapid decoding of the Human Genome Project and also helped identified many genes related to diseases. A quality publication as expected from any PNAS articles.

This paper is almost 20 years old but hey lecturers and profs simple don't teach you deep enough to understand the mechanics behind it. Well, many companies out there are willing to build you a library for the cost of US$ 20k, and that is the cheapest! YES!! Some in the States are offering library construction + sequencing for $100k!

With this PNAS paper as a background, some people have already mastered the techniques behind it, and are building companies doing research for many researchers around the world, for a price of course. In the world of post-genomic era, opportunities are everywhere. As my boss said to me "You just need to be 巧和精."

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Marcus Hepburn said...

Wow, I would love to read this one. I find the subject fascinating and would love to know more about the latest studies and research.
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Simran Kaur