Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pilling up my warchest

Recently I started adopting a rather "low maintenance" life style and all I can say is I'm beginning to reap those golden seeds now :) Reading investments newsletter didn't really got me into investment, but they taught me very well in financial planning so far. Suffice to say, we are all in the war-chest building phase. Nobody can just jump on with a bucketful of gold, unless you are born with a silver spoon. But then again, those are not the money you earn yourself. You're simply sucking on to your mom and dad's financial teats. Just like a pair of attention freak, well endowed with cash twin brothers I have in my Facebook friend-list. Nothing respectable about those fellow, just admirable. OK enough babbling about jerks and rotten donkey dicks. I had a glorious week albeit a tiring one. Shall just enjoy my weekend, in the lab of course ;)

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