Wednesday, 19 March 2008

An Epical Adventure On the Snowy Hill of Ibrahim

Ok .. Today sucks !

I have to admit ... especially this afternoon's St. John meeting ..

Simply... "fuckish"

I'll use a classic "10,ooo BC" style to depict my epical adventure today...

Me are people of Ibrahim ... Me strong and good in hunting .. Me lives by the command of The Great Hunter "Nur Nur" and "Fao Fao"

Today in the afternoon ... our great hunter Nur Nur is not in charge of our hunting expedition..

Fau Fau .. the second most powerful people of our tribe leads our hunting day.

But Fau Fau is very buzi... so she has to do her work while we the little hunter go hunting on our own.. With Hao Hao as our temporary chieftain.

As we hunt.. A monster is waiting nearby ...

That monster ... big and old and blue in color ... disguised himself like a plant and we, the hunter, don't care what the hell is he... be it plant or monster.

Then .. as we hunt more... another monster come... and big monster appear...

So we have two monster now...

One monster .. Old and blue and has four eyes... He comes with two round leg and travels fast. But some times he has leg like us.

Second monster. Short and fierce. Me mean that monster beli short. Beli beli short. Has black eye ring. Like to scold people before asking then eat people.

Monster one see Hao Hao not veli strong and want to eat us. So monster one started attacking some of our fellow hunters first.

But that monster two. Monster two very scary. Our tribe scare of him. But we work as a team. We can hunt him back.

We let monster two scold and attack first untill he is tired too... actually i'm tired and sick of looking at his face that looks like a drug abuser too.. Hao Hao also wants to hunt him down but no power.

So me retreat to one corner like a cucumber and pick up my phone and call The Great Hunter "Nur Nur" .. but "Nur Nur" not around and busy with her children's tuition.

So i called The Second Most Greatest Hunter : Fao Fao.

Fao Fao pick up her white and shining spear and charge towards the monsters.

Fao Fao wise and strong. Can kick-ass and send the two monster back to their nest.

So .. the tribal people on the Ibrahim Hill lives peacefully ever after...

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ladybird said...

Great description!