Sunday, 9 March 2008

[sensitive] : How you eat reflects how your parents eat !

Ok ok... I have to admit first that this post is highly sensitive in nature.

The sensitivity of this post does not touch on gender, nationality nor skin colour.

It's all about table manners !!

Ya.. recently I'm very sensitive towards how people eats !!

I don't know what's the reason for my extreme sensitivity .. perhaps it's some sort of post puberty syndrome for a geek ?

Ok... enough introduction.

Psychologists all over the world has come into conclusion that how a person eat and behave on the dining table is directly linked to the table manner of their parents or their caretakers !

Certain people chew their food with their mouth half open.. producing some disgusting sound that resembles food being grind into slimy form that sounds like "chap chap chap~..."

Some people talk while they eat ! Shooting bullets of semi-chewed food all over at the other person on the table.

Some person let off a nice and long gaseous emission after having a satisfying meal...

Some people pick up the fork and spoon and showed everyone on the dining table their retarded sour face ( indicating that he or she does not like the food ).

Whatever it is .. we must remember that we are humans ! Not monkeys nor animals ! So behave like a human !!

Human =/= Chimpanzee

Also ! Don't chow down your food like a gobbler !! Eat with a fine manner !!

2 idiots eating hot dogs with dog's manner .. how's that ? A dog eat dog society ?

Well I'm not asking you to eat like this old nanny who strap a napkin around her neg and put up a smiling face while eating...


I'm just asking you all to show some respect to the others who are on the table with you as well and prove to them that lim pek's son is well nurtured with table manners ...


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this is a very important thing..