Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Looking at NUS after 2 years......

2 years ago.... i come to Singapore .. aiming for one thing... the medical faculty of NUS...

By that time i was still a naive young boy... unknowing that the faculty along has 50% students who scored 9 As in their Singapore A-level ( our equivalent of STPM ) ...

9 As !! OMG .... 5 subs has already killed me... what about 9 subs ?!

Bloody hell.... luckily i still made it into NUS's faculty of Science !! Yippee !!!

So i dropped by NUS yesterday to submit my form P .. it was very quiet at uni yesterday as all the undergraduates are on holiday !!

All i see around me is just a big bunch of post-graduate students... lol... all aunty uncle .. lol


Far view of the university hall.... 4 years later i'll graduate here !!


Close up view ~


Beautiful decor of the hall entrance...


Koi fishes !! So relaxing watching them....


Koi sculpture.....


Uni compound ...


Spinelli ( pronounced SPI-NEIL ) ... !!! They server much better hot drinks than Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf !!

But they loose to Starbucks on their ice blended drinks.... ( however they are much cheaper though )


I had caramel latte... BZENG !!


Science !!!!


Faculty of Science alone has 12 Science building !!! WTF ?!

Wondering will i ever get lost ...


So that's it ... my trip to NUS after 2 years of crazy adventure in STPM ...

Anticipating for 3rd of August !!!!!!

It's gonna be sweet !!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm the STPM leaver for this year. I saw your previous quote on I'm quite surprise that you made it to NUS!!!!!!!!!
That's why I leave this comment, hoping you can teach me your secret to get into NUS as I would like to enter this amazing University badly.