Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Too Bo-liao ... go buy new pants...

Any dudes who knows me will know that i have only 1 pair of jean... ya i know it sounds noob but ya i have only 1 jean...

So i've decided to go for another jean ... probably influenced by the looks of Levi's jeans worn by almost every teenagers here...

Gah.. who cares... just go for one lar !!!!

Here it is ... My first pair of Levi's !!

It's a 604 ...


Gonna love the red little tab !


I'm going for size 31 waist as I really slimmed down ok ?

Honestly i dropped 2 jeans size after working in Singapore...

Another reason is i'm loosing the shape of my nice butt....gonna shrink the size so that they can look big again.. lol ... like that i wont dissapoint my lovely gf when i go see her in AUS ma ... lol


Lovely huh ?

Muahaha !!! But it cost me my 3 day pay ok ?! I must wear this jeans for at least 10 years !!! To revenge for the damn price !


Got a SGD 100 voucher for buying this jeans... going for another jeans soon ... going for the 501 series... those 'unbutton your life' typo .. hehe

So that's all ... bye !

Gonna go for work ... ka-chin !

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