Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Laptop.... Let the fight begin !!

I just bought a Dell Studio 1555 from a retail Dell shop in Gurney Plaza !!

Just for this stupid little machine i spent 6 months working like a dog in Singapore's Kedai Kue Kue... diu ~~

No matter what ... I'm glad that 6 months of stupid work end up with a new laptop.. it's simply rewarding... reminding me that efforts do bring results !

RM 3299 is just SGD 1348... lol .. no worries... planty left in the piggy bank !! Yahoo !! I would seriously like to thank Ringgit Malaysia to free fall during the period i returned from Singapore !!

Will check in into Kent Ridge on 19th or 20th July.. not sure though... havent email them... still many many many things left to do !! AARRGGHH !!

Now the main thing is to get all the pre-admission things all done... then... study hard.... !!

1st year will be focusing 90% of my time on pure studying ... !! Can't let Robert Kuok's big fortune slipped out of my hand !!

2nd year only i'll be focusing on my CCA and also admission into UROPS and SEP !!

Can't miss out SEP too.... somebody's going to be very very very sad if i miss out SEP !

p/s : never regret buying a 15 inch laptop ! Typing this blog post feels greater than typing it on my desktop !



*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

I still think that 15 inch is a tad too big for me. but congratz lorh... my four month's in metro cant even buy me a decent phone... sad...

artcreator said...

I recommend Studio 1555 to feifan also, I think it's worth for that price, in a way of spec and warranty stuffs.

Congratz man! And btw, my gf's sister studying PhD in NUS too~