Friday, 17 July 2009

Scared even before the war begin...

yesterday's QET gave me a rough idea... OF HOW WILL I STRUGGLE IN THESE 4 YEARS !!!

first of all... the QET's standard is not low.. IT'S HIGH !!

Every incoming freshmen with Singapore GCE A-level qualification who passed their G.Paper are exempted from taking the test... and even MUET Band 6 students must take the test !

I mean ... can you understand where is our standard ? If this system is set in this format .. meaning even Malaysia's top student may be just an under dog here !!

Worse of all... i'm already considered an under dog in Malaysia... oh dear... life's gonna get tough ..

One thing's for sure... i don't expect myself to excel in the first exam , due to :
  • adjusting to hall life..
  • lots lots lots of orientation stuff..
  • grabbing back what's running away from my mind since holiday started..
  • coping with a new dating style... (she's in melbourne now and things might change..)
wish i can survive the first 6 months first :)

Must work hard !!

p/s : Seeing other's photos in Facebook where they get the chance to study in Europe makes me even more motivated to secure myself a god damn place for SEP ! ANGRY !!!!!!!!!!!! BURN !!!!!

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