Monday, 15 February 2010

Best Chinese New Year Ever..

Haha .. as title, it is really really the best chinese new year ever !

Meeting up with people whom I have not met for more than 1 year ! (though the venue sucks to the max)

And ANG PAOS !!! They are the best thing ever !!

And of course... it's my dear's birthday and again ... Valentine's Day a.k.a. Burn Pocket Day !

Well this kind of thing is "bo bian" one... need to make her happy what :)

Instead of buying flowers I bought her one nice bag and a jeans !

Rugi first la... no worries.. haha.. After all I'm going to start giving tuition around in end April so that life would be better in Singapore for me in future :)

Can't wait for the mass "bai-nian tuan" again !! It's really a legal day-light robbery !! :)

See HOW LAR !! :P

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