Monday, 22 March 2010

Today kena diao ...

TODAY ... i kena diao to the core max... fucked ... fich ... diu ... diao ... whatever you called it.

It sucks man ... sucks to the max...

The Great Gods of Beer : Hoegaarden, Erdinger, Budweiser ~

Tell me what should I do ... seriously !

Tell me what should I do now ~~

Maybe it's time to worship that nice brain-drilling old pal ?

That red coloured bull ?

maybe .. maybe not...

Feeling damn emo in the afternoon ... went to Clementi alone in the afternoon and spent SGD 20+ eating a piece of nice New Zealand Ribeyes from The Botak Jones... mouth watering. Love the pink medium well texture !

With anatomy test coming in 4 days time... It's really a desperate time ... NUS year 1 Sem 2.. I shall never forget this colourful semester. Colourful enough to draw out almost every drop of humanity left in me. Colourful enough to turn me from a coffee geek to an alcoholic beast. Monstrous. However, amazingly all my test and mid-terms turn out much much better than semester 1.

Maybe it's the path of the beast that i should take and not the path of the gentleman coffee dude ? Let's just see how it turns out after the final examination results are out ok ? I'm sure the great beers won't turn me down. Or maybe I should be somewhere in between. maybe just something like jakyll and hyde. Maybe it's really an intermediate between being a coffee connoisseur and a beer snob ? I don't give a shit ! For all i care now is the One in my heart comes back to me !! :(

Good. It's good to end my post here tonight. Shall start finishing all the notes tonight !! Let my neighbours wake me up for breakfast tomorrow with those idiot turtlish alarm.

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