Saturday, 5 November 2011

136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat 香港街魚頭爐 (South Bridge Rd)

Hallelujah awesome fish noodle !

Was having a long long week so I've decided to give myself a treat, FISH SOUP BEE HOON !

I gotta say their food is awesome. Especially the Fish Soup Bee Hoon !

I got addicted to this dish ever since I came to SIngapore. Well I truly appreciate how Singaporean

love fish on their hawker fares ! It's something I can hardly find in Sungai Petani... err... wait well ok, assam laksa is made of fish too. Right ? ROFL.

BAck to the Bee Hoon !


Night clowdy yellowish broth with fish fillets pan seared to perfection with lot's of black woks !

Awesome sweetness of the fish and the smoothness of the bee hoon seriously melt my heart and i wanna die eating this !

Next time you drop by Singapore ! EAT THIS !! I SAAAYYYYY EAT THIIIISSSSS !!!

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