Friday, 25 November 2011

Googlewave dead starting January

Ok. Google has annouced that Google Wave's going dead starting 2012. Poor dude... I surely appreciate that service just hoping that they will improve their sync responsiveness.Anyway.. I believe i'll just leave my google+ to stay there and lie dormant. Not going to use it. In fact I'm getting sick of Google's copycat approach lately. From the Nexus phone to the Android to Google+ ! Sheer copycat culture and that's for losers. Winners innovate, not copy.

Meanwhile, a week ago I was damn stress so I chowed down another steak !! Woops !!

The meat is pink. Not bloody anymore this time. Though I would appreciate some sizzling plate or hotplate to keep the meat warm, as when i hit the nice fatty part, it's dead cold. Pity that.

Steak photo shot using Camera+ on iPhone 4.