Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bike crash

It was dusk and I was happily riding home. There's a dark path under the bridge which my SGD35 little LED lights were unable to provide a proper vision. Soon, it all happened.

A bump about 20cm tall was there and I'm cruising at a moderate speed. I went into the air and the next thing I know, I'm on the ground. My bicycle got thrown away for a few metre and luckily minimal damage is sustained.


I went rolling on the ground filled with sands and dirts. Thankfully, my pully packed Deuter stopped the rolling and I was stunned.


I stand up feeling no pain at all but I knew I was bleeding hard. Immediately my past experience tells me to rush home and stay calm to lower my blood pressure so that I don't bleed that much !

Went home and I began my self healing process. Got a cupful of hot boiling water and half a cup of cold clean water. Two capful of Dettol Germicide and lot's of cottons and I began the excruciating painful process of slowly removing all the dirts and sands from my wound.


Best of all, I am not afraid. It seems as if I am born to not feel fear at all. Funny huh ? Perhaps I've grown stronger and more independent than what I thought I am. Remembering how I broke my leg and flew back to Penang alone and I didn't drop a tear ! And how I had neck injury and went to the doctor alone. How I had another fall like this a year ago and still managed to take a good care of myself. The instinct of survivalism grows really deep in me, so much so that I know when I fall, there's no use crying. I should just stand up and heal myself and keep fighting.

Fight on my friends. Never give up.

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