Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Arrogant Proud Stupidity

Recently I stalked a lot of friends from Malaysia (when I am taking a poo, i'm a busy man, 99% of my Facebook activity is done on a toilet bowl.)

I discovered a disturbing trend : Malaysian youngsters who have spend the bulk of their time in Malaysia tend to be arrogant, proud and short-sighted.

Many were emotional and very vocal on Facebook. Others were busy chasing branded stuffs. Many more think that they are some politicians. Well.. I guess I better not talk so much about these. The last time I tried to share the wonders of the outside world and how exciting it is and how much more we can learn from the outside world, I was labeled negatively. I grow up learning that knowledge must be spread and shared.

I guess in this context, it's better keep these for myself and turn wise on my own.

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