Monday, 4 February 2008

2 days more to Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year draws near .. My life got really crap up like hell..

Homework is pilling up like holy shit ... and i missed showing off my English in front of some AIMST dude today !!!!! WTF ?!

House is a bit cleaner compared to the past ... still it looks sucky !!! ( sucky is an adjective )

Preparing for the New Year gathering almost burn my pocket .. ( it has burnt Yap's pocket, bless you , Yap .. I'm so thankful of you )

Revising on how to address my relatives... ( how do you call your grandfather's cousins , huh )

Abandon my baby blog for a few days... ( wtf .. i dun like to do this but i have no choice )

Sitting on my chair sipping green tea knowing that I'm busy .. ( procrastinating , literally )

And listen to my friends complaining about how ugly and disturbing those fat aunties down there !!!

Ok .. I understand you people's fury about me posting that few "beautiful" aunties... I'm going to help u people cuci mata a bit , ok ??

Tadah !!!! .....


Cuci already ?!

Ok Ok .. very very very good right ?!

Wakakaka ... that's all for today's GreenLatte .. :P


I already serve up a good material for you hamsap ppl to play war-game tonight !!