Sunday, 10 February 2008

Who are friends ?

"Friends'.. I understand many of us always have a debate regarding what are friends ?

This year's Chinese New Year i believe i finally understand what are friends .. during Chinese New Year .. Haha

Definition one -
Friends are a bunch of new breed Chinese New Year robber who'll come your house to rob your parents mercilessly by taking away ang pau from your parents and replying them only "Gong Xi Fa Cai, aunty/uncle !!"

Definition two -
Friends are a bunch of bad/good people who come to your house during Chinese New Year to spread all the bad/good things about you when you are outside of the house to your parents and made u face the music when they go home ...

Definition three -
Friends are hungry monsters from Darfur who come to your house and whack away whatever food and drinks you have in your house .. and they leave you hungry for one week .. ( LOL ~ I'm just being hyperbolic )

Final definition -
Friends are damn cool and good. They keep you occupied all day long during Chinese New Year. They invite you to their house and have a match of GT 4 racing over the P.S. 2 . They take you to their house for ang pau. They take you all over your home town and they'll keep you happy and jumping and high untill you drop !! This is what i call friends !!!

Buahahaha ... Just too happy .. so i blogged this.

Anyway Le Tour de Langkawi has finally speed past Sungai Petani !!



yin_zyiN said...

Excellent definations!
Extremely true..! hahahaha

Ghost Particle said...

does the clock tower looks majestic...SP, the center of the universe.