Sunday, 17 February 2008

Vibrators Aren't Cheap ! Bloody Hell !!

Oh my god... I'm into science porn again !!!!

This time , science porn and economics porn !!!

Damn it !!

Well... today's product to be discussed is this :

Vibrators aren't cheap !!!

Well... I'm going to analyse every single bit of it to you..

No.1 : The length of the vibrator.

Ok.. the dimension of this particular vibrator is 21cm x 3.5cm x 4cm .. That's a good size for women of all size !!

21 cm is more than enough to send an Asian woman of height around 165cm to heaven !

Diameter is acceptable.. since it's vibrating (as it's name suggest) , you should allocate some space for it to vibrate anyway..

No.2 : Shape of the vibrator.

I gotta tell you.. the designer must be a gynae !!

YES he is !!!!!!

Let's look at this MRI scan 0f a woman having sex with a man ..


Now be a good observer and compare how the penis arch and how the vibrator arch...

It simply hit the G-spot !!!!

No. 3 : It has 3-speeed setting and a pulsating mode.

Well.. this function is good as it allows you to play according to your mode and libido ? haha..

No. 4 : The long handle of the vibrator..

COME ON .. think outside of the box !!

Vibrators can be applied onto nipples ... neck .. clitoris .. anal ... TOO !!


Did i said ANAL ?!

Sad to tell you in Malaysia any sexual activity involving your anal is ILLEGAL !

Don't try it.. ok ?

i mean... DON"T try it..

No. 5 : It's rechargeable...

That's good just in case you need it every day ? without the need to go to 7-11 to buy some fking batteries...



S$163.00 ...

Girls.. better wish this as Valentine's gift next year.. ok ?
( ask your partner to buy you one and tell him it saves him lotsa energy every night to keep you happy !! )


Skyler said...

Why so expensive! Hire a gigolo even cheaper wtf

ShuKuen7788 said... somemore...

you want?
Gigolo not reusable and rechargeable lah...
:p lolx...

sc_Bone said...

vibrator to use at neck?
as massage kit r?
so small wor...

Solitaire said...

I have no words to say anything. I am dumbfounded at your post and the product that inspired you to write it.