Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Gila Babi = Drow Ranger

Bloody shit.. flu flu flu ~~

Super duper puber diu ~


WTH !!

Anyway.. i'll still go to school tommorow... cos wanna listen to someone public speaking .. LOL ~
Not to mention Pn Teoh's monster kill period of Physics.... :(

Anyway.. trial exam commences on 9/9/08 .. LOL.. time to farm.. bloody Drow Ranger.. buy Vanguard.. Power Thread.. 2 Hyper Stone.... ok ?? Good...

*Gila Babi : Lose liao ~~
*Gila Babi has left the game.
*kiankan : Noob noob noob !!
*Computer: Noob !!!
*~Fly M3 T0 TH3 5KY ~ : Noob noob !!

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