Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Malaysia VS Chelsea

SIgh..... Chelsea 2 - Malaysia 0

Look at it also ... SIEN LA !! KNN ~~

Why does this happen ??

If you compare what is Eng-land and Malay-land.... surely you'll understand.

First class human .. will forever stand on top of 3rd class human.

This is called racial superiority !

Hm... Better end my blog-post today.

Also .. I wish to give up my "3rd-class gua-jia" soon... when i am accepted by another 1st-class country...



Paradize said...

i think it's 3rd class GUO jia ...
'gua jia' is wat?

落叶 said...

Consider gud dy as i aspect it will be 7-0.. btw, u really nid to attend chinese class again.. Wan me teach?? XD

Anonymous said...

Indeed a babaric religion who cant accept critisim!

Wtf! they are all brainless zealots!