Friday, 19 December 2008

Hello from Singapore...

Alo... I've been in Singapore for the 4th day ... time flies huh ?

Landed myself a job... pretty good pay :) .... good boss( cos my spoken English is good )

Yup .. This is Singapore .. if you are good .. people treat you good... If you arent ... then get loss...

Read an article here about a bus company's plead to its customer where they need to raise the fares ... A woman wrote a comment mail to the newspaper ... telling the bus company to shut down... Why ? Because she says the bus company is not efficient... when you are inefficient .. You cant make a profit ... Hmm.... good and mean view :)

OK i'm just back from Changi Airport .. the place where i may be working... I'm told to work in diffferent location : Bugis Junction , Changi Airport , Great World City .. LOL .. if you ever come to Singapore and saw a chocolate hair boy selling kuih .. thats me dude

p/s : OK ... JJ ... I heard you are carolling around in Singapore ! Where and when ?! Let me know pls... contact me by any means ... ( i dont have a number yet.... just blink-blink-blink me )


CHerYL said...

hello, ziyi... how are u there?
what kuih r u selling there???

Gila Babi said...

Not yet start selling la... Tuesday or Monday only start :)

I've seen their outlet in Changi Airport today ... never know kuih can be sell in outlets with themes like Starbuck's ... LOL

But working in Changi Airport means expensive meals ... SOB SOB .. will eat as much home-packed sandwich as possible ...

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

not going to carol. no money to go singapore liao.... eh
but if u still wanna see them carol,
this is the date place and time of their remaining performances.

Capital Square
One Raffles Quay
Atrium@Orchard at Level 3 Bridge (Alumni Choir - occurring simultaneously)

Keppel Bay Tower

Gila Babi said...

ZZzz.... JJ , to go to those places i need to spend about 6 dollars to and forth ...... So .. Since you are not going i arent too , hehe